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  1. Or worse, when you buy the clubs saying you’ll sell stuff but then you can’t part with your old stuff. You just keep spending $1200 lol
  2. Can anyone compare the PX evenflow Blue to the diamana blueboard? It seems like they have similar profiles and should be similar feeling shafts, but I can find any direct comparisons. Thanks in advance!
  3. I like reading this! Everything I see about those rails equates to them being money off the deck. I am so close to swapping out my M3 fairways for F8 fairways.
  4. This might be my favorite one yet! Hahaha
  5. Ohhh man! I was just looking at their refinished sets the other day! Some sweet Mizuno sets and a set of Titliest 690s. I love the look and seems like it holds up really well!
  6. Absolutely 100% agree with this! If I had to switch irons I’d probably go 760s, but I wish they still offered the raw MG. The new hi toes look better than I thought in the lower lofts. M3s just got in my bag, but I wouldn’t say no to the M6s! The wife would say no in a heartbeat though lol
  7. I have a v steel with a blueboard 83s tipped a ton. I’m not even sure how much. It was a driver shaft that snapped near the hosel. I have it cut down to 41” and the thing is money. Just point and shoot. My only complaint is that it can be a bit too spiny at times. I’ve tried to find something that does exactly what it does, but with less spin. My M3 is okay, but it’s not winning over my heart like old faithful. Plus, in the boredom of winter I’ve started shopping to pass the time. Sounds like I should be shopping for shafts for the ole v steel! I’ve got my eyes on the F8+ for its adjustability to play from a 4W to a 5W, the rails, small shape, low spin head... sounds like the F6 is pretty popular. Is the F8 an improvement or another lackluster sequel?
  8. OH EM GOODNESS!!! Those are gorgeous. *starts shopping on eBay*
  9. I played high school golf every year except my freshman year. An injury kept me from playing. By the end of high school I was a 4 handicap. My college path change dramatically and I ended up going to a community college where I played on that team for a year. During the season, I didn’t know it at the time, but tore two ligaments in my wrist. Golf was very painful and I was shooting mid 90s. It’s a miracle I was able to even swing a club in the shape I was in. After that, I wasn’t as serious for a while. Life happened. I was starting new careers, modifying cars, chasing girls... I’d still play every so often, but it was frustrating that I wasn’t the 4 handicap anymore. I also didn’t have many friends locally that played. In the last two years my cousin has gotten bite by the golf bug lol he’s always been like the brother I’ve never had so it was great to have a playing partner. I’ve played more in the last 2 years with a wife, kids, and a busy career simply because I’ve found the desire again. Now I have 3 little boys and I can’t wait to take them out to play. I had my oldest at the course before he was even two. He loves it. Now that I have them I don’t think I’ll let it fade away like I did no matter how poorly I play. It’ll become our thing and I’ll watch my boys chase the dreams of the game.
  10. I am very close! I want to get some KBS 610s in my wedges and a graphite shaft in my DI. I just did a major overhaul after about 10 years and I’m pretty happy with the results. I have definitely had cabin fever though! As soon as I go more than a week without playing I start to shop. The wife hates it lol
  11. That’s quite the overhaul! I’m also a fan of buying at the end of the cycle. There isn’t that much change year after year. If you ask me it’s just more economical lol enjoy the new sticks!
  12. Thanks! I love the c tapers in my irons. Looking for something different in my DI. I’m a huge fan of Fujikura graphite shafts, so I figured it’d be a winner.
  13. Has anyone put a Speeder Motore HB in a driving iron? How did you like it and what other shafts have you played? I have a C Taper 125 S+ in a Vapor Speed 3 iron and I’m looking to move to a graphite shaft around 100g. There are several others I’m considering but this is by far the most economical.
  14. My cousin got a skytrak and it really is awesome. For 1/10th of the price of GCQuad I can deal with some imperfections! Only negatives were the occasional instance when it didn’t read your shot. From what we found if you hit behind the ball or super low launch it can struggle. Still well worth it!
  15. I agree! I’m digging the set up with the 5wd, a more forgiving 3 iron and extra wedges.
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