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  1. Yeah man I would gave gamed them if i had all 3. They kept in touch good up until the 52/60 arrived and even told me the 52/60 would ship first and the 56 a couple days later. Going on a month, no 56 and no real communication. The only thing I got a couple weeks ago was there was an issue with the 56 build and that they would be in touch and that was it.
  2. For sale only: Fourteen RM4 52⁰ & 60⁰H Wedges w/ Nippon Modus 3 Tour 125 Wedge shafts. 52⁰ has never been hit and 60⁰ has only seen light chipping inside. Both are in mint condition. The nippon shafts and zgrips are an upcharge from fourteen. For the 3 I paid $677.29 with the shafts and grips. The reason I only have the 52/60 is I ordered the 52/56/60 custom from fourteen and only the 52/60 showed up. After over a month of getting the run around from fourteen of them saying they have been trying to contact their builder I still don't have the 56⁰ and now cannot get
  3. Gimmicks or not, no way I spend $349/ea on cheap forged in China irons. They can claim 5x forged but still doesnt make Chinese forgings quality. I'll stick with the high end Japanese guys like Grindworks, Epon, Miura, Kyoei, or Seven.
  4. STs are blades buddy, not hollow irons like Gen2/3/4.
  5. There is a reason Zach Johnson, Hahn, and most of those guys still hit Gen 1s. All the other gens are just gimmicks.
  6. They look slightly milled on the back from the video on the pxg instagram.
  7. Says 5x Forged/Milled on the hosel. Whatever the hell that means. For such a premium price they sound so cheap with their wordings.
  8. $349/ea for irons that are forged in China (Confirmed by PXG)... They are laughing all the way to the bank. Will Gen5 be 6x forged since the Gen 4s are 5x? Whatever the hell that means... I'll stick with Grindworks, Kyoei, Epon, or Miura at that price point.
  9. Nah still appears to be 5 oclock ish. This came from Piretti with the ct tour brushed black but I have had others with their standard chrome as their chrome are CT tours as well. Seems the same.
  10. For sale only: Excellent to MINT condition Piretti Matera Elite w/ topline sightline & KBS CT Tour 120 matte black shaft and standard Piretti Iomic rubber pistol grip. 34" 70⁰ lie 2.5⁰ loft 365g w/ steal weights. I will also send the copper weights which makes it 375g. $old shipped fedex insured pin 2/3
  11. Both MB101A and PR202s are Endo forged from what I was told. One of the leaders of Grindworks was the CEO of Endo for 10 years.
  12. Currently for sale as a set only: Miura 52⁰/10 HB w/ Black Onyx TI S400, BBF&Co Tiffany Blue ferrule, standard zgrip. 35.5" Miura 56⁰/12 K-Grind w/ Black Onyx TI S400, BBF&Co Tiffany Blue ferrule, standard zgrip. 35.25" Miura 60⁰/10 K-Grind w/ Black Onyx TI S400, BBF&Co Tiffany Blue ferrule, standard zgrip. 35" Lie is 1⁰ flat. Standard lofts. Grip and shaft logos play down throughout. *MINT* Condition. Bought and built by Will Peoples. $old for the set shipped Fedex insured which is a steal with the shafts and
  13. I would agree to some extent Greg but he just seems like he isn't feeling their clubs, even the Rev 33. He also has switched out to Vokey wedges now looks like. He would be a bigger draw for TM than everyone not named Johnson, Tiger, or McIlroy. Colin, Wolfe, and Fleetwood have no where near the popularity of his, even while he is on a bad run, especially with the younger generation.
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