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  1. No trades please. All prices include shipping via FedEx to lower 48, but if you are West of MS, please add $10 to help with costs. 2017 M1 460 9.5 - $150 - Aldila RIPX 65TX - As clean as it gets, normal wear on sole - Right at 45” playing length - No OEM headcover or tool, will ship protected Cally Epic Flash SZ 15* - $195 - Tour AD DI 7x - Right at 43” playing length - Bought this off a WRXer last week, but not the head/shaft combo I’m looking for - OEM Headcover, but no tool Cobra SZ 14* - $140
  2. Let me know what ya got. PayPal ready. Shipped to NC, preferably FedEx and will pay for expedited shipping.
  3. Agreed. And apparently the difference between a scratch player, and even a lower caliber tour player is astronomical.
  4. I was a blade player for 10 years up until about 2016, this was back when I was playing 4-5 days a week and practicing a ton. I tinker around with equipment, but it’s almost always some type of players CB. I think GI irons are great, but unfortunately I tend to stay away from clubs with thicker soles, and also try to prevent shots “jumping” off the face. My dispersion might be off a little, but (and not to sound arrogant), I’d like to think my distance control is a higher caliber, even as a 4 handicap now. GI irons are just harder for me to control distance wise.
  5. Pricing is excellent. Most sets in “very good condition” are in the mid-$600, and these are minty as it gets.
  6. Man, I want those irons but I don’t have enough in the “super secret golf fund” to make an offer that isn’t a lowball. GLWS!
  7. Gorgeous. And I live in the area. So hard not to buy this, but alas - I am putting in a back deck today. GLWS.
  8. What's the playing length when it was in your TSi3? I might be interested.
  9. Got a set of classics up for sale. No trades please. $380 shipped (West of MS add $10) Nike VR Forged 4-PW - Standard specs - TT S300 Shafts - Lamkin Crossline Grips - Faces/ Grooves in excellent condition - Normal bag chatter throughout set - A couple of dings on the soles on a couple irons (noted in pics)
  10. Yeah I looked online before making the post and sort of came to that conclusion, but just figured I’d at least check. Thanks!
  11. Actually, a lot of you made me realize something: I'm not that great off the tee, I just normally don't hit anything off the map, but I sure do miss a lot of fairways by a yard or two.
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