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  1. Mitsubishi tensel CK pro orange 80 hyb shaft. Stock L/L. Looking for 165.00 DROP TO 155 shipped to the lower 48 only....not looking for any trades at this time
  2. You might want to check that club for syphilis disease
  3. Looking for 185 w/shaft or 165 for head & cover shipped. Shaft is a fujikura stiff Non Velocore.. SHIPPING TO LOWER 48 ONLY... If head only you got to give me a extra day or so to have head pulled
  4. They were not just sitting out.The garage is attached to my house with the overhead door closed they broke a garage window to get in. Plus they were in a case like this but they pryed it open and both were unusable thats why i was taking them in
  5. Funny thing i to got robbed yesterday also. Had a new callaway uw sitting in my truck inside my garage that i sold on here. The little bastards broke my window out and took that club and 2 pistols that were going in for upgrades. Never heard them thank god i didn't because i would probably sitting in a cell today..
  6. Long story short i hit a buddy's (same specs) and it is almost P as long as my 3w. Trono 65 stiff.. no trades If it doesn't sell i will return it for credit.. looking for 320 shipped lower 48 only Please close--- stolen from my truck today and refunded to ksmiffi
  7. Well im playing sunday but i got the 65s im one of those guys that i will tear off the wrapper somewhere on the course and that will be my test
  8. Picked up in Mexico at 230p yesterday delivered to michigan 130p today...
  9. I ordered this Friday night ( little buzzed) and i just got my shipping notice today
  10. . Sorry shipping lower 48 only. Taylormade SIM2 16.5 HL with a fujikura ventus (non velocore) blue stiff looking for ...traded local... shipped to lower 48 only
  11. I was to a taylormade slave.. But i just looked at my bag and said damn what a Frankenstein bag i have now. Callaway driver & hybrid TM sim2 faryway Mizz irons Clevland rtx wedges Ping putter Sun mountain c130s bag
  12. Looks like he tried to hot-melt it from the outside
  13. Your not one of those people who drive 10 miles across town to save 8 cents a gallon are ya
  14. Im like a hour from there and we start playing late march and lately can play into to late October.
  15. Thats a awesome score.. My course blues 6306 yards/70.2/slope 131 but when we get to play the whites it so much easier to score like you said flippin wedges. Which drops to 5789 yards.
  16. I to was chasing distance with different heads/shafts but it was the swing that was killing me. I changed my delivery to a more up swing (AOA) and now i can hit just about every head i have the same distance. Which is a callaway speed with a hzrdus blue.. Im hitting farther then i did 15 years ago
  17. I have been playing the ERC soft lately & there is not much difference between them and my gamer which is AVX.
  18. 105 SS 265 carry plus with a -4 AOA that rolls out to 300 or so.. thats nuts
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