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  1. We didn't play tournaments but had a similar experience this weekend. My junior has struggled with distance off the tee for a long time. Over the last week or so, a breakthrough of staying on plane has finally occurred and his shortest drive yesterday was 170 yards. Prior to that, 170 was a bomb for him. However, yesterday, he couldn't putt to save his life (and we've been practicing!!) and he ended up shooting 6 shots worse from 2,700 yards than when he was driving it 30-40 yards less. Since he has done well before in those areas, it just seems like "mental approach to the game stuff" as t
  2. Yes, you can take a driver shaft and butt cut it to length. We just had 7 inches cut off a 46" shaft in senior flex to end up with a "adapter tip to grip" of 39". Adding the clubhead to the shaft makes it play about 40.25" finished club length. Prior to that, we had another OEM shaft in L-Flex butt cut down 9". IMHO, much more than that and you should stick with (ugh) Flynn shafts for which I am not much of a fan.
  3. Winn Tour Pistol Excel because it says "Tour"....or possibly because it may have been on sale.
  4. Got an old golf impact bag laying around the garage? Looking for one for a 10YO junior golfer.
  5. Yes, measure with golf shoes on. I'm sure it adds 1/2" to 3/4" at most). You can go from using a dremel tool to an angle grinder when cutting things like a graphite shaft. I'm no expert. You can ask questions over in the WRX Tech forum to get an idea for some of the tools of the trade. It can get expensive or be done cheaper. https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/18-wrx-club-techs/
  6. We haven't done it, but yes, some juniors get adult clubs cut down that much. My kid certainly does on the drivers and fairway woods. Have not done it on irons as we are still USKG TS3-57's. There are some WRX dads here on the Jr Golf Forum that have had their kids playing adult heads with graphite ladies flex (or senior flex) since they were 51" tall (with respect to the USKG sizing being used as a guideline). There is some debate as to whether introducing heavier irons too early could help or hinder long term swing development. Your 13 year old weighs 80 lbs. and is 58”, he’s
  7. For those with a BagBoy cart like us (Quad XL), we bought my 10YO a new BagBoy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag. Has a 14-way divider. It also has the "TOP-LOK® Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system" that is really awesome. Cart is now super stable vs my old rigged up system for putting a USKG TS-60 bag in there. Note: We are using this bag with TS3-57 irons with no issue.
  8. Moved my 10YO from the GB39 in L-Flex to Aerotech Claymore MX48 in F2 flex. When uncut, this shaft is about 5-6g heavier. Tip is slightly stiffer and tip length an inch longer (3" vs 2"). Mevo+ shows lower spin depending on the strike (2500-3200 vs getting spin in 3500-5000 area). Clubhead speed up to 71-73 range. Carry up 155-160. Total up above 180 (flat ground). Smash factor's now often 1.47/1.48. Keep in mind, we were able to fix a swing fault of his to keep him more on plane and connected with the driver. Also, some work on an impact bag with his driver helped. Shafts aren
  9. Use something like the Ping adult fitting guide. Based upon his height (note: with golf shoes on) he is -1" off standard length. Then you just need his wrist-to-floor to get the lie angle. What's his driver swing speed? Above 80mph? He is likely regular flex shaft at his height, age and playing for 4 years already. If you think steel shaft are too heavy, go with graphite. You should be able to find some used sets on eBay and being a kid probably in R-Flex already you will have tons of available options. Driver: Find any OEM driver he likes (Cobra, Ping, etc...).
  10. Is a PGA Tour pro fined for shooting 90 (or above)?
  11. At the Masters, the topographical maps that plot putting surfaces down to the tenth of a degree of slope are not allowed. The PGA Tour should take this approach for all tournaments for 1 year (or at least for a subset of tournaments) and see what happens.
  12. Did he get to 80's by playing tournaments or by playing/practicing more at his home course?
  13. Injury, illness or family emergency would be obvious cases. Ability to compete would be another. If you kid is out there shooting 120+ for 18 holes, are you really helping them? Plus, seems kind of a disservice to your competitors. You can go shoot 120+ on your own and save tourney fees to boot.
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