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  1. I have an 18° Srixon U85 and absolutely love that club. Being a higher handicap player I caught heat from my buddies asking why the hell I got a 2 iron, and it could be the best club in my bag. Hybrids never fit my eye well so I bought this instead and it’s great off the tee, also pretty forgiving in most scenarios. Missile launcher with a steel PX 6.5 shaft in it.
  2. 24 and don’t carry any hybrids, but a Srixon U85 2 Iron (18°). Some kind of mental block hitting hybrids but the driving iron shape suits me better. More confidence in that 2 iron than most clubs in my bag.
  3. I stand corrected, had to look back at some of the other bad ones to compare and you were right, I did luck out. Spent that much on a putter and I’m going to have to make it work! lol
  4. Finally got my Newport 2 yesterday. Looks like I got one with the “bad corners”, but personally I like them. I don’t think they look bad at address, really just noticeable when examining up close. Can’t wait to take it on the course!
  5. Looks like my Scotty custom ordered from Carl’s Golfland on 4/20 got a UPS label and is supposed to arrive 6/8. Can’t wait!
  6. Ordered a custom SC Newport 2 from Carl’s on Apr 20. Still hasn’t shown up yet, but I put in an email to Titleist customer service via the form on their website. Got a response from a CS rep on 4/27 that the target re-open date was 5/4. Not sure if they did re-open or not, but I feel like a kid on Christmas morning everyday I hear the delivery trucks in my neighborhood hoping today will be the day. Also kind of disappointing Carl’s doesn’t update you with your manufacturer order number/shipping notice without requesting it from them.
  7. Been through all 67 pages of this forum now during this quarantine and cannot wait to get my NP2 (first Scotty I’ll own)! Also, not to drag it up again but for all my fellow lefties out there that don’t know, Carl’s Golfland in MI has a ton more lefty options both online and retail.
  8. Bought used from another WRXer. I did not do the “MM Proto” finish. Still in great shape, I only used them about 10-15 rounds, lots of life left! Standard LLL, with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts and Tour Velvet standard size grips. Looking for $275 shipped, OBO.
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