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  1. A few things up for sale today. No trades. Prices are shipped via FedEx on Monday. PayPal G&S Only. TSi3 8* Head - $OLD! - Just got this off another WRXer yesterday and ended up being a failed experiment. Sticking with my 9* head - Overall has seen very little use - Comes with OEM Headcover Ventus Black 5x - $OLD! - No adaptor or grip - Raw length seems to be right at 43.5” Ventus Blue 7x - $OLD! - Titleist Adaptor - Relatively new tour velvet grip - Length is just a tick under 44”
  2. I’ve got a SIM Max 9* head (Gen 1) up for sale that has very little use. Some very light wear can be seen on the sole. Face and crown are in great condition. I do not have a Headcover but will ship protected. No trades. $250 shipped FedEx to lower 48 If needed, I do have the stock Ventus Blue 6s (non Velocore) I can pair and ship for an extra $50. Never used.
  3. Completely opinionated on what you want to do. I personally think T22's look way better in the silver/raw finish and there are other folks who think the black finish looks better. I had a T22 TNP2 Tour Only and it was my favorite putter I've ever had. I'm sure the T22 in silver would be very similar. Sold it shortly after I got it, and I still shed tears every once in a while.
  4. I’m the same, but also the opposite. If I start using flexion in my left wrist to shallow the club, it’s all wipey fades for me. My own version of a “literal nightmare”
  5. I actually know the answer to this. Per the person we are discussing the package with, the Old Course gets over 95% of the people on the ballot onto the course to play. The catch is that groups often don't get to play together, and it's not guaranteed that you will get off the tee in time to finish your round.
  6. While they haven't played #2 (I have dozens of times), they don't seem to have much of an interest in that.
  7. As far as Bandon goes, I simply don't have too much of a desire to go play at this moment, but will one day. For Whistling Straits, I've played it before and while I loved it, I think one or two of the guys would have an extremely tough time playing the course unfortunately. I'll check out Streamsong, and I've never heard of Sand Valley but will definitely look into it. The reason Scotland / Pebble got brought up is because two of the guys we are playing with have never done anything with "prestige" behind it. I've had the pleasure of playing at places like Straits, Oakmont, and Congressional so I know how cool of an experience it would be for them.
  8. Good call! Do you remember where you stayed in Monterey?
  9. Alright, fellas & ladies. Need some help. Amongst our normal golf grip, two of us have our second kiddos due in March of 2022, the other is getting married in May of 2022, and the fourth guy is still living the dream being single and playing golf every weekend. Looks like due to the events mentioned above we will be cancelling our Spring golf trip (usually Pinehurst where I live) and postponing until 2023. We've never done a MAJOR golf trip before, and decided that May of 2023 will be the time to do it considering it gives us the opportunity to give our wives plenty of notice. We've kicked a few ideas around, and wanted to get your opinions on the three (and possibly some other options we may not be considering). Scotland - $3,700 not including flights - One week staying in St Andrews and right now we are quoted for Carnoustie, Crail - Balcomie, and currently have the Old Course included This would be my #1 pick, but the one thing I'm not keen on is that the Old Course isn't 100% guaranteed unless we pay a $1,200 premium. We could try and go through advanced ticketing application or the ballot when we get there, but it seems like it would be a shame to go all the way to Scotland and not get to play at the "Home of Golf", even despite that we would definitely get out on Carnoustie. Pebble Beach - $4,700 not including flights - The only thing about this trip is that it's only four nights total staying at Pebble. It would include Pebble, Spanish Bay, and Spyglass. We could potentially try and drive down and either play Pasa Tiempo or Harding Park as well. I would love the experience, but seems like a lot of money for 4 total days. TPC Danzante Bay (Mexico) - $3,000 all-inclusive and unlimited golf - This one sort of piques our interest. Can't remember how I even found out about this place, but essentially is an all-inclusive resort on the coast with a championship 18-hole golf resort. The pricing includes meals, drinks, and unlimited golf with a 4-bedroom villa. The only thing that I'm slightly hesitant on is playing the same course for a week straight, and whether or not we'd get bored eventually. I appreciate the advice in advance. Thanks! C
  10. We should all take notes and make our posts exactly like this. Awesome and GLWS!
  11. Couple of items up today. No trades. Prices are shipped via FedEx. SIK DW 2.0 - $OLD!! - 35 inches - OEM Headcover included - Overall in great condition, but has a random black spot near the heel. May or may not buff out, but I don’t want to mess with it. - No Major dings. Some light surface wear on sole. SM8 56.10S & 60.10S - $180 shipped - Looking to sell as a set - Maybe 6-7 rounds on these - Normal wear for that amount of play - Standard specs (bought off the rack)
  12. Awesome stuff! I love rounds like this. My scoring average this year was 78.1 (primarily playing courses rated in the 72-73 range - not sure on slope). About once every couple of years, my 2010 form will reveal itself and I'll break 70. Makes golf so fun. Now that you've broken the barrier, you'll have an even mix of doing it more consistently and being frustrated that you didn't. Enjoy the process!
