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  1. These irons will get alot of attention because of Mike Taylor but outside of the MBs those half muscle and CBs are just meh.
  2. For sale only: Set of the just released Edel SMS forged wedges w/ C-Taper 120 shafts and BBF&Co ferrules. Edel don't list bounce specs on their wedges. Minimal to no bag chatter. No face wear. Only have a couple rounds. 8g weight is currently in the heel slot but can be changed with a standard driver wrench. The 8g weight has it listed on the bottom of the weight. 52⁰ V grind - Standard edel length, 1⁰ flat from Edel standard. Tour velvet standard grip. Logo plays down. 56⁰ V grind - Standard length, 1⁰ flat, TV standard. Logos play down. 60⁰ T grind - standard length, 1⁰ flat, TV standard. Logos play down $475 shipped fedex for set.
  3. Ended up just keeping shafts. Refunded money to @Tru for the 75TX.
  4. Anyone have any direct comparisons between the 2?
  5. For sale only: 65TX Aldila RIPx w/ TM adapter and tour velvet grips. Logos play down, untipped, plays 44.75" in Sim 2 75TX - Aldila RIPx w/ TM adapter and tour velvet grips. Logos play down, tipped 0.5", plays 43" in SIM TI 3W. **SOLD** No blemishes on either shaft $125 shipped for 65TX fedex. 75TX SOLD
  6. For sale only: Newer company doing awesome work, flow neck just isn't working for me. Handstamped carbon with welded flow neck. Milling lines in cavity. Mint condition overall, very small scratch on toe bumper due to loft/lie change but it can barely even be seen if the light is perfect. Finish is oil quench on carbon so will patina overtime. Specs: 34" 70⁰ lie 2.5⁰ loft 350g~ Matte black CT Tour 120 shaft Grey Krew best grips stitchback Krew Leather headcover made by Dormie with magnet closure. $old OBO shipped fedex. $1,000 retail. pin 8/4
  7. For sale only: A set of Piretti Japenese Fujimoto Forged S25C Wedges. Faces have a similar rotex milling like the Cleveland RTX wedges. 52-07⁰ - Plays 35 1/2", 64⁰ lie, D4 56-11⁰ - Plays 35 1/4", 64⁰ lie, D5 60-12⁰ - Play 35", 64⁰ lie, D5 All have KBS 135g High Rev 2.0 Wedge shafts and Golf pride standard tour velvets. Logos play down. All excellent to mint conditon with very little sole scratches and no face wear. Get the set at a steal because they go for $250-$300/ea $old shipped for the set fedex
  8. When I got it 3-4 years ago it was over 35" and an odd lie, Tony's specs. I reshafted it to 34", 70⁰ lie.
  9. For sale only, no trades. I wanted to like it and use it for awhile but just can't putt with it. It was originally made for Tony Finau and can be confirmed by Mike the owner of Piretti. Very light wear on the sole but Overall excellent condition. Only weight set is the blank aluminum which makes it 355g. 34" 355g 70⁰ Lie 2.5⁰ loft Black Piretti standard grip Full disclosure: I am out of town and won't be able to ship until likely Friday next week but will try to do it sooner. $old shipping UPS pin 7/1
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