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  1. As I've played less (thanks to life and its responsibilities), I went from the 712 MBs (my favorite irons ever) to the 718 CBs... I think a move back to MBs are in my future. The 620 blades are majestic. I'm not sure I'd even be that upset on a mishit. Heck, I'll club twirl and get over it immediately.
  2. Was lucky enough to play over in Scotland in May. To echo many others: do not change your current set up, and focus on your putting and using other clubs on/off/around the green. If it's windy and you need to use a wedge (_**and**_ keep it low), I suggest just moving the ball back in your stance a bit and hitting a 3/4 shot so the wind doesn't grab it with all the spin. Have fun. You'll love playing over there.
  3. > @Minarets said: > Those adipures looks so good in the gray or white colorway, but can’t find any reviews. Can’t tell if that little amount of boost makes em comfy enough. They look smooth tho. I've been wearing the Adipures (in white) since the start of last season (Spring 2018 here in the Midwest). I walk just about every round I play, and I must say, they are comfortable, have held up well (almost look brand new, even for white!), and were worth every penny. My only gripe is that they are a bit slippery on those extra dew-y mornings, but even then they have not been much of a
  4. > @azoufan said: > > > > > Because they look like ......... > > > > > I hate to say it but I agree. I'm a Titleist guy through and through and carry 14 of them every day. My 714CB's are toast and I've been dying for the new ones. But I just can't even with these. I've got a session scheduled for Saturday and I think I'm going to get fit for the 718CB's before they disappear. I really don't want to go down that road but I just can't get over how overweight these look (I don't mean actual weight, I'm trying to be politically correct and not call them fa
  5. Depending on the set, 5i or 6i is where I begin to see the biggest difference.
  6. How shallow is the face on that short wood compared to the hybrid? Looks awesome.
  7. I need those MBs like a fish needs water... I don't even care if they worsen my scores.
  8. Titleist 718 CB (which might go on sale soon with the introduction of their new irons this week at the US Open)
  9. Ping Anser 3W. Low spin bomber that puts the ball in the air. The matte black head is a nice touch, and the head shape is rather shallow so you can use it on a wide range of lies; it’s great to use beyond the tee box.
  10. I don't have quite the swing speed other folks do to game a driving iron full time - my driver swing speed is around 95-100 mph - but I've demoed the UT and actually found it very easy to hit. If I ever veered away from hybrids, the UT would be at the top of my list.
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