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  1. They operate some very high end places if this is the right Escalante Golf, http://escalantegolf.com/properties. Great news for International for sure. I actually like the Oaks much better than the Pines, but they are both good. I can’t imagine there is land for another high end course in the greater Boston area so good to dream of the potential here.
  2. This is a cool topic. I came up with four that haven’t been mentioned. 1. Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT. A classic New England town you can walk through when you’re not enjoying the course. 2. Equinox, Manchester, VT. Excellent course, lodging and dining. Van service gets you where you want to go. 3. New Seabury, Mashpee, MA?? Only because I saw guest lodging on their web site. Not at all sure if this meets your needs. Two courses including a wicked fun stretch of holes on the water looking out to Martha’s Vineyard. 4. Ocean House, Watch Hill, RI. Very special place f
  3. doh! I got Bretwood and Bretton Woods mixed up. Sorry about that.
  4. Good looking road trip - you know the area pretty well. Getting to Keene for Breton Woods from anywhere in Maine is a chore, but driving between the other courses is as good as it gets. Samoset to the north, Taconic to the west, Nantucket to the south. Lots to look forward to! i guess if you’re looking for ideas, maybe cutting through the lakes region of NH and using rt 89 across VT is easier. The golf will not be better, but I love Woodstock and Manchester in VT as great towns to enjoy after golf. But honestly, it doesn’t get better than what you have planned.
  5. I have no problem with bringing your own drinks to the course. Especially as noted that there is no water out on the course anymore. Water bottles are reusable and the ice lasts longer. I find that the clubhouse is more than happy to fill it for me, after all they don’t want me out on the course w/o water either. (As an aside not related to this thread - I also use the hose at the course to wet an old wash cloth so I have a ball washer for the round). I always try to buy 1 drink from the cart kid. Yes, I agree that more than one adds up too quickly. But our carts are staffed by college kids t
  6. for those checking in to see how the story is progressing ....https://www.ecori.org/smart-growth/2020/7/4/opposition-grows-against-east-providence-golf-course-development
  7. can’t add much to the public courses list. For me, Farm Neck, Taconic, Crumpin-Fox, Pinehills (Jones), Ranch. if you act quickly before they sell out, the MGA runs member days at some sweet privates. The links are on mgalinks.org.
  8. Terrific news. Sorry to repeat bad info.
  9. I heard Metacomet is already shutting down, cutting back on water etc. best to give them a call first. Agawam Hunt has some neat holes and may be worth a call.
  10. I’ve seen landscaping services being allowed to work. I guess the logic is it is plenty safe from a social distancing standpoint and just a few weeks of neglect can cause a lot of damage. In CT for example, there is no staff in the pro shop, bar, cart barn, caddies, etc but the grounds crew is there to keep the course ready.
  11. Last weekend Meadowbrook was surprisingly crazy packed with MA and CT golfers. Since then the state of RI has clamped down on out-of-state state visitors to inhibit the spread of Corona. The result for WRXers is that RI golf courses are open for residents only. I hear that authorities are checking parking lots for non-RI plates and expecting the courses to in force the guidelines. Here is one https://www.wpri.com/health/coronavirus/three-mass-men-charged-with-violating-governors-quarantine-order-after-golfing/. The reason for the post is that the weather looks like it will finally get into the
  12. Metacomet is circling the drain and will be plowed under. This is a bad look for Brad Faxon. Ironically probably a no brained business decision, but he had to know the financials a year ago when he heroically promised to nurture the D Ross course back to life. https://www.golocalprov.com/news/broken-promises-documents-show-faxon-and-partners-assured-metacomet-million
  13. Meadowbrook and Newport National are at the head of the class when it comes to public golf. While Meadowbrook is the better course, it is close to an hour drive from Newport. Pinehills is well over an hour drive from Newport. I’d say play Newport National if you are staying on the east side of the bay; play Meadowbrook if you are on the west side (or on Jamestown island). One thing to check out as you get closer to September is availability at some of the privates. Last year you could get on Agawam Hunt or Metacomet or Pawtucket. You may be able to do that this year as well.
  14. First time bachelor party? Try to survive and don’t post any pictures until the next morning! You’ll have a blast. Triggs? Old style course where everything is right in front of you. Mounds are your friends - they frame holes and tell you where to go. Ditto for most of the fairway bunkers. Take extra club on the uphill upwind par 3’s as Ross gives you lots of room to be long; less friendly if you underclub. Have fun as the course is fair and you will always have some type of recovery shot if you go sideways. Lots of great restaurants in Providence. Give Los Andes a try for something different.
  15. This has been an amazing winter for golf in southern New England. I’ve been able to play almost every other week. This weekend it was in the high 40’s and the open courses were packed! Each of the four courses in my winter rotation have a few things in common: Use real greens - no temps. I really prefer hitting into real targets. It’s not that the greens putt great, some are slow and some downhill putts roll forever, but golf has to have a short game even in February.Play at around 6000-6200 yards. Seriously the ball doesn’t move when it’s chilly. I find I’m losing 10% distance on my scoring c
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