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  1. The LPGA or Golf Channel or both, don't seem to like Canada and after a couple years of dealing with Covid can't say I'm a fan of Canada right now either lol So the last 2 hours are on a stream that we can't get in Canada and the Golf Channel is playing reruns of Feherty until 2 PM, when golf central comes back on lol. Now not only am I done with this Mickey Mouse tour but I will also be keeping my 5.99 that went golf channel, it's honestly quite easy to pirate PGA coverage. I now say cancel the CP and spend the purse on junior girl's across the country or Join the JLPGA lol.
  2. Belated Congrats to Nelly on the Gold that some solid play and great comeback after the double to get back on track and not continue the slide. Also big props to Lydia and INAMI Mone on a strong final day charge to make it interesting.
  3. I give credit to this international crew, they way I think it works is they are on start to finish with no breaks and here in Canada our provider TSN will just cut out and air a commercial. I don't if it's on a timer but round 1 they go to commercial every time Brooke was to take a shot, it was uncanny lol. Then just now Brooke make an eagle and they cut to commercial and we got to see her picking the ball up out of the hole ......... clowns lol. I don't expect her to be covered but if they do show her I would think the Canadian network could show her lol
  4. Inbee at 44th in strokes gained putting after 3 rounds is sorta shocking
  5. If you really wanna cut out slow play then slash the size of the fields and have them go off in groups of 2 starting at the 1st tee, otherwise everyone is just talking about slow play to hear their own voices. As long as a group has tee'd off when the group ahead of them is hitting the green, I'm personally good. And IMO the Men's game is much slower than the women's.
  6. I think there's an inverse to slow play here, just like players hate slow play, I think players on tour tell the Korda's to go "bleep" themselves. Like if you wanna play speed golf that's on you, so wait lol. I'm sure lots of players while not being slow in terms of falling behind say "I have between 3-4 minutes to hit all my shots on each hole and I'm gonna use all that time and if the Korda's don't like it, they can do what everyone else does and go on the internet and complain about it" lol
  7. Well whether it is a Typhoon or a Tropical storm, something tell me there's gonna be wind today. Nothing changes LPGA leaderboards more than a strong wind. My perception of Nelly she not great in the wind but not terrible either, so if it's windy it does have the potential to catch her, so that can change things. If wind becomes a factor, I'd watch out for Hannah and Lydia and maybe Mone Inami (although haven't watched her enough to know how she plays in the wind). Aditi I think is the loser if it's windy, she hit too soft a ball and won't have the penetration and she'll probably get eaten up IMO. All that said if the wind isn't that bad I think Nelly cruises, she had her off round yesterday but unfortunately ( or fortunately for Nelly) so did everybody who was closest to her and they just got replaced by other people from rnd 2 to rnd 3.
  8. Round 4 starts an hour early tomorrow
  9. What did you just do Nelly, I lost my feed
  10. I'll say this, Mone Inami can make a 4th round happen, even if they have to play in a Typhoon lol
  11. I hate humidity when I'm golfing, although it does loosen up my shoulder, the 2nd thing I hate most when golfing, well the next 2 days after anyways lol
  12. I think it's more ebbs and flows, it's not like she's playing any worse than Sei Young Kim this season. But I never say never as Yani Tseng exists lol Like I said she's been trapped in the US for a year and only has seen her parents for 2 weeks. When not usually quarantined on the road she's alone in Florida, so I say take a break and recharge, she been playing like a nutjob since she got on tour anyway, maybe time to step back for a few months lol
  13. Why does my Microsoft Defender say Golf wrx forums are unsafe content in big red letters in the web address, what have you guys been doing since I've been gone lol
  14. Why? a whole bunch of other players have done it, Koreans players and Hannah Green just did it. Who cares about the rest of the events this season and honestly they will probably be a covid restriction nightmares. I say chillout cause her game is in the wilderness, so take a step back clear your head and come back when she's in a better space. She doesn't owe the LPGA anything, especially seeing she was the only lucky one to be refused the chance to qualify for the Symetra tour at 17 but any player with much less of an amateur resume gets to as long as they aren't from Canada lol
  15. It's only one thing IMO the putter, sure she'll have a bad day with the driver or the irons but the putter exasperates it. She would always have those rounds where driver or irons were off but depending on the course she would get out of it at EVEN to about -2 now it's results in +2 or worse and it's hard to make up for a round like that up. The driver been a bit off but I'm thinking like she has mentioned she's working with a new driver before the hammer drops on the 48" driver, so perhaps right now she's caught in the middle sorta trying to adjust. My advice to Brooke, after today pull the pin on her season, spend the 2K for the pleasure of staying the quarantine hotel and then spend a couple months with her parents, she probably only seen them 2 weeks since the British last year. Being isolated from friends and family is probably starting to take it's toll. I think the putting thing is more mental and becomes a self for filling prophesy in a negative way because of the loss of confidence. So get right and feel better mentally and come back nest season or for the tour Finale if she feels like it.
