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  1. Thanks. It was better before the revamp when the name went to 2 lines because now the picture interferes. Tried to fix it but haven't been able. And to share more, wedge is Vokey 456.14 (anniversary edition) and putter is TeI3 Newport 2.
  2. Three. Ping Driver (G400 LST) and bag. Taylor Made (M2) fairways. Titleist irons (962), wedges, putter, and ball.
  3. Wondering this same question right now so no better time for a first post. Bought my set back in '98. Played regularly 'til about '04. Hung up clubs for many years. More active the past couple years and playing to a 2-3 right now. Looked to upgrade clubs last year. Didn't focus on sole grind at all. Spent too much on a set of Honma's I was fitted for off of a mat rather than turf (lesson learned on that). Same shafts in Honma's as 962's. Poor turf interaction, hard to take divots, and felt like I was bouncing into ball on tight lies. Ok out of rough. Didn't work out and back to 96
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