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  1. Golf is full of little quirks, quarks and faux pas. What's right and what's not. Conventional and unconventional. I'm 41 and had used an interlocking grip since I was 10, 2 years ago I tried overlap and liked it, last summer I started messing around with the 10 finger grip and loved it... But my mind is playing a big part in this, its an unconventional grip and people probably laugh or frown when it's seen. I want to use the 10 finger grip though, its more comfortable, I have better control, I hit the ball more solid, it's just unconventional and I think people get wrapped up in things like that. I'm a 5 handicap and some days I shoot 65 and some days I shoot 85, just depends on if everything comes together, I'm not a pro obviously.. Are there things you'd like to do or try, but you don't because their unconventional and you may be the odd man or woman there?
  2. I'm a range rat but I also play many rounds.. I'm located in a rural area but I'm assuming this is why there are a lot of top golf places now? Never been to one nor would I go. I live in a town of 20k with 7 courses within a 5 to 45 minute drive... Back to your question, a few months back I had looked up courses in Japan and you are correct, if I remember correctly there was like 5 if that and they were really expensive and you basically can't get on and if you did it would be like a year in advance tee time probably. I had been wondering about this because I see so many youtube, instagram or whatever social media outlets with videos coming from that area and golf equipment and hitting bays are huge over there. They put out some good content and I have seen some really nice swings by some creators.
  3. This. This is where I'm at in thinking. Tonight I'm leaving temptation in the car and seeing what happens with my round..
  4. it most likely is a little open face angle at address. i dont believe its really a swing flaw as in in outside in or anything like that. im 99% sure it is at address.
  5. Yeah that's another thing I've been playing into lately is I'd rather be 115 for say a full wedge than 60 out. Yes that plays into well your not that good on some of your approach shots from a shorter distance, some cases could be true, I'm not bad by any means, I just may be more comfortable with a full shot than shorter, regardless of hitting a drive down there and getting closer to the hole. The older I get the more course management starts to play into things, yardages is the biggest. Years before I never gave it a second thought, hit the driver and play in from there but today I'm starting to rethink a few things..
  6. If you have an adjustable driver and its set at 9* and you were to adjust it to say 10, 11 or 12 could that help with eliminating a fade? I had read an article saying the lower the loft the more the face is open, so by raising it it could help with eliminating a fade. Does this sound right?
  7. Are you a person that no matter the yardage (par 4-5) you use a driver? Or if it's a shorter (par 4-5) you'll use 3 wood or even a hybrid? Lets just call the yardage 350-450 in total. This has recently got me thinking, I've been struggling a little with my driver, not sure I'd call it struggling but I'm pushing it a little. So thee idea was why not start hitting my 3 wood more often, yes I realize this is probably fairly common, I'm just interested in seeing how many people actually hit their driver less than usual.
  8. For me a short list at max and I don't see the reason for spending more but I feel like these prices may be fairly standard- irons 6-pw $1000 wedges $150 apiece driver $500 woods $300 hybrids $250 putter $500
  9. In the article it says "full finger (not baseball)" isn't full finger a baseball grip? he's just not wanting to call it baseball grip? also, I like thee aligned palms, its whatever works for you though, imo right hand weak promotes a fade and right hand strong promotes a draw, to put it nicely, even though its a slice and hook to me.. I'm curious how many people use a full finger baseball grip? One of the replies in the article had asked about shouldn't there be a space in between the thumb and fingers on the right hand and my reply would be yes, I also make a hook with my pointer finger.
  10. I did a little experiment and got the 0211dc’s, are they a game improvement iron, yes, but that’s what the experiment was for. I get a lot of distance out of them and spin them more than any other iron I’ve ever played before, they either stop on a dime and or spin a few feet back. I love the feel of them. I had never played or even thought about pxg in the past. When I seen the deal on them I said why not. No I was not paid nor affiliated to say all this, just a little assessment of whatever these cast dual core are they foam filled? irons.
  11. Shorter shaft better control. Lighter swing weight depends on the person and what they need. For me I have a slow deliberate swing so I use a lighter shaft. I'm sure if I had a swing speed of 120 with a light shaft I'd yank everything left. Again, depending on the person I'd think it would be easier to hit the center of the face with the correct shaft weight, for me and my slow swing I like to think I hit the center of the face with the lighter shaft.
  12. I had looked on pxg website and never found specs of the grip, had I know that I probably wouldn't have gone the oversize direction due to weight and would've lost out on diameter I get that but.. great info thank you.
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