  16. Yes, I'm still kicking lol. Although I don't have much to add to the convo anymore. Round 1 of the Olympics is the 1st round of LPGA golf I've watched since the Meijer and once Brooke started putting like an NCAA Freshmen (something she didn't even do at 17), I skipped the 2nd round. When the LPGA made half the TV content unavailable to Canada for the KPMG, it pushed past the point of no return. Canada + watching LPGA = frustration and anger is not the business model you really want but it does seem to be the default position for Millennials, so maybe it is. lol When you lose the interest of the converted whose watched LPGA for decades you're probably not something right.
  17. lol I just happen to be lurking after a couple months of not checking in here, good timing I guess. Enjoy these stats for the one time they will be available for women Golf - Women's Individual Stroke Play Player Statistics | Tokyo 2020 (olympics.com)
  18. I think Canadian's can handle it lol, my take calling the her the Entitled Canadian Princess is based on bigotry, cause she has blonde hair and blue eyes, but to each their own, I'm not the PC Police. In terms of golf anything Brooke has gotten she has earned IMO.
  19. Also, something not really considered with only 2 measuring holes per round as a player you can literally for whatever have a really good or bad year hitting fairways on the measuring holes lol Sure it should even out but I don't think it's like flipping a coin, Take Brooke, I think she was 15 for 26 in fairways this week but hit all 4 measuring holes to end at 299 but in the 2nd round at the US Open she average 238 missing both. But your are right conditions do seem firmer everywhere, don't recall the last time we saw an event where the balls stop dead on the fairways (maybe Thailand?) and perhaps the extra distance with players is carry distance and rollout and not a bunch of events with soggy fairways that basically measure the carry distance.
  20. Nelly just looks like she's getting stronger with every round, she looks tough to beat. But, if you're off just a bit and making pars instead of birdies, you can get run over, so tomorrow should be a fun watch.
  21. Well that's understandable but maybe carrying a camera round at ground level in bad weather is a lot tougher than I think it is lol
  22. Wait, so lightening in the area and you gotta pull the camera folks off the course but the players "Oh, it's fine"
  23. Kinda nightmare scenario for Mel Reid, she pulled out due to illness and Charley Hull and Georgia Hall are having great weeks, this could really tighten things for the Olympics spots there.
  24. Tennis is different from most other sports in that they get to piggy back off the men's events during Majors and Masters 1000 events. The sponsors pay for the men's coverage and that money flows to the women's game. It would be akin to the LPGA and PGA playing the same week playing the same course and having the same network coverage for both leagues. It is the exact reason the US Women's Open has the biggest purse in women's golf by a long shot.
  25. I'm generally fairly positive about her game, the blow up rounds like the 75 happen to even the best players some weeks, its the trends that worry me, she's been having issues with too many three putts since covid began. They are a killer and mostly since she's had the problem its cost a few finishing places, this week it cost her the cut. This week is a weird week in that the scoring is ridiculously low and a bad round is tougher than normal to overcome. Shooting a 66 on an easy course for the pro's is probably only easy if you don't need to shot 66-65 lol
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