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  1. Well I’m an idiot and posted this in the wrong thread last night but here ya go: Im happy to see them bring out a 46 degree this year!
  2. I already know that I’m going to regret this. These irons have been my pride and joy but I think it’s time for a change, I have absolutely no reason to do it, just want something new. Selling a full set of Taylormade P760 Irons Irons have seen 1 full season on the course, some bag chatter as expected but still in excellent condition. They have always been well taken care of and cleaned after every round. Specs are as follows: 4-PW Right Handed Standard Loft Standard Lie Standard Length Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grips in 9/10 condition
  3. I should have taken pics comparing to other irons, I will try to next week. Compared to P790, the T200 had a thinner topline, offset was similar, blade length was slightly shorter in T200 but the blade height was noticeably taller. Sole was a little wider in T200 I will take better pics next week comparing it to P790, P770, JPX Forged, Current T200, ZX5 and ZX7 and any other suggestions. I’ll be hitting the T100/T100S next week so I’ll take comparison pics with those too.
  4. Hit the T200 today, as far as performance goes, I would put it in the P790 realm. My fitter threw in a modus 105 (experimenting with lighter weighted shafts) and as far as performance goes, it’s right up there with the rest of them. Launch was very high but that is most likely due to the shaft, feel was just okay… still felt hollow to me… but overall I think this is a major step up from the last T200. Distance was good, standard deviation was within 5 yards. I’m really excited to hit the T100S
  5. Look closely at the grooves. Looks like they have short little grooves inside the grooves. It’s like a groove inception
  6. Looking to buy a combo set of Srixon ZX5/ZX7’s Preferably with Modus 120’s Trying my luck!
  7. I think they were just looking for enough of a cosmetic change to justify bringing out another generation of it. I can think of a few other ways they could have done it but not many if they’re looking to keep it somewhat clean
  8. Same. Never liked the 770’s, too chunky and didn’t like the turf interaction. To be honest I can’t find anything to replace my 760’s, I feel like I’m the only person on earth who thinks the 760’s are one of the best irons ever brought out by any manufacturer. Going to keep testing because I like to recklessly spend money on new shiny things, ZX7’s are the front runners so far.
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