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  1. I came to say a belated congrats Ally McDonald. I have no clue what happened the entire event as I just got back from a hunting trip, but good for her she a very solid player and she seized her opportunity .
  2. You could be very right and it doesn't happen, but the devil is always in the details and just cause ESPN has streaming rights doesn't mean the PGA can't have access to show on a channel. Like I said I highly doubt the PGA wants to touch the weekend coverage cause that's to lucrative. The NBA and NFL have Networks while selling most of/all TV right to the Networks. Then it comes down to my belief that the Golf Channel is done, regardless of what the article says about GC. By the sounds of it, ESPN is picking up the early round slack and sorry with out PGA content the GC cannot survive, LPG
  3. How???? lol They'd be better off embracing the gambling aspect of the sport, you'll get way more action, like being part of the Fanduel weekly fantasy golf betting.
  4. Yes, Peacock is NBC's streaming app and I'm just assuming PGA Live is a PGA property cause I imagine some lawyers would be getting richer is someone not affiliated used PGA lol
  5. @18majors I don't think the issue will be NBC giving up on golf, while TV is slowly dying it is still far from dead and there is still much value for Networks to carry their weekend coverage. I think step 1 in the PGA plans is to take back rounds 1 & 2 and early coverage. PGA live seems to be working well for them and suspect we will see a PGA Network similar to the NFL Network or NBA Network and see them trying to bring the LPGA along with them (Korn Ferry they already own). I think we will see Morning Drive type shows on such a Network. I suspect the issue for GC would be
  6. Yikes!!! when you see something that you didn't think was that big of a deal but out of curiosity you look into it and turns out it is. I had noticed Morning Drive hasn't on the Golf Channel since before the KPMG and didn't think much of it, with strange times and all. It turns out at the end of the year, the Golf Channel website is gonna disappear and be folded into a single tab on the NBC sports website. All of the Golf Channel original content is gonna disappear with the changes. There is a thread on the PGA side of WRX describing much of what's going on better than this post. There
  7. No lesson's at all, Tennis benefits from the Majors and big event being co-sanctioned and played together. Tennis tournaments can make the women's prize pool bigger but it comes off the fact the men are a part of the event and generate much/most of the revenue. Pre-covid watch a stand alone women's event and look in the stands and then compare it to a stand alone men's event and look in the stands, it's quite a noticeable difference, also a difference when you compare ratings of stand alone events. In Tennis the men's game can help the women's cause many events are played together but if yo
  8. I think Saturday she did pull something and it actually did kill the end of her round. Sunday when I seen shots from her she looked more lost and bewildered than anything. I think she too like Minjee got a little tired, but took off Portland after the ANA and came back strong with 2 very solid rounds.
  9. Next event will be a great chance for the rookies, only 3 of the top 10 are there and all 3 Lexi, Danielle and Minjee aren't playing particularly well. Although Minjee after a break will be interesting. It will be a great week for aspiring 1st time winners to show up.
  10. Yeah, I was very impressed with Matilda. Three very solid rounds and just one bad round. She was extremely close to having a special week, still 23rd is very good.
  11. Bianca, definitely should be proud of the 9th in her first Major. I would expect to see her in contention in many majors. Length plays in all the Majors and puts long hitters at a great advantage, less so across the pond at the AIG. It's great result for her confidence and just keep building on it moving forward.
  12. Fun fact about Inbee, she was the only player in the event to not have an over par round this week. I'm not sure it mattered, Inbee was also at -5 after the 1st hole, maybe if Sei Young had to play with someone chasing her down in her group but Sei Young just looked like she was on from the back 9 on Friday so I doubt it would have mattered. Anna I think was always gonna have trouble catching SYK if she shot an under par round. I think Anna could have kept up on a really tough course, sure there were big scores here, but if you were hitting good shots, you could score here. Probably due to
  13. When they brought in Bones we all knew Jerry was heading back to the minors lol
  14. Disappointing sure, she'd be the first to admit that, I think. I didn't see anything that should cause me major concern even if the result today was bad. It was her irons and wedges that let her down today and it happens from time to time. If you look at her rank of greens in regulation since she been on tour, I wouldn't consider that a problem issue even if it let her down today. She made 3 big mistakes and got tagged with a bogey on all of them (tee shot in bunker on par 3, hit a hozzle rocket on 6 and hit a fairway bunker and had to lay up with wedge). Brooke I guess does have putting
  15. A bad day, the top 10 of all majors on Sunday in history male/female are littered with them. Hit 12 greens around this course and +2 is what you get and putter didn't provide any support today either lol
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