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  1. Have you gotten these shafted yet? Hoping to get some real use reviews. Thanks!
  2. Can't comment on Mizuno or GW, but I keep coming back to Vokey. I've tried others, Miura, Yururi, Taylormade, but Vokey just does it for me. I hit my SM7 side by side with SM8 and i found the SM8 better.
  3. Love that Miura logo on them. Thought about going with that but wasn't sure it would blend well with my combo set. Pretty cool how many customization options there are. What's the finish on those?
  4. I originally wanted heads only for the reason of customs, but the shop i ordered through wouldn't do it. Glad i got them fully assembled, liking the shafts, the Miura grips are awesome, and I think I paid less for them shafted than heads only through other shops.
  5. Me too. it was $88 to be exact, this was 4-PW fully assembled. Clubheads might carry less duties.
  6. Not really. same Miura feel I would say. Shaft is playing a role for me though. Great solid feeling when hit well.
  7. I switched, but I go back and forth still. The Max is very forgiving, but same problem as others, very spinny and the ball doesn't roll or carry nearly as far. Alternate it out with a G410+.
  8. Just a heads up for all those awaiting orders, depending on who you ordered through, if they were planning to ship EMS, I would start looking at other options if you want them immediately. I ended up paying the difference for UPS and got them in 2 days to my door. Paid customs, but worth it to have them for the golf season.
  9. It looks like it's somewhat closing. If I am reading it correctly, they are converting it to markets for the different countries, and then opening a forwarding service for fee so we can still order internationally. Has anyone signed up for the fwding service?
  10. Thanks, looking forward to it! I have the Kyoei MB and they are great, but get pretty demanding in the long irons.
  11. Thanks all for the feedback. Hard to get into JDM drivers given inabiltiy to test or get fit. You have to really take a leap of faith or experiment a lot.
  12. Excited to hear your review. They look great. What I'm most curious about is head size. In the writeup it says they are bigger than Miura TC101. It's always hard to tell head size from pictures.
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