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  1. I never sell on there anymore, only on here. Plus you dont deal with the fees.
  2. Looking to buy a SM7 or SM8 58 or 60 M grind in RAW, in good condition
  3. That looks tipped based off the Velocore graphic proximity to the tip
  4. Did you order from Titleist?
  5. For sale is a Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6X and a Tour AD XC 6X shaft, both with Taylormade tips. Both measure 44 2/16 and neither have had any tipping. Both are in excellent shape Would accept a trade for Ventus Black velocore 6X XC sold IZ sold
  6. One item for sale: 716 Titleist AP2 3-PW with Project X 6.5 shafts. .5 inches long and 1* flat. The irons are in good shape, they have 1 season of play, normal bag chatter. The faces have some wear marks on them but zero browning or wearing down of the grooves. 3-5 iron are very clean, most wear on the shorter irons but I have taken good care of them. Half the set has velvet grips the other half have Golf Pride CP2 grips. SOLD, Shipping to lower 48, extra $10 west of Mississippi.
  7. This is exactly what im thinking right now. I play the MP-20 also but want to move to either the T100s or JPX921/919 tour. I LOVE the feel of the MMC but the heads in the shorter irons are just too big for my eye. OP have you tried the T100?
  8. good to know, thanks for the reply. All those irons you tested, especially T100, are of interest to me currently, but I will say I can't imagine the MMC losing to any based solely off feel.
  9. Do any of you MMC owners feel they are too big with too much offset in the shorter irons? I play the MP-20 MBs but thinking of switching to the MMC as I dont want to play blades anymore. I hit the 6 iron MMC and I swear it felt better than my MP-20 MBs, felt so buttery, but I havent seen the shorter irons like the 9 or PW to get a good view of the size. Thinking of either switching to the MMC or T100s.
  10. So The trip is coming to an end and I’ve played Caledonia, True Blue, Prestwick, Heritage, Pawleys, tpc and tomorrow is River Club hands down my favorite has been Caledonia. I could play this course every single day. Feels like a private club. Everything about it was great.
  11. I agree with this. Been on a quest to find a new pair myself, tried most all major brands, I love the look of Puma but have had bad luck with their spikes- they've fallen out completely from the shoe requiring manufacturers replacement. Adidas 360 are the most comfortable and decent looking. They're on sale now, however, I have a feeling a new model is close...
  12. Heading to Myrtle Beach with a few friends this week and looking for some recommendations? As of now we are looping True Blue, Caledonia, Heritage Club and Pawleys. Thanks
  13. That thing is beautiful!!!! Their BB0 is such an awesome putter, not sure why they can't make any good looking retail options. Good luck with the sale
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