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  1. You can order the Cobra's without Arccos grips to start with. That way there won't be issues changing grips in the future.
  2. Same here, no leagues, and the club last year booted a couple of members when they broke the rules. They're VERY serious about not being shut down
  3. Word from the golf course is we're still good to go. No mingling on the patio any longer, and cart use is limited to a single unless both are from the same household
  4. You're still too young for pickle ball, whippersnapper!
  5. They only come in the C grind. FYI, they weren't shipped to Canada directly. They shipped to a place on the US side of the border and my brother (transports vehicles) was kind enough to bring them up to me
  6. You need to find a qualified Callaway account rep to have access to these. I won't say whom contacted, but maybe he'll see this and PM you if they have any more available
  7. 56/60 just arrived. These will be played with the TCB’s (4-AW) whenever they ship.
  8. With only weekends to golf, I've been out once, and it looks like I won't have a chance to get out for another 8 days with weather (course shut down) and availability from work. Congrats on getting a good start
  9. LO, it's not the lights. We have a snowfall warning in effect.
  10. I just finished shovelling 4” of snow off the deck. 20°C yesterday. Sigh
  11. That was on Country Hills - Talons, playing off the Black/Gold combo tees. Only about 6600 yards, so just slightly longer than Douglasdale
  12. Played today. Rusty, but kept the ball in play for the most part. Three birdies, two doubles for a 79 (41/38)
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