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  1. PayPal ready. Send me a PM with your set makeup and price
  2. 27k views and 3k replies later, we still won’t know the true answer.
  3. Very similar story! We live in the Pinehurst area and called the resort on a random day a few years back and they happened to have a slot for us to pair up. You should've seen how annoyed the guys looked when they found out they were paired with her. She shot something like an 81 or 82 on #2 that day. Majorly impressive considering she couldn't hit most of the greens in regulation and she was only a couple of strokes behind those guys. They ended up buying us a beer afterward and admitted to being super annoyed about the pairing in the beginning and even apologized if they seemed
  4. I wish she played more. She had a group of friends she grew up playing on the junior circuit with that she'd meet weekly a few years back, but all of us started families and thus the get togethers ended. She tried playing with the older ladies for some time, but mentioned he got sick of playing with people that were just a disaster to be around. Luckily, as of right now my 2 (almost 3) year old daughter is obsessed with golf and spends an hour or two in our back yard every evening "playing". Not sure if it's just a phase, but hoping if the kiddos get hooked on it, she will want to
  5. I think @JohnnyCashForever was throwing sarcasm because someone always starts a thread like that.
  6. Haha - unfortunately it's not too hard to earn more than a teacher in NC considering how underpaid they are (and all over the country for that matter). I wish she'd get out and play more. She'd win the Ladies Club Championship by 20 shots.
  7. Funny thing is, we agreed that I'd give her two strokes since she hadn't played in a while. Clearly she didn't need 'em.
  8. She's beaten me on a consistent basis when she plays well. I think the headline was more of a way of saying how impressed I am when I watch her play, even after a long layoff.
  9. Ton of good points here. I just don't have great experience (personally) with tipping fairway woods so I'm hesitant to do so. Actually just listed it on BST, so at standard specs, I figured it would be more attractive and someone can do with it as they wish.
  10. Couple of items up for sale today. No trades. Let me know if you have any questions! Prices are shipped CONUS via FedEx within 24 hours of payment. TSi2 15* w/ Motore 7x - $OLD!!!! Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge Set - $300 - All black dot - 46-12 (35.75” w/ ZZ115 shaft) - Tour Velvet Plus 4 grip - 50-12 (35.5” w/ AWT 2.0 shaft) - 54-14 (35” w/ ZZ115 shaft) - 58-10 (35” w/ AWT 2.0 shaft) - 58 shows most wear but plenty of life left - 50, 54, 58 all have new Z Chord Align standard I
  11. Little bit of a side story here: she grew up playing junior golf tournaments basically every weekend. Wasn't "heavily" recruited in college, but didn't play anyways (ended up playing D1 Soccer and running cross country). Around 15 or 16, she felt extremely burnt out from her father pushing her to travel all the time for tournaments and completely gave up with playing. This would've been in the 2004ish time frame. We met in 2014 and she had played sparsely between then. I started getting her back out on the course and slowly she fell in love with the game again. Now, I
  12. My best is 16 GIR I believe. Not sure on fairways. While I'm good off the tee, meaning I don't hit many out of play, I do miss quite a few fairways by less than a couple of yards. I would guess my best would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 fairways hit, and that was a round where I hit my 2H off every tee .
  13. Is that a typo? 42 putts over 9 holes would be 4.66 putts per green.
  14. 8x might be a good idea. As much as this thing is spinning, not sure if tipping would do enough.
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