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  1. This has been covered in many threads here. The prevailing line of thought is (in no particular order) US Kids Golf, Flynn or Ping Prodi-G. All the other stuff is junk/toys. Getting some blades and drilling them out, etc, etc, etc, is a waste of time, money and a disservice to the kid.
  2. So will this information create the demand for a new Shot Put Tour Live channel?
  3. From the coaches view, it's a paid for vacation (to some degree).
  4. Picked up an old Hogan Edge CFT 5H (27*) with Apex Edge graphite shaft in senior flex (2) for $10 at the local Play it Again. Cut that down to 36" finished club length and slapped a Lamkin junior grip on it. Worked great right away. Thanks all for the inputs.
  5. It's so quiet in this thread you could hear a pin drop.
  6. We just started to transition to playing without caddie as a 10YO this year/season. The learning process for him has been tough and scores through the roof. Generally, he knows how to read greens so that transition has been fine. However, course management and learning to play different shots into and around the green have been a struggle. The other struggle is keeping their competitive emotions in check as there is no one there to help them "forget the last shot" and focus on the next. We probably should have started this process at age 9, but every kid is different. Overall,
  7. As always in these forums, it may help to put age qualifiers into the question. 1. My junior is 10YO. He has gotten new wedges when we moved from set to set (USKG TS-51 to TS-54 to TS-57). Note: Others with means beyond my means may get new wedges for their kids on a more frequent basis. I would estimate that we play between 10-15 tournaments per year and probably play golf (or practice) 150-200 times per year. Probably don't hit the wedge every time we practice as it depends what we are working on (perhaps a driver session that day). 2. For older competitive juniors
  8. Thanks, never seen that before. We measure out at 5 and 7/8" so may be time to move on from junior grips.
  9. At what point do you know when it is time to move from junior grips (Example: USKG stock grips or Lamkin Crossline Black Junior) which I believe are typically 0.50 round to the next size up such as the ladies Lamkin Crossline Black undersize at 0.58 round? Any indicators in shot patterns/dispersion assuming a "normal" looking stock swing?
  10. Yep, that was the number off the tee I had in mind as well to compete for par at 6000-6200. In our case, we are in the 190-200 off the tee these days. Played Poppy Ridge yesterday and shot +2 from 5200 yards. It was certainly a much more enjoyable experience for him and helps with confidence, etc, etc, etc....
  11. My junior (Boy age 10) played some 6000-6200 yard 2-day tournaments this spring/summer (no caddies, push/carry yourself). While I think it is good to challenge yourself , it was also mentally difficult for him. My only expectations for him were to have fun and to try to stick to his process. However, his expectations that he puts upon himself were much higher. This caused a lot of frustration being exhibited by him during the rounds. It started to "take the fun out of the game" for him no matter how much I expressed that he shouldn't be worried about the result. Certainly, a learning expe
  12. When my junior boy went from UL48 to TS51, it was pretty much a no big deal. If your junior 9YO girl is playing tournaments, strikes her UL irons well, etc....then don't worry about it. Get the TS and move on. Note: No experience with Flynn irons or Prodi-G, but those have good reviews here as well.
  13. You must be able to drive it pretty well (be in the upper percentiles for your age group but you don't have to be the longest bomber). Of course, you must be able to putt (no 3-putts). However, you also must bring your "Approach Shots" skill set to these big tournaments. Mine left his at home and found out that the big dogs brought theirs plus some extra supply. We played with a kid that finished top 5 at IMG, and on that day, he was 14/18 GIR with half of those 14 GIR's inside 10 feet and the other half with nothing outside 20 feet. On that day, my junior went 8/18 GIR and had three of the
  14. Since my kid is 10, we are just going to pickup a set of OEM adult wedges when the time comes (likely when he is 11.5-12 YO) and play them until I think they are worn. The "junior golf arms race" has no limits if you want to join in. As an example not related to equipment, there have been several juniors in my kid's age group down in San Diego for the IMG Worlds practicing for the last 2 weeks. And the course is private so they either know someone or bartered a deal with ClubCorp to get access for a couple weeks (money talks).
  15. Had a Nikon Coolshot for a few years. Now have a Bushnell Tour V5. The Bushnell is hands down the better rangefinder between these two primarily due to the jolt feature which helps my junior accurately get yardage. No experience with other brands.
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