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  1. This one might be a little different fro course maintenance … my course just had its annual meeting. With that came changes in the board and a call to members to fill various committees. I am one of those being asked to volunteer - while I feel that every member should volunteer somewhere every few years to help run the club, I am not sure the greens committee is for me. I did read the 28 page booklet from the USGA, but I still wonder What makes a good greens committee (or for that matter a bad one)? At the end of the year, how do you know the greens committee did a good job? Part of my thinking is my club has a GM who would manage both the super and the greens comm. Does a GM change your expectations of a greens committee for what I’ve read online? I mean is the greens committee something to be endured as long as the GM is happy?? when I started writing this post I was convinced the greens committee would be the most interesting and I would learn the most. Now I’m wondering if I should look more into the golf committee :). Anyway thanks for any thoughts.
  2. RIGA leaves it up to teams to find subs for the weekly events so I thought I’d look here for a team that is done for the year. Please consider pm’ing me If your foursome can’t play at Sakonett or Shelter (we have a couple of guys playing the Burke on Oct 4/5 so a conflict rules out Aquidneck and Valley). The background is that Dalton from RIGA was able to squeeze our group in Package 2, but Sakonett was already over full so our season ended early. All four of us are RIGA members with valid handicaps from RIGA clubs. We are willing to pay as well if that helps - we had such a good time this season that we’d like one more go. thanks!
  3. Thanks - you gave me something to think about during today’s hike. I knew Wie made the right decision for her and was thinking maybe the looser laws on commercialism for college athletes might have an impact here. Cheers - play good!
  4. This Q1 field had well over 50 amateurs, many of whom had to be teenagers. And close to 250 talented women had their dreams put on hold. So I started wondering if those ams that don’t make it all the way thru are better off growing on the Symetra Tour or on a college team? How much more valuable to college programs are girls that have qualified for Symetra (I.e. that have demonstrated that they are better than most)? And given recent NIL decisions against the NCAA can the girls do both (Symetra when college season is over)?
  5. The leaderboard link shows updates - round 4 tee times are posted, top 95 and ties advance to stage 2, those outside the top 125 at +4 have been cut.
  6. You’ll be a busy guy! If the weather is nice and you need to relax, then I’d say Carmel. Good food choices, Californian vibe, and walking Horseshoe Beach is special with surfers on one side and Pebble fairways above you on the other. Very cool trip you’ve got!
  7. What’s next, is he going to wear his hat with the brim facing backwards?? Oh, the horrors! something to look forward to … with shirts untucked it is only a matter of time before a fan with a phone posts a video of the first plumber’s crack on tour. That’ll be hilarious …
  8. Our course assigns outing revenue to the capitalization account for long term course improvements. It is too easy to rely on outings to help fund daily operations - then the course runs into trouble in a down economy when outings drop off. With the cap fund, we can delay big projects if need be. Otherwise Monday outings and member tournaments are very common.
  9. Good evening, Mallrat. Hope you are enjoying the season! I play in New England where nature seems to bring changes every year. I like to think I am understanding about conditions as long as I can see the crew is working to fix it. I can deal with putting through a patched fringe, but untreated bald spots (especially from a mower scalping the grass) is not so good. In general, I notice the conditions of the green complexes the most. Greens do not have to be fast as long as the ball rolls true and it is ok if approaches roll out a bit. On private courses that usually means firm; on public courses that usually means soft. I prefer firm as there are fewer ball marks and they play more consistently, but understand that keeping them green may be part of the job continuation plan. I spend hours each round standing on a green looking around while others play so everything gets noticed and subjectively critiqued. Through the green it is mostly safety stuff - poison ivy growing where people can brush against it, unfilled holes waiting for my ankles, rocks left in place that heaved in the off season, etc. Honestly it looks like I am in the minority but the conditions of the rough or woods don’t bother me much - the answer is “don’t hit it there”. Take care and good golfing …
  10. I was just thinking that without fans the PGA could highlight a cool course that otherwise wouldn’t have the infrastructure for supporting large crowds. Of course, then I realized 2022 will be normal again (if I remember what normal is). Still, it was fun dreaming of the PGA being held at courses like Nantucket, Newport, Fishers Island, National, Pine Valley or Aronomink. Rats ...
  11. They operate some very high end places if this is the right Escalante Golf, http://escalantegolf.com/properties. Great news for International for sure. I actually like the Oaks much better than the Pines, but they are both good. I can’t imagine there is land for another high end course in the greater Boston area so good to dream of the potential here.
  12. This is a cool topic. I came up with four that haven’t been mentioned. 1. Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT. A classic New England town you can walk through when you’re not enjoying the course. 2. Equinox, Manchester, VT. Excellent course, lodging and dining. Van service gets you where you want to go. 3. New Seabury, Mashpee, MA?? Only because I saw guest lodging on their web site. Not at all sure if this meets your needs. Two courses including a wicked fun stretch of holes on the water looking out to Martha’s Vineyard. 4. Ocean House, Watch Hill, RI. Very special place for sure. Web site dangles the prospect of playing at Shelter Harbor which is a top shelf Hurdzan/Fry course. Would be big bucks. good luck!
  13. doh! I got Bretwood and Bretton Woods mixed up. Sorry about that.
  14. Good looking road trip - you know the area pretty well. Getting to Keene for Breton Woods from anywhere in Maine is a chore, but driving between the other courses is as good as it gets. Samoset to the north, Taconic to the west, Nantucket to the south. Lots to look forward to! i guess if you’re looking for ideas, maybe cutting through the lakes region of NH and using rt 89 across VT is easier. The golf will not be better, but I love Woodstock and Manchester in VT as great towns to enjoy after golf. But honestly, it doesn’t get better than what you have planned.
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