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  1. wkuo, yes def, I did find enough to cover my trip but all that hunting cuts into family time so balancing it is hard. Wife is getting use to it but I get the evil eye now and then.
  2. I havent, I may do so though. Im kinda of a rookie at this, but learning my way. I live in the Charleston area by the way. I usually just go on a website to find out about sales. And yes I have noticed, Golf clubs are either inflated in price or dirt cheap pennies on the dollar because they don't know what the heck they are lol. What makes it so fun. PS. I escaped to Florida (Orlando) this weekend from the Hurricane and went hunting. Found a few things but hit a Homerun in a thrift store next to a Golf Course, Bridgestone J36 Premium Forged Black 4-pw still in Box NEW!! 1 of 500 set from my re
  3. Hey, Thanks for all the responses. I decided to keep the DBAB Putter. You wouldn't believe I found that in the thrift store for 99cent. Def. enjoy finding these rare clubs, my luck has been good this past year, except I have a closet full of clubs and the wife is giving me the stare down lol.
  4. Hey thanks for the response, Thats what I was thinking even some of my Golf buddies said the same.
  5. I know I am sort of a newb on here, but the only way to learn is ask. I have been Buying Selling and collecting for 1 year and was wondering about these 3. I have a hard time thinking about letting them go. The ZT Response Putter I always will think its Jack's Missing putter (which is probably not true) so ill probably keep. The other 2 have me wondering if they will be a highly valued collectors item in the future. I know what they are worth now but will they go up in value? Thanks for any positive responses.
  6. lol, No Competition here theres plenty to go around.
  7. Thought I would share my estate sale finding from Friday. Found a few rare Gems down on the coast of Charleston, at a good bargain price. Includes a Wright and Dickson St. Andrews Hickory shaft wood. Bulls eye Putter, Rick Hamilton Becu Putter, Hogan Wedges and a few other notables. Not bad for 1 hour of work and a costly $15.
  8. Man Nice Find. I live out in the Charleston SC Area, I can't tell you how many times Ive done that, its an awesome feeling, I found a Ping Anser Dale head for 3 bucks this week and a Ping anser 2 BeCu for 15$.Thrifting Golf Clubs is a thrilling experience.
  9. I have become somewhat of a collector of Golf Clubs, and have found a Nice Hogan Persimmon wood. Its a McGregor bap 1452 oil hardened with the Clover. Ben Hogan Signature on front. Looks to be refinished as well. Any information on it would would great, I can't find anything on the web. Thanks
  10. I have come across a white dot DTR set 3-9. Can someone please help me with information on them. I can't find anything. Value? Lie?. Anything would help. Also came across a couple of Tailor-made XR irons w/ r7 graphite shafts, any info on those would help, from the research i have found they are Japanese. Thanks for any Golf Wisdom.
  11. Hey thanks for the info. I'm trying to learn about them. I did see the 15* same exact one I have in photo going for $150.00 same shaft and head. Also saw the 10* going for 90$
  12. I just picked up a wood set, The Titleist PT metals non-bore with a MG-307 Shaft, have the 23*,20*15* &10* with 2 matching head covers From my research these are a prototype wood and they are the ones Tiger won the Masters with. Trying to figure out the value if anyone could help me or shed some light that would be great. I attached a photo of them. Thanks
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