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  1. This is true. I called them a couple of years ago because I was interested in trying out their wedges but couldn’t find any local retailers. I called the number listed on their website expecting to get an automated system, but the guy who answered was in marketing. He was very knowledgeable and after talking for a few minutes, he sent me several wedges to demo for a couple of weeks. There’s no better “wedge fitting” than taking out several wedges onto your home course and hitting the exact shots required at the course(s) you play most. I ended up with RM-22 Raw and bought additional RM-22’s
  2. The plural and possessive forms of T100 keeps throwing me off. Takes me a second to figure out if someone is talking about the new T100S or T100’s.
  3. Is it common to release clubs only to tour players? Don’t most manufacturers make money by selling clubs to the masses, who want to play the clubs that tour players use?
  4. Modus 105 iron shaft. Interesting. I wonder how many tour players use 105 vs 120’s.
  5. No kidding! It’s very possible that the Wuhan virus started on that grip.
  6. Another possible benefit to the T100S is for those T100 golfers who use AVX to gain additional distance but miss the greenside spin. The T100S offers those players the chance to pair these irons with a traditional premium ball for the short game spin.
  7. 41 days. For me, there aren’t many things better than cutting out of work an hour early on a Thursday, getting in 9 holes with some friends and then getting home with enough daylight to fire up the grill and play in the yard with the kids. Life is just better with more daylight.
  8. I’ve noticed Faldo’s bias towards Euros for years. Frankly, I assumed everyone knew he was biased and had just moved on. It’s interesting that some haven’t noticed it The way he typically displays it is just after a good shot. If it’s an American hitting a good shot, it either doesn’t get much of a comment or best case, he’ll call it a good shot in monotone. If it’s a Euro, it’s much higher enthusiasm and/or he praises the player for their skill and not just the outcome of that particular shot. The exceptions to this rule are Koepka and Tiger.
  9. According to this article, the face of the T100s is thinner. “As such, the forged dual-cavity design T100S is a reimagining of the T100. Yes, the lofts are stronger by 2 degrees, but each iron in the set was redesigned with thinner faces.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/titleist-t100s-irons-provide-a-distance-option-for-better-players/amp
  10. I played with the T100 for several weeks before having my pro bend them 1 degree. I didn’t notice any difference in turf interaction. I can’t imagine many guys who aren’t earning a living playing golf who would notice.
  11. I asked this earlier, but does anyone know if there is a down side to a thinner face? I understand it can help with distance, but why wouldn’t the regular T100 offer it? Is it less durable, less spin, worse feel ?
  12. Someone started a thread on this last year, and I really enjoyed it, but I can’t seem to find it. We are officially inside of 49 days to Daylight Savings. We have endured nearly 2/3rds of the shortest days of the year and I think it’s time to start looking forward to March 7th. How does your golf life change when the sun doesn’t set until 7pm and later?
  13. Is there a down side to a thinner face?
  14. mxskier - I think you make a good point. I believe I have heard that Titleist thought the 716/718 CB’s with perimeter weighting and tungsten we’re blurring the line with AP2 and they wanted to get back to a true CB with more characteristics and feel of an MB. Ironically, I played the 718 ap2 for the past 2 years, was fitted into the T100 in October and recently found a great deal online for the 718 CB’s that I’ve been lusting after for 2 years. Just in looking down at the club from address, the T100 and CB are more similar than the T100 and AP2. Similar size and offset while the lofts and tec
  15. Does anyone know if I can swap out the Modus 105S shafts in my T100 for the PX LZ 6.0 in my 718 AP2 without making any other adjustments?
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