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  1. Would love to hear the details on the new Staff CB’s! Please tell me it’s not hollow
  2. New Mizuno drivers have hit the conforming list.
  3. Yes true! It would make sense if that’s what Callaway wants you to do seeing that all OEM’s are hopping on that train (which is only a good thing imo) but I just feel like if they wanted their customers to combo them, don’t release them months apart. The XForged and Apex MB are coming out in a few weeks but the Apex line won’t be released for a few months? Doesn’t make sense to me. Especially seeing that they both look nearly identical. Personally, I don’t really mind the looks of the XForged, it’s the offset that really puts me off, but I can confidently say if I bought a set of XFo
  4. But I mean....come on. This is what they bring to the table to compete with the P series? I’m sorry but Callaway is really confusing me lately. It just doesn’t make sense to make 2 irons that look nearly identical. It’s quite obvious that they’re going to market the hell out of those adjustable plates but there’s no creativity here, the Apex 19’s were outstanding both aesthetically and performance wise. To go from those to this....just seems like another step back for them. I’m not saying they won’t perform, I’m sure they will but relax with the tungsten plates.
  5. Just my 2 cents: I think it will be hard to make the SIM any better than it already is. If I had to guess, TM will keep production of the SIM line until 2022 and this upcoming release will be a new line to sit next to the SIM line. Callaway has been doing it for years and I wouldn’t be surprised if TM follows suit. A few months ago, I was hearing "speedline" was going to be a thing again, so who knows. Adams Golf has been very active on IG lately... But I have no idea so take it with a grain of salt One thing I have been informed of: Taylormade is br
  6. Well just tried a half set of both the 921 Forged and Tour and here I am, eating my own words. I was thoroughly impressed with both of them, so much that I put them at the top of my list to replace my P760’s. I also tried out a half set of P770’s and they just didn’t do it for me, they felt hard off the face, turf interaction was not as smooth as my P760’s and the combination of the longer blade length and offset in the longer irons just didn’t suit my eye. But back to the 921’s, the forged felt surprisingly good for forged chromoly, much better than I was expecting. The Tour felt exactly h
  7. I’ve always found the Vizard shafts to feel phenomenal but play a little bit soft to flex. They’re very well made and I believe the spine position throughout the entire shaft is around 6 o’clock so it plays less toe down. I had a TW-X 3 iron in my bag for quite some time and I loved it.
  8. $$$$$$$$ They play what pays! Love my CBX 119 3 Wood and Hybrid. I’m usually not one to chase distance as I don’t really need it but I just love everything about their CBX line, ball speeds are absolutely outrageous and the hybrid is by far the most anti left wood I’ve ever had in the bag. If they paid as much as the big 3 I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be in most tour players bags
  9. As I’m sure most of us are aware, the Tour MIM irons were unveiled back in Jan 2020 but rumored to be delayed due to COVID, I wonder if this is the new upcoming players CB?
  10. From what I know, this new Apex line is heavily focused on adjustability and customization so I would assume yes but honestly I don’t know for sure
  11. Not sure if this has been posted yet but the TSi4 has been released on the conforming list
  12. God I loved those irons, just that damn finish didn’t hold up for even a week. If Ping can truly make the hydro finish more durable in the new i series, I’ll be all over them
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