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  1. For sale only both mint: Aldila RIPx 65TX & 75TX Shafts 65TX - Plays 44.75" in SIM, Untipped, Zgrip standard. Logos play down at standard. 75TX - Plays 43" in SIM TI 15*, Tipped 0.5", Zgrip standard. Logos play down at standard. Both shafts built by Will Peoples $275 shipped for both
  2. Both claim to be mid launch low spin and per the ei on the TB it looks to be similar to the RIPx. Extremely stiff butt , softer mid, stiff tip @MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL how do these compare since you guys own @AldilaGolf?
  3. The mantra of we only create stuff that's better than the last interation has left PXG. They are just as bad as Callaway about releasing something new.
  4. For sale only: Hotmelted Sim Max 9⁰ *HEAD ONLY*. Used conditon but still in good shape. Will Peoples hotmelted the head to 199.277g. Hotmelt is neutral. No tool or headcover. $old shipped
  5. For sale only: Lowtide Custom Putters Fin never used w/ short flow neck. Comes with gloss black ct putter shaft and black leather stitchback. 340g 34" 2.5⁰ loft 70⁰ lie Would cost $600+ if you ordered from Lowtide + wait time. $499 shipped Buyer backed out. Reopened ad. pin 10/5
  6. If you can order for a discount the better.
  7. Anyone have any data comparing the two? Is the LZs a touch softer?
  8. For sale only: Lightly used with minimal bag chatter. Some minimal normal wear scratches on soles. Miura CB 301s 4-PW w/ project X LZ 6.5 and zgrips. Standard length/loft. Lie is 1⁰ flat. 52/56/60 Miura Tour series wedges. 52 is the HB verison. Standard loft. Lie is 1⁰ flat. Tour issue S400s w/ zgrips. Wedge lengths: 52* 35.50" 56* 35.25" 60* 35" All come with BBF&Co PB&J ferrules. Grip logo and shaft graphics play down. All clubs were built by Will Peoples. $old shipped fedex ins
  9. Which is the better ball?
  10. Anyone know the total head weight of the sim max and what the standard typically is?
  11. Don't take obvious fact of price in account just purely head performance. Which is better?
  12. For sale only: Mint no marks or blemishes Adila Rogue Black 130 60TX. - Plays 44.75" in triple diamond mavrik SZ. - Zgrip standard is new and logo/graphics play down. **Untipped** $175 shipped to lower 48. Would consider shipping to Canada for extra $$.
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