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  1. Yes. I've had a short game similar to what Tim teaches for a while, but I started watching some of his short game videos and implemented more of what he teaches. I can tell you it works. I've always had a decent short game, but lately it's been a savior for me. I can go from having a poor iron shot and leaving me short of the green to getting up and down majority of the time. It's a difference maker.
  2. Distance from the ball is one of the biggest factors with the SPS. If you have the correct distance from the ball and width of stance, keeping the rear foot down and hitting into a flexed lead knee are a result of the rest being correct. It wasn't until I brought out a yard stick to measure my stance from the ball that I realized I wasn't far enough away. Once I adjusted this, rear foot and lead knee weren't even a thought.
  3. As Todd would say, everything begins with address and grip. If you get those down, everything else is a lot easier. Hitting into a flexed lead knee is very much a key of this swing, as head position goes slightly down at impact rather than upward in a conventional swing.
  4. As an ambidextrous person myself, let her do what's comfortable. I write with my right hand but do several things lefty. This includes batting lefty (but catching left handed), playing hockey lefty, and playing golf lefty. She seems to be the opposite of me. Writes lefty and does some sports right handed. If she putts righty, get her a club or two right handed and see how she does. If she feels comfortable, go with it. If she makes comments about it not feeling right, get her a left handed club and see how she does there. It seems she naturally sets up when putting right handed, so I anticipate her wanting to full swing right handed. Never know though.
  5. I dabbled with this swing myself previously then went back to playing conventionally. Had a good ball striking season in 2020 then got a lesson that threw me all off track. Since then, my scores have been all over the place. The conventional swing just feels too complicated to me. I started watching Todd's videos again on YT and reading his book again (which I bought a while back). A couple of weeks ago I signed up for the silver membership. The 27 bucks a month is a good investment. Once I got that, the YT videos and book started to click further and my scores began dropping. Am I doing it 100% perfect? Probably not. Going to a school and/or submitting my swing to a Graves coach via the gold membership would probably straighten that out. For now, I'm happy with the improvements that are coming along. I'm still early in my journey with it, but the simplification of the golf swing through Todd's teaching and following the Moe Norman model makes more sense to me. I'm a very analytical person and the conventional swing was just mentally draining to me. This model is something I can follow a lot easier. If something goes wrong, I know I can diagnose it with a few simple check points that are the fundamentals of the model.
  6. Down in SWFL right now. The recommendations everyone is giving are on point. What I will say though is don't expect as many snowbirds this year as years past. COVID has prevented a lot of people from coming to FL this year. The streets are far less congested than ever before. I lived in this area for ten years and come back every year now that I live in CT. This is the quietest I've ever seen. Tee times shouldn't be as bad as other years, so enjoy the availability and let us know where you end up going.
  7. Happy to discuss what I know about those three via PM if you want to drop me a note.
  8. Our club is getting a ton of usage, primarily during the mornings, but we don't have tee times. Just an observation from frequent use myself.
  9. I never had an instructor tell me to purposely bend it, but I've never had one get honed in on keeping it dead straight in my experience. I try like heck to keep my lead arm straight, but I always go back to a slight bend in the back swing. Too stiff irritates a previously injured bicep/shoulder. For me, I'd rather lose some yards and feel good after golf rather than gain distance and be sore or in pain and unable to play comfortably the next time.
  10. I believe it's six times a year at our club and ten times a year for family guests. It's not really enforced though.
  11. Circling back on my earlier post about using a percussion gun on the shoulder. If you target the front or back of the shoulder (wherever you have your pain), it definitely feels good to massage deep tissue. The gun shouldn't be used on bone, so you'd want to stay away from the head of the shoulder, but targeting the thick areas around it feels great.
  12. I have an Izzo Giant Jr. Sturdy net and I'd recommend it. Unfortunately, it's not as easy to put up and break down. Once you get used to it, I'm sure you'd speed up with set up, but it's a bit of an annoyance. Mine just stays put together in my basement.
  13. Another thing you may want to consider is getting a percussion gun to work the muscle out a little bit. I just ordered one for my wife's back issues. I may give it a try on my shoulder as well. I'll circle back if I find any magic there.
  14. I had a less severe case of this over a year ago. It was pretty painful to say the least. I wasn't at the point of needing surgery, but if I played 18, my shoulder was so numb. It felt like someone ripped it off me by the end of the round. I was given two cortisone shots in my right shoulder (lefty swinger here, so this is my lead shoulder). I tried not to swing a club for a couple of months and did a few light PT exercises at home daily that a PT friend of mine gave me. I also rubbed Bengay on it twice a day. I also iced it frequently and took Ibuprofen as needed. Long term, it helped. I was playing a lot of golf and had some issues with my swing that started this whole issue. As I took care of the shoulder and improved my swing, things got better. I wish you lots of luck. Shoulder pain, next to wrist pain, in golf are tough to work through and very discouraging.
  15. I subscribed for a little bit to his paid content. It wasn't well produced but the concepts were relatively easy to understand and see. My thing is if I'm going to go full into a single plane swing, I'd rather consume the material Todd Graves publishes on YouTube. I've played around a lot with this swing and have been using it off and on for a bit. I'd recommend possibly looking at both and deciding. From what I remember, I believe Kirk used to be an instructor under the Graves Golf Academy and eventually went off on his own and created his own system based off of Moe Norman's swing.
  16. Our club in CT closed all dining per state requirement. Course and all outdoor activities are open.
  17. He also made some adjustments to his arm orientation at setup. He talked about it on Swing Expedition on Golf Pass a bit.
  18. The two around me are trash. The numbers aren't even close.
  19. Fellow lefty here as well. I feel your pain. Judging by your sig, you have some one length hybrids already in the bag, so you're familiar with the concept. You're also accustomed to the GI look of the F8 club head. I'd say you'd have nothing to lose getting a strong 4i. I'd probably recommend popping a graphite shaft in there though. That's the one thing I didn't do that I'd change if I did my order over again.
  20. Did something similar. One length F9 4 iron bent a degree strong. Effectively playing like a two iron at seven iron length. Great off the tee for low shots.
  21. He's playing his old heads again, which appear to be unaltered from previous. He's playing graphite now instead of X7 steel, but I can't comment on the exact swing weight. Try DMing him on IG. He's pretty active on there and may respond.
  22. Was using XL in the original grips. I'd assume it's the same in the lighter version.
  23. I'd ease up on the club purchases. Thinking about your first post then the one about borrowing essentially 500+ for a TS2. If you're concerned about wedge performance, take them to a big open field and hit balls around or the local club you mentioned. Find what setup works for you and allows you to hit the ball how you want. Free practice with zero pressure. Have fun out there.
  24. Depends how much stuff you want to carry. Ship Sticks is double the cost of checking my clubs for a flight. 60 vs. 30 each way. If spending double for the sake of convenience is worth it to you personally, then I'd use a club shipping service. Otherwise, if you want to save some cash, check them with a good bag and backbone.
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