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  1. I am not sure whether the question is if the buyer scratched it that bad or you didnt explain that it was scratched, but my eyes it looks very scratched on the second picture.
  2. I can do it for you. I found beads that resemble the closest finish to stock Camerons. Has it been grinded and prepped already?
  3. I used to sell a lot of putters and I can tell you that it should not cost anymore than $15 using a USPS priority mailing tube anywhere in the US. Id message them because sometimes the inputs on the calculated shipping cost are incorrect - leading to an over-exaggerated cost on your end
  4. Do I think this is new? No i don't because even if it hasn't been used, its been installed and pulled. Would I make a big deal of it? Probably not because its a minor issue that could be taken care of by the seller. My biggest advice, be skeptical of any "new" listings, as well as never buying grips from eBay because they're often fake.
  5. They wont do anything to modify swingweight. If you do buy it, I would recommend getting a roll of lead tape and head to the range to test different weights.
  6. Couple Scotty Cameron goods up for sale today. Looking to sell my Circle T Back in Black Staff Bag. I bought this to hold my Cameron collection, but things came up and I need to move this. Looking to just get my money back after fees and shipping - $1100 shipped Next is my Scotty Cameron Newport 2. This measures just over 34" and has been restored. I did a few of these as a hobby and they look amazing. The grip is a brand new ping pistol blackout grip. This does not have the original shaft because the original was bent during storage - $250 shipped Lastly, I have a Scotty Cameron Squareb
  7. I will get flak for saying this, but I don't mind fake grips. Realistically, grips should be changed once a year. Fakes will last a year, but not much further. They tend to lose grip faster. I got multi compounds on eBay for half the price and it was completely worth it. I will not sell the clubs with the fake grips on them. I usually save the pulled grips.
  8. I have nothing against using lead tape, its moreso that I prefer to see if there would be a more permanent option. I was leaning towards doing as I mentioned because it would allow me to fine tune each club.
  9. Something doesn't seem right about adding weight to the grip to add swing weight points. That would effectively make the head feel lighter because its more counterbalanced, thus reducing SW. I understand that the SW scale is simplistic, but I am not a scratch golfer and just want to build something of my own with a little more consistency than just having SW all over the place. Might not make me a PGA tour pro, but I am okay with that.
  10. I am stumped and could use some help. I purchased a set of AP2s on here, had them refinished (will do a post about that later), and now I am having trouble getting a satisfactory SW. Each iron head lost between 5-7g of weight, and I knew that going in and figured I could just add tip weights to get back to how I wanted it (MOI mapping using descending SW values from Howard's thread). The issue is that I am using PX 6.5 flighted with MMC grips so those combined are adding more weight to the shaft side of it, leading to more weight needing to be added to the head. I do not have a swingwe
  11. Feel like you should call them and sort it out with them. They probably ship USPS domestically and Fedex internationally if I had to guess.
  12. If you dont go with tungsten weight ports on the bottom, you would have to use lead tape and tungsten powder. The only other thing I could of is if you welded some more metal on the sole of the putter. Can't imagine you would want that weld on the bottom, but you could also lengthen it to add to the swingweight.
  13. You could always just take the risk and send it to TM and get it certified. If it turns out its fake, then the seller would be out the driver and you could get your money back since it was fake. Paypal might get in the way because you're not returning the item since TM confiscated it
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