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  1. Finau would be spraying the ball all over if he took a full swing. As golfers always have, these guys are swing as much as they can while still controlling it as best they can.
  2. I don't think we are going to see another Tiger or Jack-level performance in a golfer for another generation at least. Tiger especially was a unique talent.
  3. Tiger was actually behind the curve with his driver. It took him longer than others to switch to newer technology. He was early with his golf ball, playing the newer model in 2001 about 6 months before most others.
  4. Has anyone beside that Chamblee interview broken down his swing and analyzed what he is doing differently compared to 2015?
  5. Justin Thomas. Tony Finau, JB Holmes ... @ferrispgm is right, it's natural ability. Most all driving distance gains on Tour in the last 20+ years has been from equipment advances, not strength training.
  6. Exactly. No one is going to pick up 30 yards distance from strength training unless they were massively out of shape and could barely swing a club before they got in shape. When it comes to the Tours, not one player has been identified that has significantly increased distance through strength training.
  7. Or treat it similarly to a ball hit onto the wrong green. Allow a free drop just outside the tee area. Reason being to avoid the tee area getting chopped up.
  8. It’s not one individual. It’s the entire Tour, the Champions Tour and the LPGA. You can’t cite one player who increased distance significantly by strength training.
  9. Just watched Bryson at the Waste Management Classic swing out of his shoes with driver on a par-4, playing with Tony Finau. He was 7 yards behind Finau on their drives. In 2019, Bryson averaged in driving distance ... 7 yards less than Finau's driving distance average.
  10. Scott Stallings has done extensive strength and fitness training for years. He has not significantly increased distance. Indisputable.
  11. All speculation with no factual basis. Scott Stallings has done extensive strength and fitness training for years. He has not significantly increased distance. Indisputable.
  12. Scott Stallings has done extensive strength and fitness training for years. He has not significantly increased distance. Indisputable.
  13. Except you can’t show any Tour player who significantly increased distance from strength training.
  14. Apparently he has seen the indisputable fact that no one can identify any Tour pro who has significantly increased distance by strength training.
  15. Duval had major back problems. Different situation.
  16. There is no good reason why the PGA Championship is still a major. Most golfers are fooling themselves if they think they get significantly different performance from different brands of golf balls.
  17. Noted that you are still incapable of identifying a Tour player who significantly increased distance from weightlifting.
  18. It seems like they went about this with half-measures. If they wanted to make destination courses that would attract people from around the country, using RTJ and Rulewich for every course wasn't going to do it. If they wanted to focus on local play, then locating the courses near populated areas and designing them to keep costs lower was necessary. What they did was something in the middle, which seemingly isn't working very well.
  19. I have seen the occasional course that really can't be walked, or at least is a very difficult and annoying walk. Mainly because of crazy green to tee distances and elevations. But mostly I agree with you, I always walk the course unless circumstances prohibit.
  20. It's amazing how often I see people in their 20s on very walkable courses on beautiful days using carts. Almost all the time. Walking the course is one of the best parts of the experience.
  21. Spieth’s swing has been a mess. Modern technology hasn’t helped him much. Or Jason Day.
  22. What would modern technology have told Hogan that he couldn’t tell from his practice sessions?
  23. Do you think only 7 players in the 1970s were as good as the 20th best player today?
  24. Do you think players in the 1970s didn't have a lot of talent?
  25. Jack would be one of the two greatest players of the modern era, regardless of when he played. He would be regularly beating all these guys except Tiger.
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