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  1. I’ve been eyeing these up since they came out. So glad I finally ordered a set in the spring. Added the U in August, should arrive this week.
  2. That’s exactly why I got this one, I didn’t like the sense of having to hit the ball with my previous putters (Odyssey Exo and Ping Sigma). With this one it feels more like a tap to get the ball moving, with less “backswing” required to get the same distance. I think it feels on the heavier side during the stroke. Certainly heavier than the Sigma (B60). I think also a heavier feel than the O-Works 1W and Cleveland HB 4, although it’s been a while since I had both of those so I’m relying a bit on memory there.
  3. Briefly. On the mat at home with e12 balls it feels pretty much perfect. I had it on the course yesterday and with a harder ball it felt pretty firm. I’m coming from an insert putter and wanted a firmer feel so that’s fine, and I need to get used to it. With it being fairly solid (stainless steel not carbon) I guess feel will depend a lot on the ball. But I’ve found it nicely balanced and easy to make a smooth stroke.
  4. I posted this on the other thread but since they’ve been mentioned here… I had some emails and a phone call back and forth with Olly, as I like the simple silver look and as plain/uncluttered as possible. There were options for a custom one but in the end went for the standard 303 SS head with no paintfill and a different grip. It arrived yesterday and I’m really happy with it. Great service from Olly and a great product as far as I’m concerned. On a side note - the Sink Golf website fails to mention how high quality the headcover is, very solid, a good secure fit and a strong magnetic closure.
  5. I've been thinking about getting one of Ollie's putters for ages. You happy with the craftsmanship? Yes, very happy. A nice solid head and absolutely flawless.
  6. Delighted with this 303 SS from Sink Golf which arrived this morning.
  7. Mine has just arrived…with a small dent on the leading edge - small enough that I don’t really want to send it back for a swap, but enough that it’ll bug me if I don’t. But otherwise I love the feel and love the square lines of it.
  8. Don’t apologise! It’s something I’ve wondered about for a while, as any movement I make I have to be careful not to hurt myself by going too far. But the clear consensus is that it it’s not the issue, which is fine - that in itself means it was worth asking the question.
  9. That’s not always ended well in the past either, but I suppose I could try it again!
  10. All good to hear, and reassuring to know it’s not a lost cause. Not yet anyway
  11. I'm in my early 40s, but have the back of someone 20 years older. 25 years of playing rugby has left me with a lot more wear and tear on my lower vertebrae than I should have at my age (according to the MRI scans), and the inflammation/arthritis is significant and permanent. Although I can do a few things to reduce the stiffness in my lower back, and so play without too much pain, I seem to still have significant restrictions in how far I can actually move it. If I accept that I can only turn so far, and don't try to exceed that, then I can make a nice smooth and balanced swing, strike the ball nicely and hit it straight. But my distances are very short compared to everyone my age I play with - 125yds with a 7 iron, 200yds with a driver is a good one. I'm about the same distance wise as some of the fellas in their 60s-70s. So, am I correct to think that my restricted mobility / limited flexibility is at least contributing to my lack of distance? (Not saying that's the only thing). Do I accept it and find another way to shoot lower scores, or is there anything I can do to get more distance despite these physical limitations?
  12. Mizuno M-Craft IV I like square lines and also something without an insert, so thought I’d give this a try.
  13. I think my G400 SFT is 440cc
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