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  1. I lost weight again. So I'm selling some polos, again. Two polos (Puma and Peter Millar) were recently purchased and I never actually wore them because they were too big. The two Tiger Woods polos were worn once each. The Roshe Golf shoes were worn twice. I usually wear 11 and can fit into a 10.5 I thought 11.5 would work, but they're just too big. Prices are negotiable, of course. Prices include shipping CONUS. Will obviously give discounts for multiple items purchased. POLOS HAVE SOLD 1. Peter Millar Polo sz XL Price: SOLD 2. Puma Polo sz XL P
  2. ISO Aldila Rogue White 70x driver shaft. Would love if it had a Titleist adapter on it. PM me with what you have and the price shipped to 64119 please.
  3. Do you have se XL Polo to get rid of? I'm looking for a few more. Nike, Puma, Peter Millar, FJ. No UA please. Let me know what you have and your priced shipped to 64119 please.
  4. Obviously the goal. Although when I was 22-23, I also had back issues, I weighed 205lbs and things still sucked.
  5. That Circa is a steal at that price. Wish it were lefty.
  6. I'd consider it if I were the one who gave her those beauty marks lol
  7. Background: I'm 6'1", 250lbs, 34 years old. I go to the gym 5-6 days weekly. I've had a bad lower back since I was 21 or so due to a slipped disc and pinched sciatic nerve. My back is much better than it was when I was younger, but I still struggle with rotation and my hips often get stuck on the downswing and I end up using all arms, which ends up in hooks. I workout at Planet Fitness (get your jokes in) for a number of reasons. $20 per month (massage beds are actually nice) as opposed to my last gym ($80 per month) and a lot of open space/machines. I had to wait for literall
  8. I was lucky enough to snag a 2016 TI deep face 3HL (17.4* actual loft) a few years back and I love it. It's my favorite fairway since the Supersteel burner from years ago. After playing a tournament yesterday in windy and rainy conditions, I decided I'd like to try to find one of these, or something similar in nature, in 13.5* of loft. So has anyone here found another fairway wood that performs in a similar fashion?
  9. For myself, I occasionally forget to change the shipping address in PayPal and PM members requesting that they send it to my work address. Always a good idea to be a little skeptical though.
  10. I was always partial to the "you can't have a shotgun in here" episode. I was thinking about BOS.
  11. I'm open to all suggestions. I'm not picky at all. No crazy polymer finishes. Outside of that, open to everything. Also, love the Battlefield Friends avi.
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