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  1. Used these for a couple rounds and going back to my MD5 . SOLD Open to trades for a mallet putter or blade putter, X Flex 3W (TM or Ping G400 or newer), Or a 62* Raw Or Tour Chrome SM8 Vokey SM7 56.10S (bent and stamped at 55*). Vokey SM7 60.08M KBS Tour Custom Series Black Stiff. I had these built a little long. The measurements for both are at/right around 36” to end of grip. Lie will be 1* flat of Vokey standard. I can’t get the measurements exact.
  2. I got the chance to play there May of 2018. Bought a headcover and a shirt. Still kicking myself for not getting a hat. GLWS!
  3. If you saw the way I hit the ball, you’d understand. I’m the worst ball striking 2 handicap East of the Mississippi.
  4. PLEASE, NO TRADES! I don’t strike the ball like I used to...or maybe I never struck the ball like I thought I did? My loss is your gain on a beautiful, pretty much fresh out-of-the-box Callaway 2021 Apex MB 4-AW (yes, an 8 club set). I went against my gut when a fitter recommended these. I’m not much of a blade guy, but these things are awesome looking for the right player. Ordered directly from Callaway. Unboxed yesterday and played for 18 holes. The 5i and AW have never been hit. All other clubs have only a couple swings on them. You can barely tell t
  5. Mavrik 10.5 SZ with tour AD GP 6x. Trade interest below: M5 9* or SIM 8* Head only Tour AD GP 6x shaft w/ Current playing length at 45”. Originally had it at 44.25 and then had it professionally extended. No tipping. Driver head in great condition other than some very light scratching from normal wear/tear. Nothing visible at address. I’ve tried to capture any blemishing in the photos. $350 shipped. West of MS add $5.
  6. Hey man - they just sold. Closing the ad now.
  7. Few things up today. See item descriptions below. Not looking for trades at the moment. Prices include shipping to lower 48, but west of MS please add $10. Callaway Apex Pro 19 4-PW - $old - Excellent/Near Mint Condition - Used only two rounds (minimal bag chatter) - Tour Elevate VSS Stiff Specs are stock (bought off the rack) - New Z Chord standard grips Callaway Jaws MD5 Raw Wedge Set - $OLD!!! - 50*10S, 54*12X, 58*, 10S - All in excellent condition, used for two rounds (58 wedge used only one round) - Ordered directly from Callaw
  8. $OLD Both wedges have light use and are in excellent condition. Ordered from Callaway and standard length, lie, loft. Beautiful patina. Light surface scratching from a sandy range but grooves are great. TT Elevate Tour VSS Stiff - BLACK 50* - 10 S Grind 54* - 12 X Grind
  9. Couple of items up for sale. Prices include shipping but if your west of MS let me know and I can check on shipping costs. Callaway Apex Pro ‘19 Double Dot Raw 4-PW with KBS Tour 125 S+ (.25 inch long). I bought these recently off another WRXer and although they’re awesome, just not quite for me. They are still in excellent condition. The 9i and PW have light scratches on the face because our range is sandy. The patina looks awesome. The rest of the set has VERY minimal bag chatter. $OLD Tour AD GP 6x with Mavrik Tip. Plays 45” when installed. Please note that I do have a pr
  10. I really enjoy playing the longer tracks. I play off a 2 HCP or around there, and a lot of the guys I play with are a ton better than I am. I would consider myself "above average" in distance off the tee, and they still blow it by me. Do I have any business playing from 7200+ yards? Probably not, but it seems like the courses I play open up from back there. Honestly I tend to struggle on the par 5's a bit more than I normally would, but I'm a weirdo who REALLY enjoys a long par 4 (450+++). And quite honestly, when I do play from a shorter tee, my score doesn't change as much becau
  11. 2 items to move. Let me know if you have questions! Not looking for trades. Callaway X Forged UT 21* Driving Iron with Tour AD DI 95x hybrid shaft. Overall in great condition with minor bag chatter. Paint is chipping off the “X forged” on the bag. Please note: I can’t get the exact measurement but seems be just shy of 39.5”. $OLD Tour AD DI 6x drive shaft with TM adapter. 44” tip to grip. Not sure of playing length. No wear that I can see. $OLD
  12. I used to work at GG. If they in fact were stock from other place's like Dicks/Golf Galaxy, they would be listed as certified pre-owned. With that said, their "very good" rating is usually great condition. I've only had to return one item in my 8+ years of ordering.
  13. Hard to be embarrassed - sounds like your partner missed the tap in, too!
  14. I think we've all had the lucky bounces just about as often as the bad ones. The bad ones just stick out more and haunt us :). One great bounce that sticks out for me is one I actually didn't hit. I was probably 15-16, and caddying for our assistant pro in a PAT as he was going through the stages to get his PGA membership. A guy we were playing with absolutely laced it the first round and shot 72. All he needed was 83 on the second round and he cleared by one. Should be easy, right? Long story short, a few double-bogeys and bogeys in the second round brought him to 13-
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