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  1. I would estimate that 90-95% of shots I hit with it are full shots. If I am closer than a full shot then I am most likely to go down to my sand wedge, which has always been my preferred club for most chipping etc.
  2. I’ve messaged the shop I got the set through, and they tell me that I can add the U wedge and Ping will give it the same serial number as the rest, so it remains a complete set. That might swing it for me!
  3. I mainly use my sand wedge for chipping (it’s only 8 degrees of bounce) so this would be nearly always for full shots. The S18 50/7 just doesn’t seem to go that well on full swings, don’t know if it’s down to the low bounce or relative lack of forgiveness or both? Feels a bit harsh too next to the i210 irons.
  4. It’s full shots mainly for me, and I’m not a long hitter, so sounds like the i210 is the way to go.
  5. I recently bought a set of i210 irons 4-W. I’m now thinking I might like to add a 50* wedge (next wedge is a 54/8 Mizuno T20). Not sure whether to go for the set U wedge or the 50* Glide 3.0? I have the AWT 2.0 shafts in the irons. Any thoughts on what, if any, differences I might notice?
  6. I know what you mean, but I know what larryw means as well. I can’t think of a good analogy but I like to feel that I’m keeping the arm/club triangle the same as long as I can, like Joe Dante describes in his book. Not making any effort to hold the angle, more like keeping my body ahead of it for a bit so it doesn’t open up too early. That probably makes no sense, but that’s what it feels like to me.
  7. I spoke to Ping - and they’re not happy with it and are going to repair it. Otherwise, wow, these things are a joy to hit! They’ve replaced a set of JPX EZ and it’s like using a scalpel instead of a claymore
  8. Would you be happy with this on a brand new club? One of the elastomers is not sitting flush with the cavity. Looks a bit shoddy to me.
  9. Just under six weeks from ordering to arriving at my house - close to standard specs though.
  10. I ordered a set of i210 on 27th May, they were posted by the shop today, should arrive Wednesday - which will be a day under 6 weeks from ordering to receipt.
  11. Could be, I’ve seen it on images of the ES21, and it’s a T20 I’ve bought.
  12. I have a wedge with a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125 (stiff flex) shaft in it - this one… https://kbsgolfshafts.com/shop/hi-rev-2-0/ I ordered another wedge with the same shaft in 115 regular flex. What I’ve been sent has this shaft in it - it’s black, which looks crap to me, and although it says 115 it appears labelled W (wedge?) flex. I can’t find this shaft on the KBS website, or at least nothing about the W flex on the Hi-Rev 2.0 product page. Anyone know what it is? I’m inclined to send it back anyway because I don’t like how it looks, but would like to know if i
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