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  1. 1. Yes you can. A screen and projector is not necessary 2. You can hit off the concrete, but typically most place it over some sort of platform. Maybe try that puzzle exercise mat (foam) in 0.5" thickness 3. A decent computer would be needed if you wanted to render the simulation graphics "smoothly" on to something like the TV. From what I can tell, the video card (GPU) and processor (CPU) need to be of certain specs. See the minimum for running TGC2019 (for instance)
  2. Ditto. I have a dozen of the Maxfli Tour, Maxfli Tour X and the Snell MTB-Black to test with. None of which are as inexpensive or as available as in the US
  3. I've asked my builder to check on availability (Canada). Hope to hear back early this week
  4. I haven't found any reputable ones yet. Maybe someone in the know will send us a PM with a link to a site that will ship to us. <hint hint>
  5. I was told by GolfSupport dot com, that they're not allowed to "export" Callaway clubs to North America, something to do with Callaway licensing. Might want to ask first @TheMoneyShot
  6. I just had John finish up a 0318 for me, so I'm ready for some more Artisan "jewels". I would love to get a set made up. Probably in a similar set make up to my Miura's. 4-6 in the SC, and 7-PW in the MB's. I need to get my wedges reshafted anyway, so maybe a "refresh" of the wedges and the whole build scenario.
  7. I play the 105TX ss*1 and I'm a little slower than you are (88 mph). I'm sure you'd be fine straight in as ss*1 doesn't really change the stiffness much
  8. I can test the TSi3 against the ZX7 early next week once my launch monitor arrives.
  9. Works well for me with the Arccos sensors. I first used it as the "shot sensor" until the Link arrived. Only issue I have is with wind, and that affects use with the phone, watch and Link
  10. Get rid of that non-Taylormade stuff. I know a guy who could probably help you with a lofted down SIM TI 5 wood
  11. Did someone mention Miura? (see details below)
  12. As @Gripit_Swiftit said,. 14 clubs depending how big your putter grip is. It's leather. I'll start the season carrying with this bag and then I hope to co-design a one-off bag with them for something totally personal
  13. My bag finally arrived. Took forever to cross through Los Angeles, and than another "forever" to get to Richmond (BC, Canada). I really like it. Makes me want to talk to them about doing something custom.
  14. Thomas is the clubfitter stationed out of the Stone Creek Adventure Park driving range. I've used him on a few occasions as Golftown was backed up for weeks. Just google "golfbox Calgary" for the address and phone number. Tell him Clayton sent you. I believe even that @Kale_m guy has had work down there. lol
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