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  1. Who said Tiger will never win a major again? Who cares that until today Tiger never won a major when trailing after 54 holes?
  2. Players Championship was the second biggest title missing on his resumé, so I would think he will now be a bit burnt out and won't play well enough at Augusta.
  3. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1595168-camilo-villegas-witb-2018-genesis-open/ Stop misleading, his longest iron is a 5 iron.
  4. I was writing quicker than I was thinking - he has injured wrist, lock the thread if needed.
  5. When will Padraig start to play some golf? We have March now and he hasn't played a tournament since the end of last year.
  6. If you watch ET, Willett's win is not such a big surprise for you. There has been signs of his game coming back throughout the season and this week it clicked all together. Maybe some people will now stop calling him one of the worst Masters champions. Now I'd like to see him winning regular PGA Tour title.
  7. St. Andrews is a legend, but it's ridiculously easy for modern players, especially if there is no wind.
  8. Reed or Willett doesn't bother me, but please not Wallace again.
  9. Yeah, why didn't he take some more time for that second putt? Hasty, weird putt.
  10. Li's total meltdown, what an awful three-putt...
  11. LOL, Rose and Haotong now both missed short par putts, especially Rose's putt for win after Li missed was sort of uh-oh miss.
  12. 1) Who is the guy with deep voice talking from 0:08? 2) Thanks. (If it's OT for general, then move it to Tour talk, sorry).
  13. I always wondered why Langer, Faldo, Woosnam, Seve, Olazabal and Montgomerie didn't play more on the PGA Tour? Excluding majors, they won just few times on the PGA Tour (Monty didn't even win a regular PGA Tour event) compared to dozens wins on the European Tour. Only Sandy Lyle seems to me that he left a mark on the PGA Tour with his Players+few other wins. Nowadays you see all these McIlroys, Roses, Stensons, Garcias, Rahms, Caseys, Poulters, Westwood in the past, etc. succesfully play and keep cards on both tours simultaneously for many years. Only Kaymer didn't leave a mark on the PGA Tour
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