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  1. Yeah, I'm with your outlier, I think Kupcho make a good run at it this week.
  2. Actually Brooke is still a pretty good pick or any good wind player IMO. It gets very gusty here and Brooke pretty solid in the wind with 2 wins here and in New Zealand if you remember that event. Anyone who lives or born in Texas might a good pick as well. But usually a very strong ball striker will be the winner of an event like this.
  3. Ah my poor Brooke, she dominates this event and it's the perfect place to get her mojo back. But sadly this year it's on a different course, so I look forward to another great putting stat line this week lol
  4. I didn't have anything really insightful to say at the time of this post, but here's some troubling insight on a couple of level. Recent Developments Could Add To COVID-19 Obstacles Faced By CP Women’s Open, Shaw Charity Classic – Golf News Now I'm thinking CP and Golf Canada should cancel things right now and it has nothing to do with Pandemic fears. Not sure you can do a formal poll but with 4 weeks in Europe and the CP the week following the British Open and the Solheim Cup the week after the CP, I highly doubt you will be getting a quality field this event deserves. I'm
  5. Take it easy, you're not the contestant who decided to take Sung Hyun Park cause she was bound to have a bounce back season
  6. It could be done, you'd lose the 12-4 window and probably only have a 6-10 night window. No way GC gives up showing the individual matches till the weekend, once it hits the Network the LPGA usually gets the run GC. The fact they waited till 4pm to start coverage this week shocks me a little but probably more on the PGA side, they seem to play big brother pretty well.
  7. Like Whan mentioned, thing about not moving the event has to do with the TV coverage they are able to get on this particular week, we could move the date and watch the ANA on Tape Delay I guess lol
  8. Yeah, first round is on the 14th and if you count the 12th as the opening day of the event they'd only be off a week. Although truth be told if I was playing I think I'd be in Hawaii right now lol
  9. I think Brooke will happy for her, I have no clue what Brittany thoughts are, but when it does happen I don't think Brooke will have a tough time getting a quality looper and maybe even one who can read putts
  10. I say try being an aggressive putter rather than a passive one, make it match the personality of her game. It doesn't seem the frequency of these 3-putts are going anywhere, so than let's 3-putt from going 5 feet past the hole rather than 3-putting from coming up 5 feet short lol
  11. Yeah, Brooke's putting is become a real big problem, it's bleeding into other aspects of her game. Her par 5 scoring is down where she's in the 20's (spot) right now but usually every season is top 5, She had 8 bogeys last week and 4 of them were 3-putts lol And one of the bogeys from a club other than putter was on the last hole, missed green in reg and 2-putt bogey tells me "the cheese fell off Brooke's cracker" at that point and she went for something she shouldn't have. At -7 at the time, the Eagle was for 10th, so let'er fly I guess lol. The accumulation of all the various given up s
  12. Patty was dominant from start to finish, great win for her. Great stuff from Lydia, she had it going today.
  13. It's early going on the final day but not good news for the field with the way Patty is playing and today's setup doesn't seem to be one that will cause many crooked scores, through 9 holes even the worst scores aren't really out of whack, so I don't see Patty fading. With the lead Patty has built I don't see anyone chasing her down either. I guess the winds could factor in later in the day but today's set up seems friendly early on.
  14. I can see their advertising now. "try our new Tequila flavored water, just don't drive after a glass of it" lol
  15. Patty is looking very strong and played well enough today to make tomorrow pretty stress free. Any doubt I had it wasn't Patty's week disappeared after 3rd on 18. Nice to see Mirim play well in defense of her title and Charlie has to be kicking herself she could have been low if not for some terrible mistakes. Lexi makes a 9 on the 18th yikes. Thing about this course is it's pretty straight forward but can bite you bad with a bad shot.
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