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  1. 1. Done 2. Done 3. 3480 Blackhawk Plaza Circle Suite D5, Danville, CA 94506 (Blackhawk Plaza) 4. No 5. Irons
  2. Great post. This point is especially important. I was a Div II athlete (football) and was generally good at sports from a young age. My wife is not an athlete. My kid (age 10) appears to have gotten a mix somewhere in between, but still, he could bloom some later. He is not what you would call a "natural athlete". Right now, he is in the dumps because he has a partial tear/stretch in his Achilles tendon, and thus, Fall baseball season is likely over.
  3. Age, height, driver swing speed? Normal carry yardage for a 9-iron?
  4. https://thejuniorgolfer.com/best-golf-clubs-for-teens-and-juniors-transitioning-to-adult-irons/
  5. I put the lines on the ball, but he doesn't use them often. His trainer, nutritionist, swing coach, short game coach, putting coach and mental coach tell him to use it repeatedly, but alas, he still does not.
  6. Calluses so thick on his hands that he could fill a coffee cup with dead skin if they were filed off.
  7. I have no vested interest either. We were down at Pebble Beach last weekend and had the driver shaft recommended by a coach there.
  8. Anyone using a KBS TD shaft? https://kbsgolfshafts.com/shop/kbs-td-driver-wood-shaft/
  9. Finau: "Four score and seven years ago, I won a PGA Tour event."
  10. I believe the World long drive event winners are usually in the 450+ yard total. Bryson probably can hang pretty close to them with a 48" driver.
  11. Hey Patton, You broke it in anger. Move on.
  12. We drew the line this way (and still do today) as my kid has progressed through golf from age 6-10: 1. We limit tournaments to 10-15 per year. 2. We play other sports....primarily baseball but also casual tennis, skateboarding, skiing, etc. In the spring baseball this past season, we still try to hit the range/course at least 3x/week. We are playing Fall baseball starting in September and we will put the clubs down for 2 months. We will work on getting stronger during that time. 3. We make time to do other things in general such as camping, hiking, time with his friends (especially over the last COVID-19 year), etc... I would add that when they get older (13-17?) that things like burnout and repetitive stress injury are real. Overall, you just have to make the best decision for the wellness of your child.
  13. I'm not a college coach and my kid is only 10 so we haven't hit the age where college recruitment hits. I did personally experience recruiting for college football, but that was eons ago. I find it hard to believe that a college coach is going to pay much attention to how you did in Worlds when you were 12 or younger. Certainly, there are outliers as there are kids winning multiple Worlds in a row in that age 6-12 bracket. For those outlier kids, there are likely plenty of other top performances. However, those same kids could also be candidates for burn out or repetitive stress injuries.
  14. Here is what I heard/gathered from the interviewee Kevin Kirk (starts talking about youth golf at 17:49 into the podcast): 1. A lot of junior golf programs may try to push kids down the "high performance pathway" in golf (vs just teaching them the game and letting it grow from there). Doesn't think the high performance pathway approach is a good idea and none of the sports science supports that. 2. Kevin Kirk says that the idea of 8 year old World Champion drives him crazy. Doesn't think that is healthy. Those types of championships belong with kids after puberty. Mentions Golf Australia doesn't allow Worlds events until age 15 (?). 3. They hit on the subject of 9 year olds who have played 200+ tournaments by that age. 4. Many of the kids who are the best performers early don't turn out that way. Maybe they are just bigger and stronger compared to their peers at that age. 5. He believes early specialization is a bad idea. Need to build athletic skills over time. Need to build golf skills over time. Certainly, it all falls under the "parents ruin everything". I personally know a few 10 year olds who have played over 200 tournaments to date. I blame Instagram.
  15. JT would make more putts on just looks alone with a beauty like this one:
  16. Gilmore/McGavin vs Webb/Smails
  17. You could try an experiment. Place the golf club (and balls), a wiffle ball bat (and ball), a soccer ball, and a bean bag toss game in the backyard. See which one she gravitates towards.
  18. Greg Norman didn't win a single golf tournament before he was 16 years old. My kid is only 10 so we still have time.
  19. yea, but this shaft is the default with a TM SIM2 Max 5H that I’m looking to buy for the junior. So curious as most report that the SIM2 Max 5H launches well…but the shaft profile (at least the marketing words) say different (mid launch low spin).
  20. Anyone have their junior playing the Ventus Blue Hyrbid shaft in senior flex? Stated to be a mid launch and low spin shaft.
  21. https://swee.ps/SHApG_CoYuFPo Here is what you win:
  22. We played on the USKG Bay Area Tour. When my kid was 6YO, it cost about $400 to play 8 summer tour events (9-hole events). By the time he was 9 (still 9-hole events), the cost was around $600. This increase soured me some on USKG events especially since we are playing the same courses. Since then, I have come to these realizations: 1. Bay Area Tour is very popular and has lots of kids playing. Seemed to be run pretty well....no experience with older age groups as we haven't played since 9YO. 2. 99% of the parents we met were cool. There's always an outlier trying to ruin it for everyone. 3. We tried some other tours during age 7-9, but found many of the yardages far too long (2,300 to 2,800 for an 8YO is a bit much). So while USKG is often criticized for being too short, it's mostly about right. 4. As we play other tours now, the cost of USKG is probably about right. Certainly more "value" for your dollar if you are playing 18-holes instead of 9 holes. 5. The time you spend with your kid on the course is irreplaceable. My kid was the same as many who would toss the medal to me and head straight to the putting green with the other kids for whatever game they wanted to play. If you are taking your kid out to play golf, you are doing the right thing. There are so many life lessons your kid can learn from playing (casual or tournaments) that the perceived "cost" I had of the tournaments or golf in general is really quite the bargain.
  23. Burger dog at the turn when I am playing Olympic. Usually lots of water and occasional gatorade.
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