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  1. Caddies are next!! If my junior can't have a caddie at his events, neither can the pros. Just give them those remote control powered carts. You can have volunteers rake the bunkers.
  2. Because golf doesn't generate revenue like football or basketball does for the university.
  3. You can get some feel for the tournaments by looking at the # of competitors and results. https://mnpgajr.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/mnpgajr21/schedule/preptour/index.htm?display=champ You may want to reach out to the staff and ask your questions directly. https://www.minnesotajuniorgolf.com/about/player-pathway/
  4. Looks like you started focusing on "outcome goals" instead of staying in the zone and "process goals" for each shot.
  5. Minnesota has a PGA Junior Tour. https://www.minnesotajuniorgolf.com/sota-series/junior-tour/ Looks like they have a "minny/prep/junior/player" tours for the different levels (and usually ages but there are exceptions). " Juniors will be eligible to play in Tours based on their age as of September 1 in the year of play. Minny Tour: Designed for 7-12-year-olds who have little or no experience in competitive golf. Events are held on all Par-3 courses. They will play in age divisions of 7-9 & 10-12. We do allow caddies for Minny Tour events. Prep Tou
  6. A Tiger (Woods) in the wild will sometimes play with their food (Yang) and sometimes the food (Yang) gets away. It happens.
  7. Disagree. Mevo+ launch monitor has helped my 10YO with his 40-80 yard wedge game, helped him understand his low-mid-long carry distances for each club, and helped diagnose a driver shaft that was an incorrect fit. Best $2K I have ever spent.
  8. Probably would have proceeded to play 2 balls (re-tee and take a drop). Let the tournament director sort it from there. Poor job is setting up the course but probably expected in a USKidsGolf local event. Here is aerial shot of the hole I believe (from https://course.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/course/course/cimarrongresortlongc/holemap.htm?next=overview.htm#
  9. A tournament has to walk before it can run. This is just common sense. The US Masters was the first major golf tournament to host a 72-hole, 4-day game. It was the first to pair golfers, the first to be covered nationwide (by radio of course), and the first to use the par system we see in all golf tournaments today. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  10. Admins: Please delete this thread. OP "jrgolfer2021" is obviously trolling here.
  11. We lost club head speed when he outgrew the driver shaft. In particular, the shaft was a bit too soft in the tip. Moving to a shaft that was slightly more tip stiff (went to senior flex as well) got us back on track. I got lucky and found a shaft that is working well on the first trial. I could possibly spend $100's more and trial out some more shafts to eek out some more distance, but he is 10YO and none of the shaft companies have offered to sponsor us.
  12. Puberty earlier than normal is possible. A quick Google says can occur as early as 8(!). However, it is cautioned that early puberty can be sign a other health problems.
  13. 97MPH Swing speed for a 10YO?! Wowza!! Is he a big kid? I'm trying to figure out how when my junior is going to make his next jump. Finally got him into a better shaft that appears to fit him (Aerotech Claymore MX48 F2 Flex), but his SS is in the 70-72 range on average with occasional bursts to 74-75 (and bad ones down in 68-69 range). We have Speed Sticks, but those seem to screw up his swing whenever we use them. Don't know why, but he just gets all out of whack with them. In the meantime, we keep playing other sports (primarily baseball and tennis). He pitched a 5-inning, 1
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