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  1. Can't say I've ever noticed markings from the balls.
  2. I toss anything that I'm not directly using or using as a substitute for weather or course-specific concerns, so I only have 16 clubs in the house.
  3. I have a ton of usb receptacles in the house. The wall warts are too annoying.
  4. People like that are crazy when online shopping exists.
  5. You should list those. For some reason people actually buy them.
  6. Up until a couple years ago I was playing a Nike Forged driver and T-40 steel shaft 3w and 5w. Got a TS3, used 915Fd and a 913 19° hybrid to replace those but my irons are 1994 Hogan blades 3-P.
  7. It's also a bit ridiculous because the Z-Star and whatever Bridgestone ball (I think B330?) are easy substitutes for the ProV1. I actually prefer the Srixon ball, but it's cheaper and easier to just buy the refinished ProV1 balls from Canadian Tire so I tend to only play the Z-Star in tournaments (not sure if the refinished balls are compliant).
  8. For me, the cheapest Wilson Staff glove lasts the best and stays dry/tacky of any of the gloves I've tried. I'm considering trying these out when the launch monitor bay in town finally reopens (currently closed due to Covid requirements - not enough bathrooms).
  9. This. I got a dozen from Canadian Tire for $28. Put two in my bag and teen on the driveway - it's long and has a couple bends in it. (giggity)
  10. My 25.5° bladed 4i goes 201y average carry. Unless I chunk it to absolute hell or skull it, it's still going at least 190 and clearing the hazard, barring environmental effects like headwind or low temperature. If you're losing 30 yards on a mishit, you don't need technology - you need lessons.
  11. I'd go for the driver I was actually fit in. There didn't seem to be much difference between my Ts3 and the TSi when I tried one out, but your swing/shaft/loft combination might be. A TS2 still isn't cheap, so if you're risking suboptimal performance off the rack, I'd be more likely to go with an older Cobra or M4 and save more for my trouble.
  12. No, it's independent. There's combinations of ABCD and 1234 that produce different loft/lie configurations. Google "SureFit CG" and check the images tab - you'll find an example to look at that shows you the adjustments. Edit: and the chart for hybrid is slightly different from fairway/driver, though I think the only significant variance is the degrees of loft you can add/subtract.
  13. I like Titleist because I respect their two year product cycle and general reluctance to apply buzzwords and the "visible technology" schtick some OEMs overuse. That being said, I would never limit myself to a single OEM and my bag is pretty mixed.
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