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  1. TW Polo pending & 48-52-56 wedges are sold. 60* and Titleist hats remain!
  2. Sweet Jesus it is a medium! My gf's mom bought this for me and said she was sure she grabbed an XL. I felt realllllllllllly fat, but now I don't lol. Dude, thanks for pointing that out! I've never even looked at the tag. I just tried it on and was like, "cool, I gained weight" lol.
  3. So, maybe the RTX4 wedges aren't actually Tiger Woods wedges. Maybe I share initials with Tiger. Everything is priced SHIPPED CONUS and all prices are entirely negotiable! 1. Nike Tiger Woods Polo sz M - brand new with tags - this is a "standard" fit. Tag is $85 Price: SOLD 2. Titleist Hat - White Only. Blue is sold. Adjustable, brand new with tags. Received these in tournaments. Just not my style. Price: $17 3. Cleveland RTX4 Wedges - 48/8 Mid, 52/10 Mid, 56/8 Low, 60/6 Low - 48, 52, 56 are black satin and the 60 is raw/oil
  4. I can't get my coupon to work with any non-DSG brand golf balls.
  5. Such cool looking shoes but I'll never understand why Nike made them spikeless? Great looking shoe though.
  6. I definitely need to check out shaft profile and swing weight. The 983k is 1/2" longer than my cut-down M4. But the 983k feels noticeably heavier than the M4. It just feels good.
  7. Totally get where you're coming from. I'm going to hopefully do a full-bag fitting later this month. Hoping to wait for a good deal from Club Champion.
  8. I also have a PX Yellow 63g 6.0 that I've used in the M4. I oddly hit it about the same as the Diamana S+ 60x. PX Yellow 6.5 76g in my 4 wood -- love it. KBS Tour 130x in the irons -- love them.
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