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  1. Tarp clips and ball bungees work way better than grommets. You have to have a little slack in it to keep the balls from springing back. Below is the guide I used and my almost finished product. I’m still waiting on money putt turf and my BLP https://gunghogolf.com/articles/diy-impact-screen-enclosure
  2. I’d say Calusa if money no option. It’s different than most other Florida courses in that it has some elevation change. The vibe also fits what you describe
  3. https://www.foresightsports.com/launch-pro-registration-management-guide this is where I found that image
  4. I think the other 5 come when FSX Play is released. This could be an old graphic in their faq’s. It shows 5 courses and pricing that’s different than what was announced.
  5. Pebble is $200 on launch pro (Premium Courses). Their standard courses will be $125.
  6. Are you sure the GC3 software side is transferable? From what I vaguely remember reading in the manual it’s a 1 time computer activation for $4k. Quad you can transfer for a $1k. I’ve heard of people just selling the gaming computer with the quad and using a random gmail address for the account to avoid transfer fees.
  7. According to Foresight it is designed to take a direct hit from a golf ball like the Quad. I’m rocking it nude…. I’d like a little case for transport tho
  8. Technically no, you can see your numbers on the on screen display. If you want to do any simulated golf you need either an iPad (FSXPro) or ($1000ish) gaming pc (both FSX pro and FSX 2020)
  9. How much will a transfer fee be? Will the software be transferable? Will there be new $1-2k software released by then?
  10. People think the GC3 has lifetime support, free updates and as high of resale value as the GC2 in 10 years. I don’t think that’s going to happen at all… No one is going to want to pay good money for a device from a company no longer in existence. Buying the LP doesn’t lock you in to that system at all. Just sell it, take what you can and move on. I’m much more concerned Bushnell just quits supporting the GC3 completely when the sale goes thru. Is there any value in getting the version from the company that bought the other company??? Try to call Bushnell with a problem with a 3 year old rangefinder, they will laugh at you. Pretty much the worst customer service I’ve encountered in the golf industry. That said I’m buying the LP because I think it’s a safer bet and I want the closest to a quad I can get for under $10k
  11. I plan to buy the Bushnell version for $3k and put the other $4k toward crypto. I think you could invest the difference and come out ahead after 5 years.
  12. It will use the data it collects to display the ball flight on the 2d range. It just won’t tell you the numbers, there is a little pic of a lock where you’d see the number on the device
  13. Winners fly home, losers take a bus losers caddie for winners last round
  14. I’d see if your head pro can get you on Oak Hills in SA. It’s a Tillinghast and one of the only “old school” courses in Texas.
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