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  1. I guess we would all be jerks if it was based on the opinions of our ex-girlfriends.
  2. I don't think Langer or Scott are anchoring the putter.
  3. Think his TM pitching wedge and Artisan blank short irons were still in there too judging by what I could make out from Getty Images. Not sure whether Tour Edge has ousted the Ping driver.
  4. He was using their hybrids at the recent Masters apparently, be interesting to see what clubs of theirs he ends up using.
  5. He tweeted yesterday that his first grandchild had just been born, so maybe he wanted to be at home for that big event?
  6. Interesting, thanks for that. Only one TM club survives and a ball change. Looking forward to see how he gets on with the new stuff.
  7. A slight sprain to his wallet maybe, or some light bruising to his ego. I'm sure he'll get over it.
  8. A decent field over two quality courses, should be an interesting tournament. Hopefully Francesco Molinari keeps up his good form from this week in a Ryder Cup year. It'll be the first sighting of Jason Day's non-TM bag, by all accounts he has made quite the move away from them with only the fairway woods surviving.
  9. I suppose it depends on the contract wording. He's probably still wearing it due to his other sponsors logos being on the shirt and hasn't had time to have replacements made and shipped to him.
  10. Always enjoy these events on the European Tour, and a strong field to kick the year off. Looking forward to the coverage.
  11. Ken Brown's book on putting which came out last year has gotten lots of good reviews.
  12. Great to see Sergio win again in America, would love to see him contend at Augusta next month.
  13. She eagled the 72nd hole to make the play-off, and then birdied the 1st play-off hole for the win. That's backing in?
  14. It's not cheating because there is no rule that says you aren't allowed to do it. It's arguably not within the spirit of the game, although it should not have been an issue here as the "wall" should never have been put there in the first place.
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