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  1. Whoops, my finger slipped and I accidentally shared this IMG_3019.MOV
  2. It also looks like there is some light milling done across the carbon face
  3. Just got sent a few more photos of the stealth, it looks good, like really good. Still has the same line on the leading edge but gloss black instead of white/silver and the gloss goes around the crown with a matte black carbon crown inserted in the middle
  4. If I had to guess, it’s probably infused with a small amount of carbon. Why? Because Taylormade.
  5. Wow. What a circus. Let’s all just try and stick to the thread subject.
  6. Oh my sweet pineapples…. I’ve been waiting for a fang style Lab putter and it’s finally coming to fruition!
  7. Bryan said this is NOT a new driver. It is a current Tour Only model
  8. Wow! What a gorgeous lineup! These look absolutely perfect, that Atlanta is calling me by my full name!
  9. Ugh Dam*it Mizuno These look WAY better than I expected Just got a set of ZX5/7’s…
  10. Really hoping they bring back the C line! Would love to see an upgraded C300 forged iron with no or internal power holes! The D7 forged were phenomenal but IMO just a little too clunky
  11. The Sim 2 is the first TM driver I’ve bagged since the OG ‘16 M2, it’s almost perfect. Just bring back the MWT and give us a decent stock shaft offering and I’m all in!
  12. Selling my Ping G410 Plus Driver Crown Condition 10/10 Face condition 9.0/10 Minimal wear on sole Specs are as follows: 9 Degree Head Right Handed Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 60 Gram Stiff Flex Shaft Standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip Standard LLL Rest assured, driver will ship FAST in very safe and secure packing via UPS. *FREE SHIPPING TO CONUS* SOLD PayPal Only Please
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