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  1. All gear has been played and is in excellent condition (including grips). Sale price includes shipping (USPS), not interested in trades. HZRDUS Project X Hand Crafted, 6.0 (62g) with Ping G410 tip. Measures 44 1/2. Price 130.00 OBRO. TENSEI Orange CK Series, 60-X with G410 tip. Measures 43 ¾. Price 75.00 OBRO. HZRDUS Project X Hand Crafted, 6.0 (85g) with Ping 410 tip. Measures 40. Price 75.00 OBRO.
  2. HZDRUS is 6.5, Tensei Orange is X. Apologies thought the photos were more visible than they appear.
  3. Can't seem to get the two last photos deleted. One is the shaft on the hybrids and the other is the adapter on the Green. Thanks.
  4. All items are in excellent expected shape with play, no marks on heads, scuffs on shaft, etc.. Accept reasonable offers, thanks. Ping G410 Hybrid(s), 22 and 17. Both with Tensei blue stock shafts and new align grips. 160.00 OBRO Small Batch HZDRUS Green, G410 adapter. 175.00 OBRO. Tensei stock Orange Driver shaft with G410 adapter and new align grip. 60.00 OBRO.-SOLD Thanks.
  5. Used for six months, excellent condition. $275.00 OBRO
  6. Both items are like new with no chips or blemishes. Price includes shipping. Thanks. Project X Small Batch HZRDUS Green, 6.5 grip to tip is 44 /14. New Winn Dri-Tac. $250.00 $225.00 $200.00 OBRO Toulon Seattle @ 33'. Like new standard all around, includes Headcover.- Sold.
  7. You nailed it, this was my thought/influence years ago. It wasn’t the shortening or tightness of the right elbow that was the challenge, It was getting rid of the upper body “pause” that never felt right. Changing your swing should be challenging but in my mind if you can’t get close after a season it’s not your natural move and will never happen.
  8. Card carrying flying right elbow member. I tried for 2 years to enact the “Hogan method”. Instruction, practice, play, etc., was never able to consistently execute for a full round. There are so many things that change in the swing when making this change. If you can get it well done. I decided to embrace my swing and learn that time was needed to get the elbow and hands back to “normal levels” before turning the upper body. For me it’s engrained and natural, most any swing can play good golf, best of luck.
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