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  1. Unfortunately I do not. This was sent to me by one of my followers via IG
  2. Selling a full set of Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges Wedges have about 10 rounds in them and are still is great condition. Specs: 50 Degree, 12 Bounce, F Grind 54 Degree, 12 Bounce, D Grind 58 Degree, 14 Bounce, K Grind Minor bag chatter Regripped with Black and Red GolfPride MCC +4 Grips All wedges have been bent 1 Degree flat *FREE SHIPPING TO CONUS* Rest assured, clubs will ship FAST in very safe and secure packaging via UPS $SOLD!
  3. Selling a lightly used Garmin Approach G80 9/10 Condition Comes fully charged with original packaging and original accessories. This is by far the best personal launch monitor I’ve ever owned, extremely accurate with all clubs, including driver. Ball speeds and carry yardages are very close if not exact to TrackMan. GPS yardages on the course are on point as expected by Garmin. Never dropped, always in its case and has never been exposed to harsh conditions. *FREE SHIPPING TO CONUS* Rest assured, this will ship in very safe a
  4. Exactly, TM isn’t targeting a golf forum’s audience with their releases, if they were I’m sure those releases would be different (12 hot melt ports, 76 real deal no upcharge shafts, weight kits, no visible tech, minimal marketing etc). Not saying they don’t want to see our feedback, If anything they probably enjoy the entertainment knowing their products will still sell just as much if not more year after year. Sorry guys but if anything, we’re just a fly in the house that won’t leave.
  5. Agreed. It’s unfortunate seeing that so many manufacturers are making stellar woods nowadays, but yes I see far too many high handicap casual golfers with Sim’s and Mavrik’s in the bag, a pretty high percentage of casual golfers don’t see the benefit of a custom fitting, they’ll just walk into a store and buy a TM or Cally off the shelf and hope it’s the magic cure to their slice. If I could just put a G425 or a RAD in their hands, I know their perception would change.
  6. The LTD pro was and still is Cobra’s best driver they’ve ever brought out, IMO.
  7. Cobra driver looks to be sneaky good this year, one of its biggest flaws last year was spin reduction, they look to have addressed it with the weights in the front this time around. Mizuno’s new driver is called the ST-Z and ST-X, pictures of it are up on my IG @allgolfequipment The new Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max look great, new jailbreak is a rectangular bracket to keep the flex to a bare minimum, as far as performance I don’t see there being a massive improvement but who knows
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