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  1. Baby on the way so need to purge some stuff to help out. I take good care of my stuff so everything is in very good shape. All bought original from me. Not interested in trades now. First come first served, will make deals for multiple purchases 2021 The Buck Club Collective Headcover. Brand new in wrapper, never used. I’m a mallet guy so this doesn’t work for me. $75 OBO SIM MAX 9° used but still in great condition. Clean top line and not scuffs on the face. Comes with SIM head over. SOLD Ventus Blue 6X (TM adaptor) lightly used for a few rounds and some sim
  2. Currently play Ventus black 6x in SIM2. Love the shaft, best I’ve ever used. But like most of you I’m a ho so I bought the 1K 60TX. Opted for the 60 as I didn’t want to play a 46” driver. Overall I found the shafts to preform pretty similarly. 1K launched a hair higher and spun a touch more. Feel was similar. Need more time with both. any of you have more experience w 1K vs Ventus black?
  3. Only 1 item for sale today. Close to mint condition SIM Max 15° 3wood with new model Aldilia NV 7 S shaft, pured and purchased through Club Champion. Standard length. Only used outside once SOLD
  4. I bought 2 pairs as I heard about the sizing issues, 11 felt too tight and 11.5 feels too loose. Kept the 11.5 but just couldn’t make them work, foot feels like it moves too much in them. Too bad as they look great
  5. I dont understand Bettinardi, they make some of the most wicked looking custom/tour putters, but their retail inventory is rubbish. Wish they would drop a BBzero for retail.
  6. Im was searching for a new pair of classic white shoes, aimed for the new Footjoy Traditions or Gfore Gallivanters, and the Gfores won hands down. Actually quite disappointed with the Footjoys, they felt cheap and like cardboard. I settled on the white saddle gallivanters, yet Im in between sizes, 11 and 11.5. The 11 fit snug but good, and the 11.5 fit very well, but a touch loose which gives me pause for faster swings as I dont want to slip around when playing, I mostly walk when I play, too. Curious how these shoes will adjust to the break in period and will that alter the fit??
  7. good to hear, I walk all my golf and was curious if the traditions would be comfortable enough and durable enough. They look great and are affordable which is nice. Disappointed FJ discontented the DryJoys. Are the traditions true to size??
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