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  1. M4 10.5* with AD DI 7X. Tried a bunch of different combos before this one and it made me stop tinkering with new drivers for the past few years.
  2. I had to warranty my beloved M6 3 wood a month ago and got the sim max as replacement. I’ve only had one range session so far but I struggled hitting it off the deck, which was what I loved about the m6. Off the tee it was point and shoot. Probably just need more practice with it but we’ll see. Might justify getting a sim ti 5 wood to try out.
  3. I have a sim max. And can get 295-300 with no wind. But I was kind of expecting those video game numbers. My long is 380ish but that was with 17mph wind and a downhill shot. I have noticed longer distance the “cleaner” my stroke is recently.
  4. Another reason is staffing resources. A lot of public courses don’t have enough maintenance guys to mow greens everyday. Private courses are also constantly being hand watered all day long, whereas a bunch of public places turn the sprinklers on in between groups of golfers.
  5. That’s what I’m best at. Would like to hit longer drives though. Anybody got the secret?
  6. That’s very exciting to hear. You described pretty much what I’m going for.
  7. I think that 770 with a lighter shaft, maybe graphite, will make a heck of a driving iron. That dhy is an interesting option too, as I have always loved Adams hybrids(still game one). Don’t have much interest in the udi, but I already have a 790 and a couple other driving irons... Don’t know if I’ll be jumping on the fairway bandwagon soon with a 5-7 wood. That dhy is something I definitely plan to hit soon. But that 770 will be my next 3 iron I believe(hopefully to combo with some MCs). I am excited to hear how others like these options as well.
  8. Definitely not as good looking as the M1 they did. Also doesn’t come close to the pars and stripes either. I will pass. I’m sure in the next week every old guy at the club I work at will have one though.
  9. I like it a lot better than Rory but did not play the golf club. I was hooked on a tablet game called WGT for quite a while but didn’t like that you had to spend real money for upgrades. I’m playing it on Xbox. The only real complaint I have so far is the lack of other tour players (they only have 12) and maybe the lack of real courses but I guess with licensing that would be hard to pull off. All in all I see myself hooked on 2k21 for the foreseeable future.
  10. Just started playing this game and it’s safe to say I am addicted. Anyone else get a chance to play it yet?
  11. Only hit the first generation. But I’d agree with the wide sole assessment. Just demoed the new TM lineup and that new 770 looks and hits more like what you’re looking for.
  12. Taylormade RSI 2s. Have been playing them for several years. I love them but wanted to try the JPX line. Then I went and hit the new MCs yesterday. So many great looking irons out right now.
  13. I have an Adams a12 3 hybrid that I put a KBS tour Proto hybrid shaft on. I can swing as hard as possible with it and it never goes off line.
  14. 3. Taylormade, Adams, Titleist.
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