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  1. 1. Austin,tx 2. 4.6 3. Zx7 3. Yes!! 4. T100 t200 combo modus 120x 5. Sexiness And the v sole 6. For sure!!
  2. As many have stated above G410 i lofted down 1 degree to open up the face and it so easy to hit off the fairway.
  3. Was in the same boat then got a G410 3 wood easiest 3 wood ever to hit and plenty long
  4. Nike VR TW Irons/blades heads only- $old shipped and PP obo Just an unfinished project. Was planning on redoing the paint fill but never got around to doing it. Haven’t played these in years. In very good shape with some face wear to the short irons only. Very light wear to the mid and long irons. No major dings or scratches other than that I tried to take every angle without taking a pic of every head. 9 iron
  5. I think it plays true to flex imo . I think graphite design plays soft to flex as reference
  6. I bought two different 100 dollar range ones to compare and was hugely disappointed even at $100. (Peak pulse and gogogo) . Blurry and super slow to process the distances. I did get a caddytek off Costco for $129 and was so impressed I ditched my Bushnell v2. Same distances as my friends V5. So my advice is get the caddytek if you’re looking for a good inexpensive replacement.
  7. Awesome 3 wood shaft for me. Nice mid high launch w just enough spin. Had the Di in my razr fit until I sold the driver in 2018. Just a fun great feeling stable shaft
  8. Exact same situation. Loved the Scotty from day 1 decided to experiment after two years. Experiment failed, bought another one. I think if you’re a good putter and like your putter, a stability shaft isn’t going to help at all. I even did some testing on the putting green and they pretty much ended up identical in terms of makes misses proximity etc..However on the course, stability just didn’t work for me even after practicing with it. My friend who has the Stability one now likes it though so
  9. Been there done that. Lots of time and money trying to find a club that's used only a few times per round. . It’s pretty much what wrxers do 24/7. Fittings are great but nothing beats taking clubs out on the course. All that being said i highly suggest the G410 (non lst for me). I didn’t lose any distance vs the lst and it is super easy to elevate. To fit my eye, I actually went flat And down 1 degree so it plays 13.5. Didn’t miss a shot with it last round I played . Paired it with AD Di shaft. Previous 3 wood was a 915FD which I liked but the G410 was just straighter longer more consistent an
  10. Second this ive never been a great off the deck 3 wood player but I got a g410 (non lst) and it’s as easy to hit as a hybrid . Easy to work elevate and shape shots. And as above I’ve heard the g400 was good as well.
  11. I did not have the tour but the regular and I put it into my Scotty Squareback. Thought the transition to stability would be seamless but I put horribly with it. I mean putting off the green from twenty feet bad. I bought another Squareback and made five birdies next round so the stability is now w a friend. Balance point and weight is much different than steel due to the graphite shaft and sound/feel is muted vs steel. Some will like it but wasn’t for me.
  12. My friend ordered it got it last week. no slope
  13. Alright well thanks for the all the input wrx. No actual resolution but oh well.
  14. Welcome to the thread, how’d you find it ? I didn’t post your listing or name on here.
  15. I was just trying to come up with a solution for both of us. This was after he initially said he’d take it back. Since he changed his mind and the shaft isn’t selling and he isn’t taking the shaft back I had to resort to a thread since an admin told me that’s what to do.
  16. Yes I did not look at the picture closely enough and didn’t realize the tipping until after I compared it to my untipped black. I offered to pay shipping back since I know it wasn’t all on seller and as stated above I even offered to sell the shaft for him just pay me the diff. I wasn’t sure what to do since this was the first time I had an issue with any transaction on BST in over a decade. Usually wrxers state the tipping in the description so I just assumed it was not. I do know now what to look for with regards to tipping and won’t make that mistake again.
  17. I actually offered to sell for seller and just to have him pay the diff so we aren’t both out of money. Unfortunately the 1.5 tipping makes the value a lot less and nobody has PMd me about the shaft..even after this thread I didn’t try shaft out in hopes that I could return it.
  18. I actually offered that I pay shipping back since I didn’t ask about tipping but he said no he has no obligation to take it back.
  19. What would you do as seller @Puttersaurus Rex? Did I assume too much that on wrx everyone lists tipping info?
  20. Was told by admin this is where I should post for bst problems. First time having an issue in 11-12 years . Did a bst transaction this week for a Ventus 6x and turns out the shaft was tipped 1.5 inches. Contacted seller and he claimed to not know it was tipped and said he would take it back. A few messages later he said he asked some wrx buddies and decided he did not have to take it back since hehad a pic of the tip with a ruler but did not state it was tipped. I assumed it was untipped since usually it’s stated. I only knew it was tipped bc I have a Ventus black untipped to compare it t
  21. All prices are shipped and PayPal’d Combo pricing available! Tour Issue M5 8 degree $235 Got this as an experiment but decided to stick with 9 deg. Head is in excellent shape with almost no wear to the face, no dummy marks or dings. Some paint has worn off on the lower part of sole. I do not know the weight face angle etc.. Fujikura Ventus Blue w Velocore 6x w TM tip $200 Bought this shaft off wrx,turns out it was tipped an extra 1/2 than TM standard of 1 inch ( 1.5 inches total) shaft is just too stiff for me. Measures 44 inches plays 45 in TM. Shaft
  22. Second that on Ramrock. Apple rock is fun as well but ramrock is special.
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