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  1. I'm getting reads nearly every time, no issue with misreads. A little more than 8 feet to the net and 7 feet from golf ball to the R10. The R10 is sitting on a stand (old Black and Decker drill bit case) and the golf mat is a Fiberbuilt Flight Deck. Dave
  2. I lucked into a unit at a Golf Galaxy, set my net up in the backyard, and hit some balls. I love it. $600 makes it doable, $2000 for Mevo+ / Skytrak / etc... wasn't going to be possible for me to justify. Playing E6 Connect at my house is awesome. Misses left are going left. Misses right are going right. I even cold topped one and it was.... a cold top. So far so good. I'm about an 18 handicap so certainly not a great golfer. Distances seem reasonable to me. Maybe my 4 wood is going shorter than I'd expect, but I think it's down to low ball speed which points to lousy contact being the reason. I have fittings, impact screen, net, etc... to build an EMT cage in the garage and now need to go buy the EMT and build it so I can play at night or when it starts getting too cold to go outside. Dave
  3. 5.5 ft depth is less than Garmin requests, it is supposed to be 6-8 ft. Dave
  4. One great thing about Golfworks is that you can buy one club to try out before committing to the set. I think you may want to just reshaft the TS2 though. The STi2 and KE4 S by comparison are more of a budget type club head. Going from the Nippons to graphite is a huge change in weight. You may want to get some type of fitting or try demo clubs at your local retailer to understand what shafts work for you. Dave
  5. I'm a higher handicap (~ 20) slower swing golfer (mid 80s mph driver) who aspires to consistently play bogey golf. I posted earlier that I had a Cobra Speedzone 7i-GW one length coming in. These have now arrived so now I have one length in F9 hybrids in 21*, 24* and the Speedzone irons. I've taken them to the grass range once and set up my Mevo / back yard net and hit some shots. Obviously, the course will be different than either of those scenarios but early returns are that I think these are going to work well. I was wondering if the GW would seem weird, but it's been an easy transition so far. I'm finding the consistent set up really is making it easier to make a more repeatable swing. Average distance gaps with the irons on the Mevo also seem quite reasonable, 7 to 9 iron is 23 yards gap and 9 iron to GW 26 yard gap. I'm also finding that peak height is fairly consistent with all clubs peaking at 70 to 80 feet on average. I'm coming from Maltby TE Forged and can definitely say the OL Speedzone 7 iron (27.5*) is SO MUCH EASIER to hit than the TE forged 5 iron (28*) that i have trouble striking consistently and tend to push. I also like the variable lie angles. The relatively up right 7 iron is helping me get a better starting line with the 7 iron (more left) and the flatter/neutral PW or GW where I don't need the help are starting straighter. I chose the KBS C-Taper Lite regular flex and it is a very nice shaft. I'm coming from Dynamic Gold R300 taper tips which are a bit too heavy. The C-Taper Lites are about the right heft and stiffness, they aren't a noodle but aren't boardy either. We'll see how it goes when I get them on the course. Dave
  6. What happened to Reagan/Bush '84? That was the best part! Dave
  7. My F9 one length hybrids (21*, 24*) arrived a few days ago and I put them in the bag for my league on Monday night. I ended up shooting a 44 which is a little better than normal. I used the hybrids a lot, 9 times total and overall I was pleased. 3 of the 9 were not very good, I was a bit amped up on the first one and topped it, I hit a very thin par 5 2nd shot a few holes later, and hit the approach on #9 a bit right on a very tight hole and it ended up just right of the OB stake. The 6 out of 9 good ones were very encouraging, a par 3 shot that just missed a GIR but set up a par, a 3rd shot GIR after the thin one on a par 5 that set up a par, a good tee shot on a short par 4, and 3 successful max advances. The key here for me is the ball mostly wants to go straight and is easy to elevate. My bad miss with long clubs in the past has been a fade/slice. I was a bit concerned about some reviews that noted lack of height. I'm hitting them plenty high. The 7-GW Speedzone one length irons have shipped from Cobra and are supposed to be here on Saturday. Dave
  8. If you can hit the ball 220 yards off the ground with multiple clubs, then your golfing ability is just fine for reasonable length courses. I play in a work league and probably 10% of the people can hit the ball 220 yards off the ground. 90s swing speed is not fast by WRX standards, but is just fine for the average guy. You can play very good golf with that distance. The thread replies are doom & gloom to me and I'm a lot slower than the OP! Swinging mid-high 80s like I do does suck somewhat, but if I'm shooting around 45/9 holes anyway it is in no way my real limitation. Dave
  9. Is your shape with fairway wood a high fade? Dave
  10. The numbers look very good to me, maybe a little too high if anything. Dave
  11. I'm a short hitter and find the same result. When I hit a good drive it is going about 220 right now. I'm playing Maltby TE forged bent 1 degree weak so the gap wedge is 52 degrees. I hit it about 85 yards. There are not many holes that need the 85 yard shot. Not par 3s. The only chance on a par 4 is if i duff the drive or approach on a longer par 4. Par 5s maybe, but has not happened lately. Dave
  12. It is interesting reading your cycling story I've gotten into cycling quite a lot the past couple years although my cycling preference is on paved/crush stone path. When I used to golf it'd be at least twice a week, once in a work golf league and then another time typically as a single. Before the work season started and after it ended I would also golf as a single. I found this had a bit of an empty feel to it. The cycling bug hit my wife hard. We both enjoyed going every once in a while, but it has changed to now be 3 times a week. I'll ride with her, ride with my parents, or her Dad and uncle. Cycling has basically been a social activity where golf was only the work league. Cycling is also a hobby where it is always fun, maybe it is a personality defect on my part but I can't say the same for golf. I find cycling and golf battle each other a bit. It is a situation of pick one or the other, but it is hard to do both without burning the candle at both ends. Consequently, the time spent golfing has gone way down and while I've never scored that well the scores have gone up. I would like to golf more and have learned to take a more positive outlook on it. Whether the score is good or it stinks I've been focusing on having a good time and enjoying the opportunity to play. I don't want to cut down on the cycling so I'm not fully sure on how to make both work. Dave
  13. It is down to speed. I'm slow so the only way that would happen is excessive dynamic loft. Dave
  14. The F9 hybrids arrived and I've had them out to two different ranges the past couple nights. I went to the range with a mat last night and tonight went to a grass range. These things are so easy to hit straight! Normally my miss with a hybrid is right, but not the F9s. I may hit a push, but these are not curving. I think these are going to go a long way towards fixing my long game problems. Dave
  15. Others here are much knowledgeable about shafts than me, but the KBS Tour in stiff and DG S300 are both going to be much stiffer shafts than the AWT. If you like the AWT then that is probably the right one, the others are different and blind buying those given the differences is risky! Dave
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