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  1. Yeah I mean I'm not a touring pro so honestly I'm not out there having to shape shots on a normal basis, when I think of most golf holes they tend to be fairly straight, so thee idea is get it down the fairway off the tee box and hit your next shot from the fairway, it being a straight shot, so my idea was "what are these super game improvement irons about"? Can I get off the tee box and be 140 out and say for example hit a 9 instead of an 8, now I do realize its not the number on the sole, its the loft, I know I get it.. But so many times people get it stuck in their head the number on the club.. At the end of the day I was just trying them out to see actually how playable they are. And honestly I think a lot of people would benefit from them and probably shoot a lot better than playing with that pretty looking tougher iron to hit.
  2. I'd like to bump this thread because I'm strongly looking at these irons, they really look great and wondering if anyone has reviewed them?
  3. I appreciate the response. I had never used a graphite shaft in an iron either until these, it’s been fun and quite different though.
  4. I feel like since Covid there were a ton of new golfers everywhere, now will they keep with it is the question.
  5. Wider sole vs thinner sole. With a wider sole is there less turf interaction? Is a wider sole more geared towards a sweeper swing? In the past I had played titleist, srixon and mizuno players irons. I recently wanted to experiment with some super game improvement B21’s to see what can be done with them. As you may know these are thick and chunky. With less turf interaction could these irons create someone to become a sweeper? I used to take a nice small divot and with these, not really. I honestly had no intentions other than wanting to know what super game improvement irons were about by trying them out. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  6. no help here but im on the fence between these and the mizuno 225... really its going to come down to the shaft between the 2, there are different shafts offered between the 2..
  7. Loft for loft, you get the same distance out of your tommy armour silverscots compared to your new Callaway? I don’t care about the number on the club, we’re talking loft for loft here. And forgiveness definitely helps here, you hit that old 7 like crap and your new what you’d call 6 but same loft and hit it further because of forgiveness, is that not something?
  8. I think Mark Crossfield read my reply because 2 days ago this happened..
  9. It has nothing to do with the degree or number stamped on the sole. I’m referring to technology in todays market compared to 25 years ago.
  10. We have narrowed it down to Augusta or Savannah. I'm not looking for anything expensive and private as of now. Just a public course to join and play. A couple places I have looked at online and will try is- Augusta - Forest Hills golf course Savannah - Henderson golf course Anyone have any thoughts on these 2 courses and any others in those 2 cities?
  11. Every year my mind ponders old becu ping irons and then the thought of potentially losing yardage tells me no....
  12. Next month I'm going to go look and try the newest t100s, from there yes i will play 48/54/60, as i already play those 3 wedges to begin with and they will gap nicely.
  13. You'll pay it and "like it!" If the price seems reasonable I'll pay it, but if your paying it every year and there's say a price increase of $20 every year it doesn't seem like much!
  14. hybrid one of the best golf decisions i ever made a few years ago. in fact i play a 3-4-5 hybrid... easier to hit (fairway or rough), forgiveness, long, etc. ask yourself, how many holes are you hitting driver and then hybrid? cant be many at all. so then why not hit driver then hybrid on par 5s? or long par 3 hybrid? handicaps dont matter but im a 5 and i still play game improvement hybrids. when i have playing partners hit 3-4-5 irons not well i ask myself why!
  15. After this news dropped. I seen a blue check mark twitter account yesterday "pxg bag for sale" then states "free". I thought it was funny, not sure if this was a positive or negative thing.. either way I took it as a dig.
  16. titleist t300 irons callaway b21 irons honma t world gs irons pxg 0211 dual core irons cleveland launcher xl irons these are game improvement-super game improvement irons and I hate using those terms to describe them because anyone can play them. I'm a 5 handicap and I play them, for distance and forgiveness.. I'm not a pro so I do not need mb irons. Play what feels best for you.
  17. From 2010-2021 I know it's new but the special select is probably the most eye pleasing imo.
  18. 1- 1 2- 1 3- 1 on the intimidating factor, bags 1 and 2 have so much lead tape in them that one would think this guy knows what he's doing... lol
  19. Where I live we have a winter, it's a bad time for me because then my mind wanders all over the place for new equipment, I may buy a few things and not even try them out and am off to the next club...
  20. I have a dislike for the stealth and for 1 reason only, back in 2001 I believe, Callaway introduced the Callaway Big Bertha C4 driver and IMO this was the worst driver ever, for some reason this stealth reminds me of it in regards to the word carbon.
  21. I ran through 12 different putters in 2021.
  22. BUFFS fan in Hawaii? Coming from a Nebraskan. I would love to go back to Honolulu, its snowing here today....
  23. That looks like a turd. That club has hit rock bottom…
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