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  1. Played there two years ago. Don't spray the ball, otherwise the trees will get you. I enjoyed it. Of course @Double K was making sure I stayed out of trouble.
  2. I few of us have been fit by Kale at T&D. I thought it was okay, as their available shafts and heads is limited. I would also consider going to Modern Golf and getting fit by Craig or Jeremy
  3. Now that I have a membership, I'm using one of the Pro's (Shaun Luopa) there, but before this I spent time with Terry Carter (National Golf Academy - McLeod Golf Dome). That would be the only recommendation I have for you.
  4. I did just that, last year. A dozen of each, the Tour and the TourX, to try
  5. Congrats. I've never sniffed a round at par or better. Good on ya!
  6. This is how I do it. Phone in the bag after starting the app. Watch for distances, and Link to do all the club recognition and GPS
  7. Likely no guests until the second 18 (Ridge) is 100% operational
  8. Ian from TXG mentioned in today's Live that they're still selling the TCB's in satin and raw.
  9. Yikes! So, you've been lying to me all these years, huh? <shaking my head in disbelief>
  10. I’ve had this pair of “M” Oakley’s since I had lasik eye surgery back in 1998 The surgery made my eyes more sensitive to the sun, so this was my solution for golf
  11. My old home course. Gonna have to get down that way and play it once again this summer.
  12. No, Arccos is only active after starting the round on the phone
  13. I prefer the Link. If you just use the phone and Apple Watch, the GPS comes from the phone and if you leave you bag in a position away from where you hit the ball your numbers will be skewed. I prefer not to have my phone on me and leave it in the bag. I use the Apple watch just for general (front/middle/back) distances. It also gets quite windy here, and the Link is better at picking up shots than the phone or watch. Although, when it's this windy, even the Link can be rendered useless.
  14. Nice you have used it and it has it's first "ding". Good to go now.
  15. No tee times for individual golfers at my club. People who live alone can name two contacts (who also live alone) to golf with for the duration, or you can golf with someone in your household. Tee times are booked for a twosome only. I’ll be practicing in the garage until this stupidity is over.
  16. In your scenario, I read it as your “buddy” MUST also live alone. These rules are ridiculous.
  17. Here's what I just received from the club
  18. You can order the Cobra's without Arccos grips to start with. That way there won't be issues changing grips in the future.
  19. Same here, no leagues, and the club last year booted a couple of members when they broke the rules. They're VERY serious about not being shut down
  20. Word from the golf course is we're still good to go. No mingling on the patio any longer, and cart use is limited to a single unless both are from the same household
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