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  1. 51⁰ - 9⁰ bounce 55⁰ - 10⁰ bounce 59 - 8-9⁰ bounce Per NCW
  2. Per Patrick at NCW they are all mid bounce around 10⁰ effective.
  3. For sale only: 51/55/59 NCW Wedges built by Will Peoples w/ Nippon Modus 3 125 Wedge shafts & tour velvets. Logos play down. Purple haze BBF & Co Ferrules 51⁰ - Stock loft, 1⁰ flat, lie, plays 35 1/2" 55⁰ - Stock loft, 1⁰ flat lie, plays 35 1/4" 59⁰ - Stock loft, 1⁰ flat lie, plays 35" I paid $400/ea so get them for a deal.. They have only around 4-6 rounds on them. Rust makes them look more used but excellent conditon with no bag chatter and no groove wear. $old shipped fedex
  4. As far as a refinish, not sure its possible since its really not a finish as its rolled into the molding of the metal. It could be possible so who knows.
  5. Anything PVD is junk if you don't want it to show wear, DLC is ok but if you can find one that does QPQ (Quench, Polish, Quench) like the new Miura irons thats the best. As its actually rolled into the metal and not a finish at all.
  6. I wanted a putter like Patrick Cantlays Scotty GSS were the size of the heel bumper/shoulder was smaller than the toe. So the Piretti Tesora was a natural draw as I love the shape. Thoughts?
  7. Kaexo

    Which bag setup?

    Grindworks won out, Miuras on BST.
  8. For sale only: MINT QPQ Miura 4-PW CB301s w/ purple haze ferrules & KBS C-Taper 120s. Clubs were built by Will Peoples. Standard length/loft/lie Tour Velvet standard grips, logos play down. Set is practically mint, no bag chatter or dings. Very minor scratching on the PW sole but no face wear or other blemishes to speak of. Get a huge deal on a set that would cost $2800+ from Miura. The QPQ finish is holding up nicely after a couple rounds. Single iron pics are of the PW, 7 iron, and 4 iron. $1000+ cheaper than Miura sales them fo
  9. Kaexo

    Which bag setup?

    Definitely a hard choice.
  10. It's hard to tell from pics but this doesn't look like a Tesora but more like a Capri or Cortino.
  11. QPQ Miura CB301s or Grindworks PR202s
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