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  1. I got fitted when I was around 20 HCP and was 2.5 flat. I got some lessons, got down to a 9, and switched irons that were standard lie. I went back to the old irons and now everything starts right of target. I know hitting on quad that I started getting progressively more toe down as I continued with lessons. I have worked on getting my path neutral (-1 to +1 club path) so I know that most of this deviation is coming from the lie. I ordered new irons and went 1 degree flat only to combat an occasional left hand miss and I like playing a fade which to me is easier to hit with a flatter lie. I personally would look at your start angle and assess whether or not to address lie angle, TXG did a video on the topic. If you're fighting an over the top and tend to pull the ball, then going upright will potentially exacerbate the issue.
  2. All FS, prices shipped, OBO. Let me know if there's any questions or requests for more pictures. 1. New Level 902 5-PW, standard L/L/L. Fujikura Pro i95 shafts, standard golfpride CP2 wrap grips. $old 2. New Level M-type wedge set, 50, 56, 60 degree wedges. Fujikura Pro i95 shafts, 50 has CP2 wrap grip, 56 and 60 have standard New level Grips. $old You can have all the New Level goodies (5i thru 60) for $old 3. Ping g410 5w, Tensei CK Orange 70g stiff shaft, Standard MCC +4 Align Grip. Headcover included $old 4. Ping Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth putter. Golf Pride Tour SNSR 140cc grip. Includes headcover and length adjustment tool. $old 5. Maltby DBM Forged 4 and 5 irons. 2021 Fujikura Vista Pro Shafts, Standard CP2 wrap grips. $100 for the pair $80 6. Mizuno ST190 9.5 degree driver head. Adapter included. $old 7. Tour Edge Exotics EXS 19 degree Hybrid. CK blue 80g stiff shaft. Tour Velvet Grip. $old 8. Rapsodo MLM with case and charger. $375 $350
  3. All up for sale, open to offers. Can split shafts/heads if you want. Let me know if you have any questions. 1. Ping i500 4-U - orange dot - shafted with Dynamic Golf AMT Red S300, CP2 Wrap Standard Grip. $850 3. Ping G410 17.5 5w - Tensei CK Stiff 70g shaft, MCC Plus4 Align Standard Grip. Headcover included. $160 4. Ping G400 22 degree 4 Crossover - Ping Tour 85 Stiff Shaft, CP2 Wrap Standard Grip - $100 5. Mizuno ST190 9.5 degree driver - Aldila Tour Green 65 Stiff, MCC Plus4 Align Standard Grip. Headcover included. Absolute Low spin monster for me. $175 6. Tensei CK Orange 60g Stiff Shaft - Mizuno Adapter Installed, can remove - $90 7. TaylorMade Hi-Toe Bigfoot 60 degree lob wedge. Played maybe 5 rounds with this plus a few range sessions. $120
  4. any desire to sell just the 3 and 4 irons for the i500s? If so, I'd be interested
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