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  1. Have played Cabot Cliffs a couple of times. The 6-6-6 makes so much sense, and it a ton of fun. Makes you use a way more diverse mix of clubs and shots.
  2. I’m a sweeper if ever there was one. Almost never take divots. These are perfect! Probably the best I have ever played. Need a back up for when or if TM stops selling these...
  3. NYCGolfNut

    2020 US Open

    Experience and patience is going to matter a lot as the rounds go on.
  4. NYCGolfNut

    2020 US Open

    That putt for birdie on #9!!!
  5. NYCGolfNut

    2020 US Open

    Have to say, TW looks like he is playing a little tentatively. Not the "controlled aggression" that is the hallmark of his wins. Like that pitch on #9 he just hit. Could have gone tighter. But that could also be him feeling the course out in competition and not making big mistakes early. Also interesting that a teenage amateur is leading the field right now...
  6. So true! I always do a reasonably thorough review of by bag in Sep / Oct, then spend the off-season pondering and tinkering and telling myself that I will be all set with one perfect set for the next season. Helps pass the months away when I can't play. Confidently participate in the "Bag is set challenge"... And then it all falls apart with the new releases, and more tinkering when my rusty spring-time game does not hold up to the lofty expectations I have built up in my mind over the winter. Year after year after year... But that is part of the fun of golf!
  7. I have these (and love them) and so far here is how I break down the shots between the two. Impossible to put everything down but this should be a general representation. 56: full / partial shots from about 90 yards to 60 yards, high flight and land with lots of spin (yes, these do zip back nicely) any shots inside 50 or green side where I have a little room on the green to get a couple of bounces, or some roll when the ball is sitting up nicely in the rough greeenside (can flop if needed) bunkers with some room on the green ball on slight upslope near green and any other shots where I have a little room and ball is not on a super tight lie Don't chip a lot with it, but sometimes it comes in handy for those too 60: full / partial shots inside 50-60 yards tight pins with not much room to roll or hop tight bunker shots downhill lies greenside anything that’s on a tight lie and needs to go high-ish and land softly rarely chip with this tried some flops - the club can do it, but I’m not good enough to have it as a reliable shot right now Am not the best of short game players, but really working on it and getting better...
  8. Best off the shelf option is the new TW MG2 56 degree wedge. Has a ton of heel relief and the back end has also been ground down. Still has 12 deg of bounce for full shots. I have it for that exact reason, though I carry a 60 as well. Both are absolutely money! Make sure to check it out before you go custom or have wedges ground down, etc.
  9. Anser 2 / NP2 for me all day. Love the longer heel to toe length and the straighter lines.
  10. The MBs keep looking better and better each time I see pics of them! Going to be really hard to resist. The shipping delays are helping to keep the trigger finger off the button for now...
  11. My experience with the courses in my area (NYC and Long Island) has been that they tend to get significantly less traffic from late Sep / early October. The greens tend to get a little slower (and with fewer pitch marks), the rough tends to get longer, and one needs to make some small adjustments towards the shorter end of the bag accordingly. I find that I get a lot more use from my 60 deg in the fall. But this year has been so different in so many ways, that this may not hold true either.
  12. Quick comparison pics of my P770 3 iron with the 5 iron from the Miura Cb 1008 set. Very close in blade length, overall profile and thickness.
  13. I went this route. Picked up the new P770 3i with the MMT shaft and had TM make it one degree stronger when I ordered. Works amazingly well - both as a DI and off the deck with a reasonably decent lie. The head is quite small, so if you are looking for confidence from a chunky piece of metal when hitting off the tee, then this may not be for you. I actually prefer the opposite, so the (relatively) thin top line and very small offset works for me. And I think the small head gets through rough quite well.
  14. Took these out to the course this morning. Just amazing! Sit nice and close to the ground, even when you open the face up. But the bounce is there at the back when you make the swing. You need to play with these for a bit and then you realize what a huge difference a great grind can make to a wedge. So far the Vokey M grind was the closest I got to a wedge that worked with me and my swing, and did not require me to contort or change my swing to get the result I visualized. These are even better! Absolutely loving them. So much so that after the round, I went to the short game practice area to just to hit these over and over again. Going to get a back up set or two...
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