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  1. And definitely don't get a laptop unless you really need the portability or are planning to use it for something else. They have zero upgradability and cost more than a tower.
  2. I believe it's just GC2 that requires flash replacements every 30k-50k swings, if memory serves. You can get Foresight replacement units for around $500 but there's a few people selling aftermarket versions for about $150. The installation is fairly simple. Edit: I wouldn't buy one off eBay right now though, unless someone vetted the seller first. Ask at one of the dedicated sim forums like Golf Simulator or Ottawa Golf and they can point you to a trusted supplier.
  3. Golf simulator forum (the website, not the section on WRX) is your best bet. They have a utility they link that calculates the best placement based on your screen size and the projector you have.
  4. It's worth mentioning that light curtain failure can occur in the Skytrak unit but it's definitely nowhere near as common as flash module replacement.
  5. It has to be linked to a computer or tablet first, then cast to the TV screen. From what I understand, he unit doesn't make any calculations itself and sends the measured raw data to the computing device to be compiled, which is where the shot delay comes from.
  6. If you're tall or really steep you might have an issue under 9', but it's also for comfort. Indoor swing can sometimes be strange if you feel as though you don't have enough room to move freely. Often people develop weird, flat swings that differ from their normal shots on the course and it makes it frustrating to switch between the two. I'm 5'10" with standard club lengths and I can comfortably swing up to 5i in my 7'8" basement. The garage is 12' though so the sim is out there.
  7. It's worth noting that GC2 gives you all the data on it's screen so software would only give you tracking/recording capability and a visual for shot shape. If getting full-swing data is mostly your goal, you can always get a sim program down the road. Something to think about if you want the driving range aspect immediately but might want more fleshed-out features in the future.
  8. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  9. It was 16 weeks at one point.
  10. If you're having to finish swinging and look down at a device, you wouldn't notice. You'll see the delay if you're using a projector, though. The fastest ST can be is 2s from shot to display.
  11. Going to have a hard time finding a used QED with sim software for under 7500, let alone the hardware to run it and something to hit into/off - especially with all the inflated prices we've been seeing in the last 9 months.
  12. Are you talking loft for loft or on mishits? I find I lose about 3-5 yards on a strike that's more towards the toe or higher than the first couple grooves with 23.5° 3i.
  13. This. I use new balls in the sim to preserve the net and put the scuffed ones into the bag to use on the course. If you're not super fussy about spin and feel being the same (assuming you use a urethane ball) you can use cheaper surlyn ones - they're a lot more durable.
  14. I tried ribbed once but I prefer bareback, personally.
  15. You can carry whatever you want up to 14, but I question whether the redundancy is warranted. Personally, I'd rather learn to hit the long driver more accurately and back it up with a long fairway wood or hybrid you can elevate off the deck so only the putter and driver have single uses.
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