  13. Two items up for sale. Will need to move them today or tomorrow in time to ship before I head out of town. No trades. Prices include shipping via FedEx to the lower 48. TSi2 9* Head only - $325 shipped - Great condition with OEM headcover - Hit maybe 10 times, I just prefer my TSi3 Cally Epic Speed 15* Head - $180 shipped - Also great condition - No HC but will ship protected - Got this off a fellow WRXer to do a build, but realized in testing with another head that I should just go with a 17* hybrid instead
  14. OP here. When I started this thread, I was full of pessimism based off historical Ryder Cup data as well as a lot of self-inflicted drama by the US team. I stand corrected: what a performance. Here are some of my takeaways after watching virtually every shot: - Jon Rahm is currently putting like Tiger used to. For months it seems like, he’s made everything with that Rossie. So fun to watch - Colin Morikawa will be an extremely dominant force on tour for years to come - Rory McIlroy is at a crossroads in his game. I loved his post match interview after Sunday singles, but I feel his emotions may have been a combination of disappointment for his Ryder Cup team, as well as a feeling of “What is wrong with my game?” He will figure it all out eventually. Too good of a player not to. - It’s time the Euro’s pass the torch. Sorry, but Westy, Poulter, and even Garcia have no business being on the team. Rahm could’ve won with virtually anyone the first two days. All in all, great event and great thread. We got off the rails a bit talking about random junk like “being clinically trained” and the NBA, but really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts (for the most part). Now, I’m tired of my email blowing up so I am signing off of this thread. Cheers, folks!
  15. Thanks man! Luckily my guy at FedEx "forgets" to measure the boxes when I go see him.
  16. A few items up for grabs today, and more to come in the future. I’ve priced these at what I think are extremely good amounts based off what I’ve seen these items selling for. Therefore, I’m firm. If you think my numbers are off base, let me know. No trades. Shipped via FedEx. PP Goods & Services only. 2021 T100 4-PW - $1,100 shipped! - Used 3 rounds - Very light bag chatter and face wear, but the sweet spots are in perfect condition because I couldn’t find them! - Standard length off the rack with AMT Tour White S300 - 1 degree upright and standard loft TSi3 9* and 10* Heads - $OLD!!!! Ping Hoofer Tour -Dropped to $OLD!!!! - Very lightly used on the range only - I cleaned up what little dirt specs I could find, so there still may be a couple small spots Cally Epic Speed 3w - $OLD - Got this new and hit it 4 times - Only selling because I’ve got another head I’m going to do a build with - No Headcover but will ship protected - Stock 70x shaft - standard length
  17. I'll agree that MGD is a great track. I personally left it off the list because of the practice facilities (or lack thereof). While this won't be important to some folks, if I'm dropping hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month, I want a nice place to hit balls and work on the short game. Last time I was at MacGregor was 2019 for a tournament, but it was still a range with flightless balls due to the shortened length.
  18. The Solheim was crazy to me. I understand the notion of trying to "hype up the fans on American soil", but I was utterly confused on the fist pumping and arm waving after an American player hit a shot inside of 10-feet only to miss the putt (I'm sure there may have been a few I missed where they drained it).
  19. Always a pleasure to see your replies on the few threads I start (and the even fewer that are worth a darn)
  20. When I started this thread, I had no idea this much entertainment and weenie measuring would take place.
  21. A lot of merit in here. Disclaimer: I’m the OP and I’ve read some of the hashing toward the end of this thread. In no way am I clinically trained. That said: my minor disagreement that I’d personally and respectfully have on your comments above are: I believe the professional athletes in the upper echelon (in this instance, those on the Ryder Cup teams) all somewhat possess the “killer instinct”. All 24 of these guys want to win badly, and I would almost argue that the Americans do so more than some of the Euros on the team. Tiger is an excellent example. He didn’t just want to win, he wanted to destroy. His Ryder Cup record is 13-17-3. He is 4-2-2 in singles. From the outside looking in (and an unqualified opinion), it just seems like the Euros are able to take that mentality and combine it into the team, whereas the Americans are not. I could be completely wrong, but it’s just my two cents.
  22. Got a few items up for sale because I’m a ho. No trades. Prices are set to move quickly and will ship out via FedEx to lower 48 within 24 hours of payment. Ping G425 LST 9* - $OLD! - Ping Tour 65 Stiff (standard length) - Used 5 times - Comes with Headcover but no tool Ping i210 4-PW - $700 - Oban CT 100 Stiff (SST Pured) - Shows black dot, but bent 1 deg upright by club champion (I haven’t checked them in a couple months so not sure if these irons will move over time) - Used but not abused. About 20 rounds and 10 range sessions - Standard length (37.5” 6i) - 6i has a ding on sole (pictured), rest of the clubs show normal use Glide 3.0 Wedge Set - $OLD - Off the rack with stock ZZ-115 (standard specs) - Used 2 rounds (very light use showing) - 52*-12 - 56*-12 - 60*-10
  23. For me, it's those rounds you have sporadically where you feel in (somewhat) complete control of your game. You feel comfortable over the ball, you know you're going to find the center of the face, you know your going to chip it close, etc. We all have our own version of "complete control". For some folks, it's shooting 90, 80, 70. For me specifically, it's just how solidly I'm striking the ball. I'm the type of player where if I'm swinging it well, I'll shoot even or maybe a couple under. If I'm striking it average, I'm mid-high 70s/low 80s. I would guess that I have these types of rounds at most four times a season, but dear god they're awesome.
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