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  1. Still have my G20. G400 was ok but shorter. Cobra F7+ kept up with it but was less forgiving. Demoed drivers in the summer and nothing beat it out side-by-side on the monitor. Bottom line is get the right shaft/head combo from last 10 years and you’ll find negligible difference at most. I got lucky as I had an uncut x-stiff blueboard which went in the G20 when the other half put the roof down on the car despite being told not to. The mechanism chewed up the shafts of my driver and fairways that were loose in the trunk as that car was stupid small. The G20 driver tu
  2. Try to consciously hit them lower via getting the clubface stronger throughout. I’d bet decent money you fan open in the way back and don’t get time to square it up on partial swings. Mike Bender has some great stuff on his Instagram on technique. Likelihood is it’ll help your distance/spin control too.
  3. Srixon ZTX2 Srixon 745 Mizuno MP54 It’s a very personal thing. The Srixons feel more like the Mizunos I grew up playing. The Mizunos were amazing unless it was windy as they spun so much. Still have the ZTX2s in play with two more sets as backups.
  4. Last summer I had my partner drop out of one of the club competitions and a random add his name to the vacant slot. Nice guy called Roger with a no name stand bag, irons from the 90s and woods 15 + years old. He introduced himself to me as I was warming up in the net and hit a few in the adjacent one. His swing was almost as ugly as his well paid for belly catching up with it. We got chatting on the way round and noticed he had a slight limp we he caught me spotting. He laughed and said ‘I wondered when you’d notice?’ With a big grin. He went on to explain that he’d slipp
  5. Unfortunately it’s part of the ‘3 time convincer’ marketing theory - the advert tells you, the sales goof tells you, the club tells you as you look at it. Having done sales in a business to business scenario with very well informed, discerning clients, it’s sad to say it REALLY works! I’d love to believe that people are intelligent enough to counter marketing tactics but they’re not. The only way to not fall prey is to analyze the marketing with a level of understanding that makes you sickened by its effectiveness. Back on point, my pet hatred is shaft graphics
  6. Could it be you’re subconsciously getting the face more open than usual on the way back to compensate for a lack of loft? Might be worth getting yourself on video to check that something like wrist angles isn’t the issue. if you have a tendency to stall flip flares and blocks would be what I’d expect to see as if you did flip you’d just smother it into the ground 10 yards in front of you.
  7. It applies mostly in the USA and places with course design derived from US layouts. It’s very generic and formulaic vs the unique designs you see elsewhere. The beauty of holes with nasty trouble short right and flipping front to back means you either come in moving it towards the trouble with a fade or moving it off the trouble with a draw. it negates the bombers approach to an extent with the rough getting progressively thicker the longer you get off the tee as you lose control coming in. Even when some ET pros come to my soon to be home they rarely come in better than 67-
  8. Come to England and play downland (sets of hills in the south) courses. You’ll be calling 60+% downright unfair. Short right will have you in the worst of the trouble 10/18 holes at the course where I’ll be playing April onwards. It used to be on the Open qualifying roster and only came off for commercial reasons. I really do believe that it’s very dependent on what courses you play. I get why for the tour golf we watch, a right miss if preferable. You can’t really apply it so generally outside of the courses on the tour roster though. If I took the 10 courses I would play most regul
  9. Being stuck in England currently I’m going stir crazy. The mop headed idiot and his friends are making a mockery of the pandemic by closing things like golf which benefit health, yet plenty has been allowed to continue that doesn’t. I can walk in the countryside with my dogs with a stranger yet can’t do the same round a golf course?!? Even worse it’s allowed in Scotland and has been all through the latest lockdown for all the failings of the vile little hedge pig that runs them at least she’s got this right-ish. My cynical view is that they’d love to get their hands on go
  10. My personal feeling is aiming the sternum from the top as opposed to the shoulder. The left shoulder reacts naturally in the right way rather than messing up re-centering etc from trying to move the shoulder.
  11. From someone going nuts without a net in the uk! Would I be correct in assuming you’re working from home and spending hours at a desk? You’re hunched/slouched and just look stiff. I’d address your posture firstly as you’re too close to the ball which would probably self correct through posture getting sorted. You get inside/under plane early and your hands come out meaning from the top you have no choice but to steeper the shaft and get narrow. @MonteScheinblum’s NTC would be my go to as the normal ‘prescribed’ long routes will make you hate the game th
  12. I’ll echo the previous responder and say not much has changed. It’s gonna take small and slow abbreviated swings to start with. It’s going to be painful as you’ll feel dumb for not improving quicker. I’m saying this as I’ve outright said to the instructor I see ‘are all your clients so slow to make such simple and small changes as I feel like I could have done form of impediment’! Just going and hitting balls without prescribed drills to follow will only enable you to engrain those faults even deeper into your subconscious. You’ve got the winter to put the hard yards in and then re
  13. Big difference between someone worth seeing and someone not is having clear direction on what/how to work on until the next lesson. There’s a really annoying trait amongst some instructors where they’re not honest with you as a client. Those of us who want to raise their baseline incrementally over time don’t want their faults fixed by the introduction of compensating faults. Short term ‘fixes’ that create different issues instead of narrowing your window are the next biggest money spinner in amateur golf after driver sales.
  14. Complete lack of respect on your part for breaking the plans is my gut response. My other gut response is why on earth are you with someone who exhibits controlling behaviors? Does she go through your messages and social media too?!? I get it that my allegedly better half hates golf and most of my other sports. Hey-ho her obsession with stinking horses and her other hobbies/pursuits don’t interest me at all. It doesn’t mean I’d stop her doing them though. The main thing we discussed (I laid out) is that it is very important to have time apart to do your own thing and see
  15. There’s a good chance it’s backswing related. I find ignoring the lead wrist and instead focusing on the trail wrist much more effective. The lead wrist adjusts automatically as a result. If you get inside early on the takeaway it’s a cascade effect to end up across the line at the top with a cupped wrist. I spent countless hours trying to correct this with less than effective instructors. All of them focussed on lead wrist etc etc and annoyed me immensely. Eventually I ended up seeing my current instructor by chance having eavesdropped a lesson he gave at a range. He kind o
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