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  1. The sizing chart on PING's website still indicates that Jackets run 1 size smaller than polo shirts do. A 45-48" chest is XL for polos, but XXL for jackets. This size chart is consistent with last year's chart, which I found to be pretty accurate for me. The Norse is an awesome jacket. Even though I have last year's model, I ordered this year's model today after getting the 25% off email.
  2. I can't speak towards this year's Norse. But, I love last year's version.
  3. Historically, the sleeves on the Zoned Norse have been extremely thin and not at all insulated. Reviews from people who have had personal experience with the zoned version kept me from getting one. Instead, I went with the "regular" Norse jacket and a Norse vest for times when I don't want the extra warmth from insulated sleeves.
  4. The Norse Fleece is really nice for a fleece jacket. But, for warmth, it doesn't compare to the insulated Norse. I own (and like) both. So, this is opinion based on personal experience, not second hand.
  5. I don't understand why every club isn't using something like this https://www.golfadvisor.com/articles/cool-golf-things-ez-lift-cobblestone-golf-course-coronavirus I played at a friend's club the other day where they had something similar with the primary difference being that the disk (aluminum in this case) only lifts 1/2 inch or so above the top of the hole, so there is no chance of the ball rolling back into the hole after it falls off of the disk.
  6. PING is having a Labor Day sale on golf shirts where they have 7 different styles of shirts at 50% off. I bought a bunch of PING shirts last winter when TGW had them on sale and really love them. They're not flashy and are really comfortable and nice looking. I can't speak for the ones that are being sold today, since I only just ordered them this morning. But, I figured that, if anyone else has fallen in love with PING shirts like I have, you might be interested. They're not as cheap as they were at TGW last year. But, they are a pretty good deal. https://ping.com/en-us/shop/
  7. I like my Pioneer a lot. I use it on a push cart (ClicGear 3.5). It has lots of room for everything that I want to carry and everything is easily accessible. The only bag that I would currently consider replacing my Pioneer with is a Pioneer Monsoon (waterproof version of the Pioneer).
  8. Considering that you can buy a 2019 model for about $200 right now and the last one has lasted you 8 years, is that really a hefty price tag? If a new one lasts you just as long, you're talking about $25 per year. I'd pay $25 per year for a bag that I "love".
  9. Based on this comment and reviews on the Costco website, it sounds like Costco is knocking off Quest bars. There are a few Quest flavors that I love (Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough). But, I hate most of the others. As far as being "healthy" is concerned, the nutritionist who works with my doctor thinks very highly of Quest and recommends them. I typically keep them in the refrigerator which makes them a little less chewy. I think that I'll give the Costco Cookies & Cream a shot, given that Quest bars cost about 50% more than the Costco version (about $1.50 each at
  10. I'd be happy to continue pushing my own cart and just have somebody as a forecaddie to keep an eye on out on our tee shots to eliminate time looking for balls in thick rough.
  11. If you get the seat, make sure that you watch Clicgear's installation video before installing the permanent bracket. The instructions that come with all of Clicgear's accessories are terrible. But, there are ususally good videos available that show you exactly what to do. It's actually very easy to install. The actual seat also attaches and detaches to and from the bracket very easily. I ended up buying the padded seat cover. But, I would suggest just getting the seat first and see whether you're happy with it without the padded cover and then make your own decision.
  12. I really like the seat on my Clicgear 3.5. The course that I play tends to be wet (so sitting on the ground is out) and they don't have benches anywhere. It can also be pretty slow. So, a seat really comes in handy. I don't know if it's a 3.0 vs 3.5 thing or not. But, I find the seat to be very stable on my 3.5. If you play a flat course, there is really no reason to spend extra money on an electric cart. It may be possible to get a good deal on 3.5's in the upcoming months as Clicgear has recently released the 4.0. It's basically the same price as the 3.5, so, I don't know how retail
  13. I've been very impressed with everything that I've bought from Proquip. After getting some mid-layer and wind outerwear via one of their mystery box sales, I ended up buying lots of other clothing from them. I've especially been impressed by their rain gear.
  14. I walk with a push cart. I was recently on the verge of joining one of two semi-private clubs that are reasonably priced on Long Island. Unfortunately, both require carts. So, I passed.
  15. Most (but not all) PING polo shirts have hidden buttons under the collar. The models that I know have this feature are: Raymond, Forge, Karsten III, Spike, Chandler & Ridge. The models that I know do NOT have this feature are: Harrison & Eugene, I can't speak for other models. I can't speak for how well this feature looks over multiple washings. I bought so many PING shirts since mid-December (when TGW drastically slashed the price of PING shirts) that I haven't washed any of them more than once (I haven't even worn half of them for the first time yet). But, the collar looks good
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