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  1. I was trying out G400 hybrids/fairways at Golf Galaxy today and I brought my base line clubs and ProV1s. The ball speed correlated well to what my Mevo says. Dave
  2. M3 440 9* with Tensei White stiff. I don't hit the ball that far (good ones go 220-230), but for whatever reason this driver has been much longer for me than others. The ST190 9.5* with Atmos Red regular was an absolute disaster to start the year. Dave
  3. Have you gotten the Zings back out to see if they are going straight? Dave
  4. I picked up a M3 440 driver this season and have been playing fantastic with it. Distance is up, accuracy is up, it has really improved my golf tremendously. What is weird is that I typically play regular flex everything and this has a Tensei White 60g stiff shaft in it. I swing high 80s and ball speed measured with Mevo is 131 mph. My average drive carry+roll is 213 and good ones carry+roll 225. Based off what I can find it doesn't appear this shaft is supposed to work for me. Am I missing anything? If this shaft works well what else is simil
  5. 818s should adjust in full degree increments if you have the shaft that came with the club. I think that started with the 816s, everything prior was 0.75*. Dave
  6. I have a 19* Maltby FDI that I bought as an experiment, they market it as a hybrid more so than as a driving iron. I don't swing as fast as... anyone in this thread.... but on "good" strikes I can get 115 mph ball speed and 170 carry. Good drives go 220 carry+roll. Play with the best that you have I guess! I have mostly used the FDI as a practice club without much use on the course. I tend to have an excessive dynamic loft impact condition so wood type hybrids tend to be very high and spinny for me. Dave
  7. Same story here, the Steelhead XRs worked worse after a short period of time than old tank G15s! Dave
  8. I don't have a shop setup to build clubs so I had the Golfworks build the club as follows: MA0317 RH #6 LOFT AT 28 AND LIE 1/2 DEGREE FLAT ASSEMBLE MA0317 #6, MA0292 S, LK0139, 54PIS FINISHED PLAY LENGTH 38 INCHES SHAFT GRAPHICS: UP AND GRIP GRAPHICS DOWN SWINGWEIGHT D1 I didn't experiment with adding any extra weight beyond the build. I thought the shaft actually felt fantastic. I don't object to the lighter weight, but it just didn't offer any additional performance beyond what I already had.
  9. I bought a STi2 6 iron with the Maltby MPF Pro series shaft in stiff to compete with my TE Forged 5 iron with Dynamic Gold R300. I like the way the MPF shaft feels, but I personally did not see greater distance with graphite. Dave
  10. Is anyone still using G15s so many years after the fact or has everyone moved on? I still have a set. Sometimes I think I need more forgiveness and am tempted to put them back in the bag. Dave
  11. Steelfiber is more expensive than I'd consider. The Maltby shaft feels really good. I can feel the kick so I don't think it is too stiff. I'm using the Tensei White shaft in stiff that came stock with the M3 driver and am getting good results from that one too. I took the 6 iron to the range today and was getting a good ball flight and direction. The sole seems less diggy than the TE forged. Between hitting into a net with the Mevo and hitting on the range, the 6 iron is performing well enough that I'd consider getting the rest of the set. Dave
  12. Sorry, can't help with Wishon but I do really like the KE4 TC hybrids. I have the 2 hybrid as my par 5 approach club and it has worked better than fairway woods have. My game is much different than yours (20.8 cap versus your 2.0) so this may not be that helpful though. Dave
  13. My 6 iron test club came in, I have it shafted with Maltby MPF in stiff. My gamers are TE forged with Dynamic Gold R300 taper tip soft stepped 1X. I tested 5 iron TE forged (28*) vs 6 iron STi2 (28*) and found I was getting a little more ball speed and distance with the TE forged. The graphite did not feel too stiff, but is a quite different profile than the DGs.. I thought maybe I'd swing faster with less weight, but that did not happen so far. The STi2 irons look very nice and also feel good, more follow up is needed. Dave
  14. I have a driver swing speed in the high 80s with ball speed ~ 131 and am playing a Taylormade M3 440 9* left set to upright with a Tensei White stiff shaft. I wouldn't have thought it would work, but I've been driving in great. My launch is ~ 14*. Dave
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