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  1. Lemme know what you’ve got. Really only need head, but if you’ve got one shafted with a Ventus black or a similar profile, I’d be open to hearing about it.
  2. Please read description! Picked these up off eBay recently and decided not to game them. No trades. Cannot pull heads. Price is shipped to lower 48 only. West of MS add $10. Scratch AR1 4-Pw - $340 shipped! FIRM - Length is off 37.5” 6iron - Lie angles unknown, but seem to be a little flat - 4i is a different font and Scratch logo placement - 4i has KBS stiff shaft (no label) - 5i-Pw have S200 (no labels) - Was told by original seller they are SS grind - Grips are so so, still life left in them - Overall in great condition, no browning, light/moderate use on faces and bag chatter on soles
  3. Less than 10 swings. Came new with the srixon head which was delivered Thursday.
  4. Update: Vokey Wedges sold. Feel free to ask me about a bundle deal if you want both driver head and shaft. Ridding myself of a few items after a depressing golf trip this weekend. Need to stop experimenting and stick with what works. All prices shipped via FedEx (Lower 48 only). Paypal G&S only. Only trade interest is a TSi3 8* or 9* head in great/mint condition. Srixon ZX7 9.5* Head - $315 - Used one round - Light sole scratches Ventus Black 6x - $220 - Srixon adaptor - Playing length in ZX7 was 45” - 43.5 inch EOG uninstalled - No tipping SM8 Tour Chrome Set - $OLD - Also used one round, I just prefer my other Vokey set up - 50-08F, 56-10S, 60-08M - Stock Vokey specs - Still have shaft labels
  5. TSi2 13.5 w/ Ventus Blue Velo 7x Failed expirement. I’ve had the shaft for a while and just recently bought the head new. Prices listed include shipping to lower 48 and are as follows: Head - $170 Shaft - $140 Combo: $290 (Note: will not split unless I have buyers for both) - Head has been hit twice - Not sure on tipping for shaft - Playing length seems right between 42.5 and 42.75” - Uninstalled length of shaft shown in photos (42”) - OEM Headcover included
  6. Final price drops! Prices are firm, and if they don’t sell, I don’t mind hanging on to them. A few goodies up for sale. Please read descriptions. Prices are shipped CONUS via FedEx. PayPal G&S only. No trades. Thanks! If you need specific pictures, DM me. Mizuno MP20 MB - $750 shipped - Used for one round and a short practice session - KBS Tour 90 Stiff - 6i length is 37.5 (standard loft and lie) - Cannot pull heads - Overall in excellent condition - Retail at $1300 brand new T22 Cooper Wedge Set - $OLD!! - Looking to sell as a set only - 50-07, 54-12, 58-12 - Tour Issue S400 shafts - Standard length (ordered from Mizuno) - One round on these, light face wear TSi3 9* Head - $OLD! - Face (light wear) and crown are beautiful, sole shows wear (see photos) - Comes with OEM Headcover Ventus Black 5x - $195 shipped - Titleist adapter and played at 45” - Length shown in photos at 43.5” - No tipping
  7. Sent funds for the 4i head on 10/19 and was told it would be shipped by Thursday 10/21. No correspondence since 10/19. Checked in on Sunday 10/24 to inquire about tracking/shipment and received no response. Also commented on original post yesterday (10/25). I truly hope nothing serious happened to OP as he seems to have positive historical feedback. I went ahead and opened a case with PayPal.
  8. @lilmike24 - any update on tracking for the 4i head?
  9. Good point. When I say a "couple" I really mean one guy in particular. All four of us are capable of shooting in the 70s, but the fourth guy typically hovers around 84-85ish. I've heard from numerous people that St Andrews - Old is easy to get around and that Carnoustie can be tough. I've actually played Straits and just knowing his game, I think he would struggle on that more so than a St Andrews. On top of that, I think the experience of going to Scotland trumps playing somewhere in the states other than Pebble.
  10. A few things up for sale today. No trades. Prices are shipped via FedEx on Monday. PayPal G&S Only. TSi3 8* Head - $OLD! - Just got this off another WRXer yesterday and ended up being a failed experiment. Sticking with my 9* head - Overall has seen very little use - Comes with OEM Headcover Ventus Black 5x - $OLD! - No adaptor or grip - Raw length seems to be right at 43.5” Ventus Blue 7x - $OLD! - Titleist Adaptor - Relatively new tour velvet grip - Length is just a tick under 44”
  11. I’ve got a SIM Max 9* head (Gen 1) up for sale that has very little use. Some very light wear can be seen on the sole. Face and crown are in great condition. I do not have a Headcover but will ship protected. No trades. $250 shipped FedEx to lower 48 If needed, I do have the stock Ventus Blue 6s (non Velocore) I can pair and ship for an extra $50. Never used.
  12. Completely opinionated on what you want to do. I personally think T22's look way better in the silver/raw finish and there are other folks who think the black finish looks better. I had a T22 TNP2 Tour Only and it was my favorite putter I've ever had. I'm sure the T22 in silver would be very similar. Sold it shortly after I got it, and I still shed tears every once in a while.
  13. I’m the same, but also the opposite. If I start using flexion in my left wrist to shallow the club, it’s all wipey fades for me. My own version of a “literal nightmare”
  14. I actually know the answer to this. Per the person we are discussing the package with, the Old Course gets over 95% of the people on the ballot onto the course to play. The catch is that groups often don't get to play together, and it's not guaranteed that you will get off the tee in time to finish your round.
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