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  1. Got so bad with PRGR even ditched the 'stache. Point of no return from there.
  2. I played the BX most of last year. Really like it for nearly everything with one exception and that is spin on full shots inside of 130 or so. Every now and then I will zip it back something crazy like 20+ feet. Anyone else experience this with the BX? The frustrating thing is it's random so there have been times when I've tried to play for it and nada - I'm 15 feet past the hole. I have a dozen left dashes and plan to try them early this season although I do like the BX feel better off putter and for chipping.
  3. Well...I picked up a set off the Bay. Looking to replace my 962's that are ancient. Only hit foam balls in net at home but hopefully can get to range this week to hit some actual shots outside. Some sets that I considered in the past as alternates have been s55's, i210's, AP2's, T200s, and more recently P770's. Must say the Staff CB's are giving me good vibes so far. Still have a few of those test heads so I took some pics just to give people a comparison of the actual faces and then I used some impact stickers to try and show differences between the head sizes. It's nothin
  4. Just posted in the Wilson Staff CB thread but I thought some comparison pics may help others concerning the Staff CB's because you don't see much info about them in threads. Looking to replace my old 962's and over the past few years I've considered s55's, i210's, AP2's, T200s, and more recently P770's. Staff CB's are most recent experiment with a purchase off the Bay. Still have a few of those test heads so I took some pics just to give people a comparison of the actual faces and then I used some impact stickers to try and show differences between the head sizes.
  5. Here's a long-running thread on this topic that may be helpful. As I recall, there's nothing confirmed for 2021 re i210 replacement and current rumors are not likely until 2022. For new i210 purchases, note that many are reporting close to 3 month delays due to supply issues.
  6. I believe he missed the cut in the American Express at PGA West and then followed up by missing cut in Farmers at Torrey. Third times the charm though it seems.
  7. To those who have gamed the V6's for a while, any thoughts about the new design? And specifically the decision to bore out the hosel (like on Staff blades) to remove some weight and then shifting all of the tungsten to the toe? What if any aspects do you think that will improve upon?
  8. Appreciate those photos. Comparing the two, would you say the P770 face may be a touch longer but then the Apex Pro is a little taller? From the bottom pic I find the Apex Pro to be a bit more inviting.
  9. By no means am I an expert on Wilson cavity backs but from what I can tell the new CB's have: -1 degree less loft per iron; -The tungsten weighting for 7 iron down is now positioned exclusively at the the toe in the long/mid irons; -Use of tri brace stabilizer. With the US release being pushed back a month until February, I doubt if many can share experience from direct comparisons. Here's a link to a video with a good side by side comparison of the V6 and Staff CB:
  10. Thanks. Just noticed the Instagram post that I linked to last week that originally said pre-order starts Jan 8 was edited to say "coming soon." The YouTube vides from Michael Newton and Shiels were nice a few months back as were the articles here and on MGS. Been a few months of crickets though and looks like it will be another one. Disappointing b/c I was really hoping to see one in person soon to compare with the ZX7 and P770 offerings (and even the Apex/Pro 21 range that will drop soon). Wait continues.
  11. Per a WilsonGolf tweet on Dec 18, these irons are supposed to be available for pre-order Friday Jan 8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI88ieflCQ7/ Anyone know if the pre-order will be on the Wilson site? Or is pre-order only for those with access to approved vendors at clubs or other distributors? I'm very interested in these but there's still no info on the main Wilson site about the staff CB's. Surprised at how little has been released about these. Seen bits and pieces on this site and others from back in late Oct but hardly anything since.
  12. Interested myself so did a little digging and here's what I found b/w S55 and P770. Lucky for you hwturner17 you went 8-PW in MC. S55 4 iron offset = 0.15'' = 3.81mm S55 7 iron offset = 0.09'' = 2.286mm S55 PW offset = 0.03'' = 0.762mm P770 4 iron offset = 3.3mm P770 7 iron offset = 2.4mm P770 PW offset = 1.6mm
  13. Yep. Here's a WITB back when he signed with Ping in June 2019 and kept the Mullen 2 in the bag at the time. https://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2019/06/19/viktor-hovland-signs-equipment-deal-with-ping-explains-whats-in-his-bag-g410-iblade-i210.html
  14. I will third this. Purchased used G400 5w in July. Intended to play up 1* at 18.5. Was hitting nearly as far and w/ much better dispersion than TM M2 3w. Immediately ditched 3w and dialed G400 down to 16.5 and solely play it as a 4w. Saved me a club in the bag to use elsewhere.
  15. When testing, did you compare the MMC's to anything in the JPX 921 line like the Tours or Forged. If so, any thoughts to share? I'm looking to replace some very old irons and the MMC's had caught my attention before but so has the 921 line.
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