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  1. Hi, I'm going to take the plunge on something a bit more unique. Any advice on some good British brands? I'd like to go for a custom build but if there's any unique British putter manufacturers you can recommend too I'd be all ears. Sourcing Byrons etc from the US is not so easy. You guys in the US have some awesome options. Cheers!
  2. I'm actually afraid to ask what that is (or where it's been!) haha
  3. Whether it be an unusual clip for holding your putter (or a crazy gadget from Japan!), post them here :)
  4. I've noticed in the US there's lots of interest in hard to find Japanese brands, or companies that make bespoke or limited addition putters (Swag Golf, Byron Morgan etc). I haven't seen much interest on the subject first hand here in the UK. People seem to buy the usual established golf brands such as Scotty Cameron, Ping, or Odyssey. Are UK golfers interested in this but it's just not available? What are the benefits of a more unique putter experience & what are your favourite brands? Cheers
  5. Any feedback on this guys? Not easy to find. I get bad reactions to leather :(
  6. Interesting. Do you think there's much demand for Mizuno clubs in the US though? I've paid with JPX's previously and loved them, but wonder if Americans are willing to pay an extra few bucks to get them imported? :dntknw:
  7. Hi, I was thinking are there any sought after clubs that are only available in Europe? If so which models or limited editions come to mind? Cheers
  8. Unfortunately the shop didn't advise smaller grips with the same weight. In fact after some investigation it turns out that Winn Pistol Lite grip currently on the putter, despite being a fat grip, only weighs 65g! The impression I'm getting from others on this thread is that for a 375g putter head you need at least a 85g on the grip. Similar to what Orlandogolfguru mentioned something around 85-95g would be ideal. The Superstroke Flatso 1.0 with countercore grip is 50g and comes with an extra 50g weight which would take me up to 100g. I'm in the UK so it's not so easy to get hold of a 25g weight which would bring me up to 75g total. Do other weights work with the Superstroke grips I wonder? I'm afraid I don't have more information on the putter shaft. Here is the putter: https://pirettigolf.com/product/cottonwood-ii-rev2/
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. Good point Orlandogolfguru, I wonder if there is an official minimum grip weight for a putter weighing 375g. The Flatso Countercore 1.0 would get me up to 100 grams. Would be interested to know if that's enough weight in the grip for a 375g putter? Also does the thickness of the grip matter at all, or is it only about the weight of the grip?
  10. Hi all, I've recently bought a Piretti Cottonwood 2 putter. I really love the putter, but I dislike the grip it came with. I've never previously played with a fat grip and it's really not for me. The grip is a Winn Medalist Jumbo Pistol. https://www.google.c...G6Q-7PzRj9NXSM: I went to get the grip changed in my local pro shop, but I was told by the pro that there's probably a fat grip on it to counter the weight of the heavy putter head. He advised me to keep the grip that I currently have. Spieth's Scotty Cameron 009 weighs 350g and he uses the skinniest Superstroke Flatso grip (the 1.0). Is there a big difference in 25g and would this grip work for me? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  11. Hi, Does anyone know of some of the best non-leather golf gloves on the market? I've found lots of synthetic ones, but there's usually some leather on the palm & thumb. I'm looking for 100% non-leather. Any advice much appreciated.
  12. Hmmm interesting. I've also wondered if there are businesses that have worked in other sports, that could potentially be applied to golf?
  13. Hi guys, A bit of a different question and one just for fun. I'm looking to do a golf side project to potentially make a few extra £££. The obvious way to go would be a bit of wheeling and dealing by buying and selling clubs on eBay. I was just wondering (and especially directed at you guys across the Atlantic!), have you seen any more unique golf businesses? An example might be selling different types of clubs from the more unique golf brands. I've always thought importing unique clubs from the US to here in the UK, could be an interesting idea. Import tax is a killer though! Anyway whether it be a blog, a club seller, or something more unique, if you've seen something in the U.S, or you have a need as a player, I'd be all ears! Cheers
  14. Hi guys, Can any of you recommend some unique wedge makers? Something different to the usual brands (Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno etc etc). I have quite a unique putter which I love (Piretti), and I'd love to do something a little different for the wedge too. Any recommendations are welcome! I hear Edel make decent wedges. Unfortunately where I am located (the UK) I don't have the luxury of trying out a lot of different wedges. Whatever I go with I'm sure I'll learn to play... Thanks in advance.
  15. Cheers for all the response guys. As recommended by dpb5031 I picked up some O'Keefe's hand balm which I've been using for a few days. I also bought a pair of Callaway winter gloves. Although not ideal I'll probably practise with the 2 gloves and when in a competition just go with the 1 glove. Or alternatively I'll stick with the 2 gloves for rounds in winter and then switch to 1 glove when I'm within 120 yards for more feel. Not ideal but I'll mix and match and see what works!
  16. Hi guys, First off thanks for all the response! Just an update for those interested I ended up going with the Titleist T-MB 17 degree with the dynamic gold R300 steel shaft. I went with the regular flex as the rest of my irons are regular. With what I've read my current irons should probably be stiff though! :( Anyway I got a good deal here in the UK on eBay so if it doesn't go well I can always re-sell. The regular shafts aren't as common. Fingers crossed it arrives by the weekend!
  17. Hi guys, Thanks for all the great response. For those of you interested I thought I'd post what I ended up doing. Unfortunately I couldn't find the Anser putter I was looking for on eBay. I'm still going to keep my eye out for the BeCu though. I did however end up buy the Piretti Cottonwood II Rev2.0 (pics attached) which arrived this week. Slightly heavier than what I'm used to but so far so good!
  18. Thanks for all your suggestions. Yes I am right handed. I use an interlock grip so I guess it rubs the outside of my left thumb. It's definitely not eczema as I've been to a dermatologist. I had it last summer and I never found a solution. Only cleared up when I stopped playing for a few months. For @justasgood I did use it as an excuse to buy some new clubs at the time! :) If I was allergic surely it would show up on the inside of my right fingers as they also touch the club. Man I really don't want to be 'that dude' that wears 2 gloves...
  19. My irons are regular flex steel shafts. My lowest iron is 20 degree loft. I may just go for the regular flex Titleist T-MB which is 17 degree. Only options I can find are with the X100 shaft.
  20. From what I've seen it sounds like the BeCu is the king of the Anser putters. Originals are apparently better putters than the recent remakes.
  21. Seriously though. Does anyone have any idea?
  22. Haha thanks for some of the tips! I've never had any skin problems, so definitely not psoriasis. I did see a dermatologist last year who said it could well be my golf clubs. As a result I used it as an excuse to buy a new set of irons haha. Anyway it only seems to happen when the weather is colder so that wouldn't suggest I was allergic to the rubber. It's probably about 15 degrees average here. I had absolutely no problems during the summer and was playing regularly. It's so odd. Surely I'm not the only freak? haha
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if any of you have ever had this problem? My right hand has become really painful on its underside when playing. It tends to happen when the weather gets a bit colder. The skin really dries out and sometimes it can bleed during the round. I've attached two pictures. When it does happen I do moisturise post round and also the night before. I don't do it on the day as it's will grease up my grips. Surely it must be something wrong with my hand grip. I try not to hold the club too tight. This happened last winter and I changed all my club grips. I play 2/3 times a week & I'm actually playing really well atm. Desperately want to avoid wearing a second glove so any experience here would be very helpful. Thanks in advance
  24. I'm not an expert on club shafts and there's not much local I can test out unfortunately. Maybe I'll just take a gamble on the regular flex Titleist.
  25. That's an interesting point. Do you guys know what other Anser models come with the sound slot as standard?
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