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  1. I'm looking for help from those who are much more knowledgeable than me about wedges. I saw the article today from GolfWRX about the new grinds and options on the Zipcore wedges. I usually carry 48, 52, 56, 60. I take shallow divots typically. I'll use my 60 from 95 and in. I like to open the face up around the greens. I don't like to hit it full, so 95 is about the max I'll use it for. I don't always use it on approach shots. It really depends on how much green I have, wind, etc. I'll use my 56 from 115 and in. I don't mind hitting full shots with it. I will use it on shots from 50-100
  2. Nike Roshe G Tour Winged Foot US Open release. New in box. Size 11. Price: $199 obro (shipped CONUS)
  3. New, in box. Selling these to break even on the 11s I had to grab on a secondary site. Size 9. Roshe G Tour Tie Dye $180 obro shipped CONUS via USPS
  4. Bibs are sold. Hats and shaft still available! Let's get these things gone!
  5. WTB Diamana S+ x-stiff 3/4 wood shaft Would prefer if it had a TM adapter on it. Let me know what you have and your price. Thanks!
  6. This thread details the success that Dejoy is having in dismantling the USPS. This blows.
  7. Lol I thought this was my post. I called another guy out on shoes. It would be nice to see some consistency with golfwrx regarding flipping.
  8. 16.5* head. Love the look of the classic glued hosel. The crown and face look like they'd be good at address. I'm also curious about the iron options and perhaps a good quality fairway wood could persuade me to trust the same company on irons. Thanks to Sub70 and GolfWRX for this cool promotion!
  9. Mods, are we cool to start buying and flipping Nike stuff from Ross, Burlington, etc, again? Just asking for the obvious flipping going on the BST this week.
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