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  1. Same thing happen to me on a 2014 bb1. After cleaning it throughly with water and towe they where fine
  2. Other red things have successfully “advertised” products. KBS shaft band label, Modus shaft label, Scotty cameron red cherry dots, red number on pro v1x, I’m sure I’m missing some. As for the all red puttter trend it started with the spider. The spider has been around for many years but only gained the most popularity when it was suddenly painted red and Jason day used it on TV. Some were even sold for $1000+ early on. Odyssey copied Taylormade.
  3. 56 most of the time. Opened up face if neeeded. 60° opened up if I’m very short sided.
  4. The stealth has been a pretty weak release from Ping. I don't know if it is due to the black on black making the lofts, bounce and sole grinds hard to distinguish or no significant technology change to the model.
  5. S55 get my vote. If you want a thinner look, just go with the iblade. Both are just as "soft" in feel as the Mizuno IMO. The polymer insert in the pings dampen the vibration to give it that feel. Both ping models are as forgiving as clubs twice their size. Nothing bad about the 900T. Just not as forgiving as the pings.
  6. Like what you guys are doing with the finish to help it look more antique. The ones I have seen in stores with "shop wear" don't look so great. It seems like the finish on the faces wears very easily and scuff marks are left very easily. I can only imagine how much worse it would be hitting out of sand. In would like to see a few more pictures toward the end of the season to see how the finish holds up.
  7. I know a guy who plays AP1 with DG TI S400 shafts. I'm currently swinging a set of Bstone J15 DPF with DG Pro S300. Set ups like these are hard to come by but they should be more common. All SGI irons have super light weight shafts that don't offer very much control. Bforrester: anything is possible. It'll be the day though when I see someone playing Blades with ladies flex graphite shafts.
  8. Also don’t use sand while doing collared ferrules. The sand prevents the ferrule from seating in flush.
  9. I wish Fujikura made a direct replacement if that shaft. Still played a lot on tour even the 6.2. In their current line I would say the Atmos Tour Spec blue or black would be your closest option. It has the same stability and smoothness but not exactly the same.
  10. Yonex super grap or Wilson pro overgrip are the best tennis grips you can get. White color has the softest feel and most tack. You can wrap it pretty thin with little over lay and it won’t add too much size. Avoid stretching it when installing. Tennis over grips will not last as long as Golf grips. So you’ll need to replace often.
  11. RSX. Nice feeling insert. Or lack of one. Black shaft and SINGLE bend. White lines on straight black. All things I love about this model the most. Never had a chance to play the Metal X milled but I think it would be a close second. Just throwing this out there so don’t hate, Scotty Cameron Futura 7m is an amazing putter.
  12. All of the above for me. The alignment aid for me only helps me line the sweet spot if the putter to the ball. So anything or even nothing works. There have been times where I lose my train of thought or break routine when my eyes get distracted on the AA. Doesn’t happen often but it makes a difference. Once I get accustomed to squaring a certain putter I won’t focus on the AA any more. It’ll just be second nature to play the ball in a particular location. To square the putter I look at the top line of the putter. The alignment aid isn’t a deal breaker. If I had a chance to get a Scotty 009 I’d be happy with any aid or even no aid at all. The best alignment aid in my opinion is the Ping ketsch. The white on the black with lines more level with the ball is so easy to use.
  13. I think it’s not about how “many” clubs you are using but what 14 clubs you are choosing. For a beginner or intermediate golfer they have limited skill so it’s hard for them to decide what club to use to execute a particular play given the situation. As skill improves and multiplies than the golfer will have more “shot” options thus needing more clubs to execute those options. I agree with pinestreet in that a golfer needs to “trial and error” to gain skill and creativity to play golf well and shoot lower scores. But I also believe in playing ones strengths until those strengths are second nature and do not fail. Once that is accomplished work on the flaws. Also related to this is ultimate goals of the golfer. Most golfers I meet who are just starting or looking to improve have much more moderate goals. They don’t want to lose a dozen Golf balls each round ; be “that guy” always in the woods off every tee or be respectable on outings with business partners or buddies. At later ages in life, they don’t seem to believe in themselves to gain any more athleticism, coordination or technique. So setting realistic and achievable goals and making sure they achieve it would be the first step. Then once they’ve seen the sunrise on top of the little mountain they can choose to climb mt Everest. Same thing goes for skiing, some people choose to be thrown down the double black diamond on their first run ever, others choose to start on the bunny slopes. So if you want to just break 100 than take clubs out of your bag. If you want to be a scratch golfer, keep all the clubs in your bag or acquire more (4 iron, different wedge bounces, lower lofted driver etc) and you’re on your way to mastering more clubs to hopefully make you a better golfer
  14. In the PNW we are also seeing titleist woods suffering. Titleist will always have their die hard followers but it doesn’t seem like they are gaining many “NEW” fans. Also second year of the product cycle is alway hard even for their Pro V ball. The 917 line has been forgotten in a lot of consumer’s eyes. Release of the new wood line will be late 2018 as usual.
  15. The pxg is called the Dagger. I think there’s a small cult following of the Scott Cameron American classic putter. You might like the Ping A-1 putter. Sort of the same shaft position. Can be used RH or LH. Cool novelty piece.
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