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  1. Yeah I would put them in the wash with the whites and bleach them.
  2. Does anyone know what this one is? Looks like it says HCC on it.
  3. Played Stoatin on Monday and the course was in really good shape. I'm a big fan of the layout. Greens were in decent shape, but were shaggy and slow! We got stuck behind 2 groups of resort guests that were absolutely horrible at golf. They would hit their balls into the heather and then look for it for five minutes and hit it in the more heather. At hole 10 they stopped at the halfway house and we asked to play through. They said no because they were part of an outing. They didn't seem like an outing so we called the proshop and they said they lied and that they were just 2 groups from
  4. Thanks. I figured it had to be something like that. I guess that will be a once year outing only course.
  5. And that's fair. I really enjoyed my round there and you could tell that it is a course that could host tournament. I think you are right that it is a better than those mentioned when conditioning is up to par. Although I might enjoy Cantigny a little more.
  6. If I'm blown away by the quality of the new pairs I'll be sure to update this thread.
  7. -Played Dubs last Saturday and I thought it was in great shape even though the greens were a bit on the slow end. Played with a member at the fair price of $87. I think the bad rep it gets is based on it's price. If that was a $100 track I think many people would rave about it. -Playing Harborside Port on Saturday morning. I little pricey as well but I always enjoy my rounds there. -On the challenging holes of Chicagoland let me add a vote for Cantigny Woodside #2. 521 from the blues with a very tight fairway. You pretty much need to hit driver because of the length, but you are tree-li
  8. tmw1582


    I played Dubs this past Saturday and I thought it was in great shape. Greens were firm but rolled a little slow. This is a course that will penalize you from the rough and sand. If you are in the sand a lot it will be a long day. The bunkers are DEEP! I'm a 9 handicap and found it to be tough but not crazy hard. That said I was hitting the ball really well and shot an 83 from the blues, which I think is around 6700 yards. The par 3s are long from back there. I played with a member so I played of a discounted rate of $87. The course is worth around $100 maybe a touch more. I would not
  9. I ended up grabbing a pair of the Volume 1's and they did not have enough support so I returned them (at my cost) and grabbed a pair of Volume 1x's instead. They felt great on the course but I will echo the comments by people above about crap customer service and quality control. After 1 wear the shoes look pretty bad. The soles and the shoes are painted white. The white paint was cracking a little bit on the upper, but on the bottom where the soles creased the paint cracked off like crazy. I wrote them and apparently it is a known issue with leather that is too stiff and overpainting. I
  10. I just got an email that the Warren Course is open for play!
  11. No problem. Not sure when they will be open again. I think being tied to the school makes it a tricky situation. Indiana's rules for golf have been a lot more lax then IL so I don't think that's a great sign.
  12. Played Green Garden Gold on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. I've never been and my playing partner told me it was a dump when he last played, but that was the only tee time left when we looked Wednesday evening. Apparently they got a new super a couple years ago and I thought it was in pretty good shape for a $45 Saturday morning rate. The fairways were in good shape if a little long. The rough was long, but has been cut. The greens were slow but I expected that. We caught a foursome in front of us, and there were some what looked liked perfectly healthy 20 somethings driving cart
  13. The Warren Course at Notre Dame would be my number one suggestion. Great Coore & Crenshaw course that is a steal at $75. I have also played Whittaker Woods in New Buffalo when in the area. It is usually in good condition if a bit overpriced. Very tight, challenging course. There is also Harbor Shores, which is a Nicklaus Course in Benton Harbor. This is probably the most overpriced of the bunch. Great condition but the layout is nothing spectacular. There is 1 hole on Lake Michigan and the green complexes are pretty nuts. I'd probably like this course a lot more if it was not $170
  14. I played Balmoral on opening weekend and would agree 100%. I was not doing a great job finding the fairway but every miss had me punching out. There were even times where I hit the fairway and was still blocked. It's not a place I'll be heading back to anytime soon.
  15. I'm going to drive down and play Balmoral Woods Saturday morning. Normally a 45 minute drive for golf is not something I look forward to. Now, who cares?
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