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  1. Why not get a used set of irons with PX 6.0 or 6.5 and pull the shafts? If they work stick the X100 shafts in that set and resell them. If they don’t, reinstall the PX shafts in the used set and resell them. This is the way I’ve always demo’d different shafts and almost always ended up with a profit to boot. I play mostly in the UK since Covid and PX 6.0 are my go to shaft as a not windy day is still 10mph+ winds. I can play 6.5 but they are significantly harsher and feel heavier. Before doing any of this it may be worth trying to see an instructor as I suspect you may be delivering the club in a way that would cause this regardless of the shaft.
  2. If you can dedicate an hour every other day, just join a CrossFit box. It’s all about functional fitness and it gives you balance. We’ve just moved from an 8 week conditioning phase into a hypertrophy phase. It’s been really noticeable during my range sessions that I can go faster and harder for longer. I can’t even stand properly this morning from the deadlifts, power cleans and front squats from last night. I stopped doing golf specific workouts when CrossFit showed way better results. The timing required for the Olympic lifting movements really translates into delivering clubhead speed. I’m up 14mph since May. At 5’9 I’ve gone from touching the net on a basketball ring to being able to just about 1 handed dunk. The increase in vertical jump from the box jumps etc is huge. At 39 years old I’ll take that any day.
  3. I would ask if you could describe your concepts as to how you move the putter, how you aim/line up etc. The reason I ask is that until I bottomed this out through putting lessons, I really struggled to gain consistency. You can practice loads but without knowing what and how you’re trying to achieve, it’s like fly swatting blind folded. If you can consistently make a smooth rolling stroke that can project the ball straight over 10’ you are as good as PGA tour standard according to the instructor I saw. Scarily, the entire process started with getting the correct putter length. 31” putter is right for me at 5’10 with my freakish long arms. It looks like I jumped a junior for their putter!
  4. This and to add a bit more, you can alter the D plane’s tilt such that it isn’t travelling up as described. Learning how to hit the lower fade with this amazingly strong penetration through wind was the biggest jump ever in my game. The key to hitting it was getting the clubface far stronger earlier and then limiting rotation through the impact zone. I expect the reason the other poster hits over-draws and hooks from a forward ball position is that the clubface is too open approaching impact. The snap to find square equates to an overly closed clubface at impact relative to the path unless timing is perfect.
  5. Opposite for me. Further forward equates to later on the D plane and therefore more out-to-in path i.e. fade bias
  6. Stock image as mine are at the other house but I will never sell my 3 sets of these. Up there with the MP32s as all time greatest feeling irons.
  7. A. Vokey SM7s that a pro friend had as demos and then gave to me in pristine condition B. Yes playing 714 AP2 C. 46, 50, 56 D. 7. 8, 14 no idea on grinds E. S300s
  8. Definitely correct Not necessarily. Could be later on the D plane and fractionally away with the clubface from hitting an awesome power fade like John Rahm.
  9. Iomic sticky grips, a wet microfibre towel and a dry automobile single side detailing towel. The gloves are a personal choice but the Callaway Dawn Patrol work for me. I’m in the UK mostly since Covid and it rains LOTS. The summers are also super humid whilst somehow still managing to rain way too much. The thing about the Iomic grips is that they don’t absorb water. You can wipe them clean with the wet towel then dry them instantly with the detailing towel.
  10. I’ve never really done aid that much attention to shoulder alignment other than at address until my instructor stopped for a 5 minute chat during one of my range sessions. I was hitting slight over-fades versus what I was after and he simply said to keep everything the same but to feel like the shoulders are slightly less open at impact. Amazingly it reduced the curvature to what I was after and it was definitely a eureka moment. Is it just me who’s always ignored or been instinctively regarding shoulders at impact? I’ve since used it to really work on trajectory and club path. A bi-product has been that it’s removed all transition swing thoughts to the point that I’m instinctively slotting it.
  11. Swingweight wise I’d challenge you to feel the difference if you cut an inch off. You’re more likely to feel a change in changing grips between a heavier one and a lighter one. Before interchangeable shafts were common I regularly an inch off drivers and 3/4 inch off 3/5 woods. I never added weight to a head and at most put a very lightweight grip on to make it feel right. If you’re unsure before doing it just grab a cheap grip and drill the buttcap to allow the grip to go the requisite distance further down the shaft. At least you can test it this way before shortening the shaft. Being honest I had driver, 3 and 5 woods all in their experimental guise with shafts poking out for an entire season at one point.
  12. It all depends on your swing, what you’re looking to achieve and playing conditions. My 2h alternates with 5 wood primarily but also with a UDI. The course, weather and ground conditions dictate. I wouldn’t put the 5 wood into play when it’s real windy and the ground conditions are wetter. That’s where the 2h is very good and being mostly based since Covid it rains a LOT!
  13. If you were to honestly appraise your game split down into areas out of 10 or describe your problem areas, what would you say? Do you have directional, strike and/or distance control issues? What do you mean by getting fixed up by instructors? Do you have a recurring fault that’s destroying your game? What do they do to ‘fix’ you during lessons? Reading between the lines you may have a very timing oriented release with the swing you’ve learnt and the long layoff has highlighted the cliff you were always liable to fall from. If so, this could be a blessing in disguise to allow you to fix a major deficiency before it bites you in the butt much later!
  14. Stacks of them used in the UK and the pro shops regularly stock them when they can actually get stock! Order delays until November for Golf Pride at the moment!
  15. Me too. Irod 105F5 in the 20 degree and 85F5 in the 17.5 lofted down to 16.5. The stouter and heavier shaft is the biggest anti left change. Almost everyone who picks up the 20 degree and has a swing at the range hits a huge block fade/slice with the exception of the super hard turners.
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