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  1. Check out the Outdoor Research helium pants for $38 bucks. These are great wind/rain pants from a real outdoor company https://www.outdoorresearch.com/us/mens-helium-pants-242968
  2. Has anyone improved their handicap with the planemate? Most of the reviews seem to be quickly after buying the planemate
  3. He is unlikeable but he is fun to watch. He is the Darth Vader of golf. Keeps me entertained
  4. Was about to pull the trigger on the Frank polo but the reviews were
  5. I played Sweetens Cove this weekend and had a ball. I started out on a cart and wound up walking. It was faster to walk since it was cart path only. I loved how every hole had risk reward on which club to pull out of the bag off the tee. It wasn’t as simple as just pulling out a driver because it was a par 4.
  6. I looked everywhere for one of these and eventually settled for the Versa CH. GLWS this is beautiful
  7. Which subreddit on reddit does this show up on? I need to join that sub
  8. Can’t beat Christmas gifts to yourself
  9. I haven’t tried different ones to know the difference in them unfortunately
  10. Hill City everyday tech pants are only $30. These are great for golf. A lot like the lululemon pants. These are final sale though since Gap is closing Hill City. Free shipping if spend $50. https://hillcity.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=1115353
  11. BNIB superspeed training sticks for $160 shipped in continental USA. Never used. Bought them to use but then read that I needed to train with something that can track the speed and I don’t have that. These have never been taken out of the box.
  12. I don’t really know exactly what I mean by investment. I guess I mean a putter that will hold its value
  13. I just sold a putter on eBay did $200 and have $200 in pro shop credit. What is the best investment for $400 putter? Scotty Newport?
  14. When do they new lines come out? January 2021?
  15. It’s a snakeskin pattern of some kind. I wanted to have a grip that matched the copper color
  16. $175 shipped or willing to listen to trades for putters or a wedge set Bought this off eBay. Not sure who did the work to customize to copper color. Comes with beautiful black headcover. Custom copper 34” pxg Brandon putter
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