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  1. I use the Jones original and often carry all 14 clubs with medium sized grips. No complaints from me regarding difficulty of getting clubs in and out.
  2. I'd get tired of explaining "I didn't say which fairway" if I went with that one.
  3. I use the same Jones bag in the same green and white colors, only with embroidery in gold. Nobody has ever said anything. And I live in NJ - the fellas are not exactly shy about busting chops.
  4. I got down to a single digit index. Shot 3 sub-40 rounds in a row mid-summer. And had a hole in one. Now if only I could knock those above 90 rounds off my card. Challenging game.
  5. I certainly factor cost into the decision of which ball to purchase. But do not think about it while playing.
  6. Walk and carry. However, an autonomous robot caddie is intriguing. I've never seen one. I find a push cart not worth the hassle at this point in my life (which I'm sure will change over the always advancing years). But to have the cart truly take the place of a caddie sounds great.
  7. Merchantville allows walk and carry (or pushcart) at anytime and the majority of member rounds are walked.
  8. I see no putter is listed. Prudent. 13 of 14 clubs set is much more plausible.
  9. As a data point for you, my year-end index of 8.9 stayed exactly the same.
  10. Tough to go wrong with Clarks or Bostonian.
  11. Usually 6 to 9 for me. I'll top back up to 9 once I see my supply getting low, which is typically noticed if less than 6 are in my bag.
  12. Count me as another vote for giving Cleveland a look.
  13. I play a 24° 7 wood at 41.5" with a steel shaft. It's perhaps my favorite club.
  14. We like to play the 8th and 9th hole as a one club challenge with a small wager on the line. I cannot reach the 9th in regulation with an iron, so I tend to use a 7 or 8 iron and just try to make 3 stress free shots to get on the green in regulation and then try to save par (which rarely happens, but bogeys are the norm).
  15. I bought the Golf Buddy WT6 for under $100 on Amazon. Front/middle/back was the only feature I wanted. The distances have been accurate at the handful of courses I've played. I had the Golf Buddy Voice previously, but it similarly walked off and I purchased the watch in replacement.
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