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  1. So some time in the spring, my 9YO boy is going to need a new set of irons. Currently, playing USKG TS3-54's. I saw that Wilson released some nice looking Wilson Staff CB's which are basically the next version of the V4/V6 line (guess they didn't want to call them V8's). Lofts are traditional. Essentially, my kid will be on the edge next year of going with either TS3-57's (perhaps junior steel shaft) or something in the OEM space with either graphite (ex: UST Recoil) or steel (KBS Junior 560/580) shafts. Any juniors play the V4/V6's? Did you like them? Other thought
  2. @Kcct82 - We have been working on the same things. Really been struggling with mechanics/efficiency for months although it is getting better over the last couple weeks. Essentially, finally got something to "click" in his brain and we are seeing better full releases (especially with driver). Some kids we saw at tournaments this summer just seem to have such a natural speed to their swings. They can be very erratic in their accuracy, but they were hitting it waaaaay past us. My kid is 9YO, 4'7" and 78lbs so I would say middle of the pack in height/weight. We want the distance bu
  3. Yes, but the device can not measure slope or wind speed. Only yardage. If I remember correctly, even rangefinders that can turn off slope or wind speed features are still illegal.
  4. No, the PGA Tour needs to get rid of green reading books at all events. Having topography maps of the greens and their breaks mapped out down to the smallest detail is not a test of golf. I think they should outright ban all of the yardage books. I'd be OK with players having a non-slope rangefinder as their only "yardage tool" just to keep pace of play up.
  5. Nice data. I think they missed out on "angle to the pin" as that may also have some effect. My kid had many approach shots into the green last week where he had to come over bunkers because he hit his drive well....but pulled it left. 10 yards shorter but in the fairway would have been 52* wedge instead of 56*wedge and playing "uphill landing spot" to the flagstick vs "sidehill landing spot" to the flagstick. Still, overall the data they present is pretty telling.
  6. Bryson has the added factor that he needs to keep it on the planet. The long drive guys swing like mad but only need to get 1 inbounds. PGA Tour requires 14 drives inbounds per round. One is swinging more freely than the other. We can agree to disagree. Revisit in 12-18 months.
  7. One way to control distance is to just wait it out. Anyone swinging out of their shoes like Bryson for extended periods of time is going to destroy their back. Another 12-18 months of swinging like he is swinging may end Bryson's career.
  8. I would add that rating and slope can be helpful information also. For example, the tips for our home course come out to ~6,900 yards but the rating/slope is 74.5/147. So not a long course, but quite punishing if you are not in the fairway.
  9. Anyone have juniors using a golf impact bag? If so, did you find them useful?
  10. Home school everyday from 7am-12noon. Hire a swing coach and see them 3x week. Hire a short game/putting coach and see them 2x week. Play every day. Probably need a golf club membership somewhere also. Otherwise, if you look are looking for an "IMG sports school" in the Bay Area, I don't think one exists here (but I don't really know). Academics are important because the odds of making it on Tour are very, very, very low.
  11. Nice TED talk on it. https://davidepstein.com/reviews/daniel-h-pink-bestselling-author-of-when-and-drive-4/
  12. They get the greens stimping at 18 or 19 with tucked pins and those hole locations only on slopes.
  13. Don’t buy brand new release equipment. Example: Cobra released the SZ driver. I picked up a brand new F9 driver for $250. They are essentially the same driver with performance characteristics nearly indistinguishable. also, for iron sets, try looking at Direct To Consumer brands like BenHoganGolf. Great irons at grea price!! Even greater price used on eBay.
  14. What's the #1 predictor for late male teens and men?
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