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  1. Just went through the process of buying Oakley's myself and went with the Prizm Dark Golf lenses as well. Still pending shipping but will let you know how I like them compared to my general use Polarizard Ray Bans.
  2. Prices are so absurd. Probably worth it for them even if a few bite the bullet and buy.
  3. Waiting for my game to come back. It's been taking a nice long vacation.
  4. Just called my local 2ndSwing and they just received the 5s and "probably" the 11s in a box they received yesterday but haven't opened yet. Also could be in a FedEx that's supposed to arrive today but not entirely sure. Said unless you have an appointed fitting, they weren't going to display them in the store until tomorrow. Like Medson stated, hopefully if I get fitted for one and have to order a custom putter, it's not going to take forever.
  5. Guess that wasn't the greatest word to choose. Meant standard shipment of the new Scotty line to sell.
  6. Been calling my local 2nd Swing since last week to see if they had any Demos available as I would like to incorporate these in a putter fitting but they still don't have any copies available, which I thought was strange. Figured most stores would've receive some copies to fit people with. Not sure anymore that they'll even receive copies to sell on 3/26.
  7. Haven't technically drank the kool-aid but created it? Haha. Just got a Black 6s in the mail today and itching to hit it.
  8. Can't give you specific details but I was planning on making a trip down there and called ahead of time to ask what type of headcover selections they may have and was told not many options. He did explain though that there is quite a large line in the mornings that are hunting for the limited edition putters and that they'd be a few thousand $.
  9. I'd also second Talking Stick. It's a little further than the "Tempe" area but I think it's well worth your buck for the PDP program. Sometimes it gets too crowded but pays itself off after a couple days. Currently it's $20 after 3PM and then it'll be $20 (or $15, not sure if they'll dec. this year) after 11AM in May.
  10. I bought the ZX7's blind, although I cheated a little bit and asked my coach what shafts/specs would fit for me.
  11. Ooooh I see. Thank you for your help! Makes more sense why they stated "Window Shopping" under their Gallery Store description. Will definitely be stopping by!
  12. Ahh interesting, thanks for the insight. Visiting California next week to Ventura, so might make a trip to the Gallery in hopes of getting a cool set. Regarding the website release, would it be under "Shop" > "The Gallery" > "Shop Putters" on Wednesdays?
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