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  1. I just tried some pants from linksoul that are great. I like the board walkers for casual wear and will golf in them on cool days. They have a pant called the Crosby that sounds similar to what you’re describing.
  2. In case anyone was still curious. Had a couple pairs of 5 pockets and chinos come in. They’re very comfortable and fit true to size. They have some give that you would want out of slacks but do not stretch like Nike or UA. They are thinner and lighter than I anticipated but I like that. Overall, comfortable stylish pants that will play nice on the course and wear with just about anything off the course.
  3. Their outerwear is pretty true to size. Their polos are maybe a little slim. Something to keep in mind is most of their polos are full cotton and will shrink a bit. Their dry tech polo is my favorite golf shirt though.
  4. I just ordered a few different pants from them to try. (They’re still having a crazy good black Friday sale) I’ll comment on size and stretch once they arrive. Thanks again for the input.
  5. Appreciate the responses. They make my favorite shirts and outerwear. I think I’ll have to give their pants a try.
  6. I was curious if someone wears Linksoul pants that could speak on how they fit. Specifically the boardwalker pants. The website says they run large and I was wondering if I should go a size down. Thanks for any answers.
  7. nick_CO

    Match Ideas

    Bill Murray vs Larry David. Wouldn’t even care who the pros are.
  8. I was cracking up at how ridiculous those Italian kits look. The trucker flap girls are hilarious.
  9. Is this all because he let Phil bend that 8-iron yesterday?
  10. A12 hybrid and it’s not going anywhere.
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