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  1. Last 2 months in Virginia have been cold and very soggy at my home course. I wear wool socks. My feet are always warm and dry after the round. These shoes are great and check all the boxes. Extreme comfort.
  2. 1. Chantilly, Va 2. 3.5 3. ZX7 3. Yes 4. Z945, Z745, Z965, Z765, Z565 4i. Steelfibers in all. Depends on the day and how i feel. Truthfully, as long as i know its a Srixon i feel good about it. 5. Can you make a better iron...really? Srixon soft feel. Traditional X45 looks. 6. Yes, my writer's block is gone when i saw this. This is perfect timing as i am doing a club fitting later this month. Top of the list...ZX7.
  3. Been playing a good bit in the cold. My first 9 holes have included frozen greens over each round since Christmas, 10 rounds or so. My approach shots bounce like trampolines. The higher i hit them the worse they bounce. When i try hitting a short bounce up shot (think links style) the ball just sits soft and 10-15 yds short. Then i chip and the balls just bounces off. This crap is f-n stupid. Just needed to vent.
  4. I have z565 4i and gen 1 P790 3i/4i. For me spin was never an issue for either. Arizona spins more and goes higher, but either will easily hold a greens. I prefer the P790 look and the sole is narrower which I prefer. The one down side of the P790 I experience is the distance dispersion...sometimes it goes an extra 5-10 yds when I don't want it. I also find the P790 more workable in the wind.
  5. Found some Eddie Bauer tech pants at Costco and they have performed great in Virginia rain and wet conditions. Even found some that are insulated and they are great too.
  6. My experiment with soft stepping led to reduced height. Used steelfiber 110i in some z945s. Lost a little distance, but gained some feel. Easier to hit the 90-70% swing shots. The shaft really feels more active. I have also noticed the same results between my 70g and 60g driver shafts. My 60g has a noticeably lower flight.
  7. Played plenty of wet conditions with excellent grip near DC. No hot weather experience yet. 1st pair of shoes in 4 years that don't make my feet hurt when walking. I've tried 5 other pairs...in the closet now for riding days only.
  8. I usually walk. 360 really hurt my feet after 3 holes. 360 SL were better, but my feet would get sore half way thru round. CodeCaos is the cherry on top!
  9. 1. Chantilly, Va 2. 7 3. Yes 4. Cobra Forged OL, Aldila RIP SLT stiff 5. Distance Consistency, Feel 6. Yes
  10. How To Enter In a post below, answering the following questions 1. INTERNATIONAL TOWN & CC 2. Chantilly, Va 5. 8 4. Cobra F9, aldila rogue silver 110, stiff 5. No 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  11. When i open a thread i already read i want to go to where i last read instead of the original post on pg 1.
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