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  1. Average UK distances are driver 260 carry and PW 115. When I’m in the US driver 280 carry and PW 120. 2 reasons for the difference. Firstly the UK climate brings my carry down 5 yards on average. Secondly the fairways are half the width or narrower than most of the US layouts I see. Very rarely I can fully go after a driver in the UK. @MonteScheinblum you’ll see far more players UK side doing what you advocate. Reason being that the wind almost never stops and hitting high is a fools game. You also learn to hit the fast stopping shots at a lower trajectory to s
  2. Thanks both. I remembered something funny about Srixon hosels. I have a set of x100s on order for them now.
  3. Just put my G20 back in the bag as the G400 couldn’t keep up with it. The face depth makes such a huge difference and if just feels miles hotter. Just bagged another 9.5 with the same shaft as a backup for $50.
  4. I’m looking at pulling the modus tour 130s from these and sticking in x100s as they just flat out suit me. I’m thinking they are .355 tips BUT seem to remember them having something odd about the hosel that’s been discussed here previously. Anybody able to confirm that they’re a stock .355 or otherwise? I’ve asked srixon and they never got back to me able saying they’d need to check with their tech guys.
  5. If you want a device .... or 2. Get a cardboard box to stand in that is the width of you stance and. Ones up to your knees ..... that’ll stop the sway and encourage your pivot instead. Get a stool or similar that you can slide your butt along to place behind you. Last device is some form of phone or tablet to get hold of @MonteScheinblum and thank him for the free of charge advice he’s already given you. You could even use it for a video lesson whilst standing in the box to ensure that your other swing issues don’t cause you to fall out of the box.
  6. Even with soft forging a I’ve found that as long as I use a mound release agent every 2 weeks after cleaning them that the faces last a crazy long time. As others have said they do bend though. The mound release agent REALLY helps with not getting stuck stuck to the faces or in the grooves.
  7. You do what suits you. You could always acquire an epic flash 3 wood and swap the 5 wood shaft into it. That way you have the option of having both to use should you go to a where you want both again.
  8. With your shot tendencies I’d be getting a 3 wood and lofting up whilst shortening the shaft to 5 wood length. I’ve done this with an epic flash with a smoke in 6.0. Plays stiff to flex but not as harsh as a 6.5. My back ups are both g20 3 and 5 wood in tfc x flex. Shock horror they’re better clubs than the epic flash but lack the versatility.
  9. I picture my wallet next to my ball and that my ex’s hand is reaching for it. Works with the driver anyway!!
  10. In my experience it’s far more likely that it’s a club/ball/outside influence issue. I’ve experienced the crazy long shot more by playing a low compression ball e.g. chromesoft. Low spin and flat flight waaay long from the middle of the fairway. I’ve had the same with the distance irons but nowhere near as bad. The worst I’ve experienced was the silly season I played with distance irons and was using chromesofts. I list so many balls long from airmailing into jungle behind greens. All in slightly damp UK conditions from fairway lies. I knew instantly as I couldn’t hear the b
  11. Sweetspot on plane for backswing and then go hard with the right side into the slot on downswing. Nothing more complicated than that. Kudos to the pro I’ve been seeing that I can think so little!
  12. Answer A - they bought something sight unseen and it doesn’t suit them. Answer B - they bought them well under market value purely to flip them for profit. Answer C - they have a problem similar to a gambling addiction. Answer D - they are delusional that equipment can fix their failings. Answer E - they have a unique requirement that really needs custom fit eg high spin or speed. Answer F - most likely they need to be seen by their peers to have new gear all the time as their wife/girlfriend is the butt of all the clubhouse jokes for her resem
  13. The biggest factor of land prices in the UK is the stupid notion that everything needs to revolve around London and proximity to it! London is a dirty stinking pit full of little wannabe gang rats intent on ruining everyone’s lives. On top of that you have the “wealthy” who got the most part are just better dressed scum with attitudes to match. If any positive can come from COVID it’ll be that the rest of the UK away from a London becomes more desirable to live in. There’s plenty of empty retail and industrial space that can be converted to residential for a fraction of the cost.
  14. If I’m being brutally honest I’d say that any changes the USGA and R&A make will be redundant unless courses are set up right. I spend roughly 60% of my time in the UK and 40% in USA. By far and away golf is WAAAAY easier in the USA than UK! Courses are circa 1000 yards shorter in UK yet they always have far more defense. You cannot hit driver as you get blocked out on doglegs or you run out into rough that means holding the small greens is impossible. You can’t run it in from short as there’s either jungle rough or a 30 foot drop off the front edge. My point i
  15. I think the one handed swings recommended earlier is the way to go. The best way I can describe it is that you know what positions to hit thanks to coaching but your concept of HOW to make the club move through space i.e. create inertia, is a bit off. Would I be correct in guessing that your ball flight can get ‘weak’ and then the hooks also appear too? It’s very possible to move between the swing positions but getting there with the wrong intent. If you could learn to harness the weight of the club and swing from setup through to finish by having the club head travel thr
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