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  1. I’d see if your head pro can get you on Oak Hills in SA. It’s a Tillinghast and one of the only “old school” courses in Texas.
  2. Epic Speed TD is same price as regular Epic Speed. I paid my club fitter $450 for the head. Bunch of guys out there overcharging for these…
  3. They posted it on Instagram a week or two ago. Just came in the mail a couple days ago. It was released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie.
  4. I’ve always wanted the original and was one of the 25 selected for this reproduction by Toulon Small Batch. It’s a 1/25, #87 small batch produced. It included the sock as a cover but did not come in the fancy small batch Toulon box or include the certificate or any other extras. Enjoy the photos!
  5. For sale... 1. Callaway Epic Speed 10.5 head. Brand new in plastic, includes cover and tool. $375 2. Callaway Rogue Subzero 9 degree head - used 2 seasons, scratches here and there but no sky marks. $sold 3. Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Pro Orange 70TX Callaway adapter, standard length, Z-cord align midsize grip - used 2 seasons $200
  6. Yes, from what I’ve learned it was made for Kiz to try and get him to change brands. They added the tungsten to make it heavier for him. Lots of custom features on this one.
  7. The time frame makes sense 100%. This putter was made February 2011.
  8. The slant neck was welded on and sanded. The plumbers necks are 1 piece I believe.
  9. I can’t find a clear photo from Mylan but this from 2010. It’s similar, not slant neck. But I can’t tell the brand...
  10. How do I translate the serial number initials.month.year.??? What does the 1p mean?
  11. Do you know anything about the cover? Is it rare? I’ve never seen an AM&E Nike... and I’ve had a bunch of people reach out to me to try and buy it. I’m not selling any of it right now. Thanks!
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