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  1. Ok, being an engineer myself, 10+ years ago I thought Homer's book would be my Holy Grail to a more consistent golf swing. I studied it for two years. I tried to apply it all very diligently. I thought I was "lucky" to have an instructor that was TGM certified. All it ended up doing was make me bound up in mechanics and specific positions. It actually took the feel out of my game for years. I tried way too hard to get technical with every aspect including the short game. It lasted a long time. Remnants remained in my short game until Monte put out his short game video. That video transformed
  2. How many handles is this for you? I do have an argument. Labeling and aspiring to labels is not only useless, it can be harmful. You will move better in all shades of grayness when you have both black and white defined. It is your opinion, not an argument.
  3. I am very far from saying that hitting is a better option to swinging or vice versa. it does not mean that these concepts are useless. The Book is just a directory for patient golfers, as I said before. Yes, it has some merits, I am versed for already a few years and I know what I say. Also I know it is not perfect, hence my attempts to know Mac's work closer.
  4. I can repeat: have you deepened the merits of this stuff ? It is easy to throw s*** without arguments. There are golfers who use "pulling action" and "throwing action", aren't they? Besides, if a golfer's goal is to get it in the hole as quickly as possible, all methods that move towards it should be taken into account. If you knew TGM stuff better you most probably would understand why it can help golfers playing better golf.
  5. Have you deepened the merits of this stuff ? It is easy to throw s*** without arguments. There are golfers who use "pulling action" and "throwing action", aren't they?
  6. 1 & 2: urging to hit the ball as hard as one can Moreover, 1: urging to hit at the ball 2: urging to lift the ball in the air without trusting loft of the clubhead TGM deals with all the above throughout its concepts.
  7. It is poorly written, poorly organized, and based an explanitorily inadequate physical model. I have read it three times - first in the prescribed order then twice as written. Once you understand the totality of what is in that book, you comprehend you have wasted your time; that is, only if you start from a base of complete ignorance and have scant critical thinking skills could you believe you had learned anything of value. This is why I consider it a book for lemmings. It seems you did not grasp the spirit of the Book properly, hence your negative attitude. It is not a book for reading,
  8. It is not that difficult. People are lazy.
  9. Dan is entirely correct. Hogan was a double shifter so was Moe, although late Moe was the closest to single plane of all greats.
  10. Single Elbow Plane is not possible in a normal swing.
  11. Start your downswing long before upswing ends. It will both shorten your swing as well as give the load feel.
  12. Yes, the simplier the better, but I do not agree with the second statement. It depends on the characteristics of a swing. For a natural double shifter it is simplier to change the plane twice (from EP to TSP and back to EP) than only once and to return on TSP to the ball.
  13. TGM is for lemmings. Why do you think so?
  14. People often either complicate TGM things or throw crap on them, usually when they do not understand their merits well. In short and simplyfying it all: TGM Swinger/Hitter patterns are just sequences in which certain "motors" of the swing (Power Accumulators) work and what is the origin of the movement: centrifugal force or muscular effort. Swinging is then Rope Handle technique (rotating arm pulling) while Hitting is Axe Handle technique (continuous arm thrust). Nothing wrong in this approach, imo, although it is rough and rather primitive taking into account current knowledge. Also can be ov
  15. Swinger/Hitter in the TGM sense ? Everything is in the Book.
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