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  1. > @balls_deep said: > > @"GolfyMcWhacker'Guy" said: > > > @Nick081974 said: > > > What’s the length on the X5? I see you paid $900 but what are you asking for it? > > > > its 34.5" - I'd like 900 , I got it about 2 months ago and have put on about 10 rounds with it but its meticulously cared for , would be open to offers > > I'm assuming given the CS cover etc all the work was done at Scotty Cameron? Flow neck paint etc? Negative Flowneck was done by Slighter Golf , finish NORCAL putters
  2. > @Nick081974 said: > What’s the length on the X5? I see you paid $900 but what are you asking for it? its 34.5" - I'd like 900 , I got it about 2 months ago and have put on about 10 rounds with it but its meticulously cared for , would be open to offers
  3. Hey guys - going through a divorce , help me liquidate some stuff here first - Scotty Cameron NP2 , Refinished with a Stability shaft , Scotty Cameron Putter studio headcover - plays 33.5" I paid 375 for putter on ebay and installed the stability shaft after , would like 450 second - Byron Morgan 712 , Oil Can finish - Cord pistol grip , plays 34.5" - Paid 450 to a forum member - would like 450 Third - Scotty Cameron X5 with a flow neck and murdered out finish. comes with a Scotty Cameron mallet cover and a jackpot johnny custom shop headcover , as well as additional weights - paid
  4. I have a Byron Morgan 712 I previously had a Bettinardi Bb0 Also a lot of circle Ts and 009s can have toplines Or any other custom putter company can make one with it also , Kingston putters for example
  5. I have a refinished SC NP2 - I’m unsure who refinished it, I have original shaft which has a custom shaft label on it but I cannot confirm Purchased on eBay for $350 - recently acquired a Byron Morgan so am parting ways with this Headweight is 331 grams , plays 33.5” which stability or 35.25 with original shaft which is included Asking 400 for this , includes Scotty headcover - or a winged foot putter cover for an additional $75 your choice Am open to trades for a spider or a future 7...? The Justin Thomas model
  6. What is your handicap: 9.2 Current driver shaft and flex: KuroKage TiNI - 43.5” , X Stiff Have you tried Ventus before: No Choose your Ventus model (Red or Black): Red Choose your weight and flex: 6X Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Of course!
  7. I played PX 6.5 and DG X100 Wasn’t bad off grass but if I hit any Mats my arms were done. I went to local store and kind of hit every shaft & headcombo and basically built my own non-ouchy PX6.5 I went ping blueprint irons - Nippon 105 x stiff - hard stepped , with cushin inserts Puts the weight at about 118 grams and it gives that really nice addictive , kick feel at impact that you get with PX shafts - NO elbow pain I think any kind of shaft insert should help alleviate elbow pain though If you don’t need new irons
  8. I just got ping. Blueprints - had played PXG 0311t with x100 120s Also had MP4s with PX 6.5 I hit probably 400 balls during fitting and settled with 105 modus, hard stepped, with cushin inserts They feel to me very poppy and have a great release feel very similar to Project x 6.5s I gained about 5 yards of carry , higher angle of descent and kept spin numbers perfect - 7800 8i I never would of thought to go with Nippon 105 - was going to go with the PX or DG X100 - super smooth, really good on my elbows which get pain with the 6.5 & x100 The cushin inserts add about 6-7 g
  9. > @JinxyJ08 said: > > @Jwoz09 said: > > I want s54!!! Please bring back the s series ping. > > Agreed; S55 were so good. > > > @From_Parts_Unknown said: > > They just released some Ping Blueprint irons, which are pretty tasty. > > Blueprint are awesome but costly for sure. I just ordered a set of 4-pw - was them or the cobra MBs , loved the pings so much though. Big shaft change for me too - was playing the X100 in my PXGs and the PX 6.5 in MP4s - trades both sets towards the blueprints with the Modus 105x - really had never even toy
  10. How do you like that betti? I have seen some of your collection you’ve posted , how’s this one stack up? I was hoping you’d find the thread !
  11. Both putters have a standard toe hang , but feel wise - the Scotty rotated less , maybe due to the extra weight Having a putter custom built for me or I’d be hanging onto them for sure
  12. Here's link to original putter COA - current paintfill was done by custom shop and I am waiting on that COA https://www.scottyca...aspx?rn=A010697 Hi guys , redoing my post - I traded some putters around so here I am again , I traded this putter with another member and have been told there is a COA for it , once I have COA in hand It will be included in sale. Comes with either a Scotty Cameron Gator cover or a Wingedfoot Golfcourse putter cover for possibly extra / included depending on the trade/amount Soft Carbon 009 35" 350gram Putter man stamp Scotty dog stamp Stamping on neck Co
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