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  1. 105 SS 265 carry plus with a -4 AOA that rolls out to 300 or so.. thats nuts
  2. Dude im totally opposite of you If you see me hit balls on the range you would think im a 20 hcp but once i step on the course my competitive nature kicks in and its totally different.
  3. 44 1/2 From end of grip to end of adapter .. Update i read your post wrong i dont know the lenght you seek sorry
  4. It all depends if its uphill both ways and if its raining
  5. The 1st sim was a max and sim2 was not
  6. I hit both and for some reason the sim2 spun more for me then the reg sim. Sound and feel was close but if it was me i would pick up a reg sim
  7. Had a guy playing behind us and we are playing the next hole that is playing right next to theres which was divided by a pond. Well one of them sliced his shot in to our fairway clearing the pond about 50 yards we tell him go ahead and hit well he winds up and takes a full swing and hits his cart and the ball comes back and hit him high in the shoulder and goes 75 feet in the air and lands in the pond. Funniest shot i ever saw
  8. These are in awesome shape.. Stock L/L/L Stiff shafts .... Looking for 535 to 500 or BO shipped to the lower 48.. Sorry no Canada or trades
  9. Lenght is 44.5 60s stiff. The ferrule is off a bit but does not effect performance. Looking for 95 shipped to lower 48 only..Sorry no trades right now
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